Friday, April 15, 2011

Andrew Brons attacks PM's Immigration speech BBC News 14th.April

NWN has attacked Brons of late for his very slow reactions to the way that Griffin is destroying the BNP and nationalism in this Country.

This speech is a decent attack on the 'tory blowhards' who once again use the policy of immigration, but once again will do nothing to stop the massive immigration that they allowed into the UK in the past, and will continue to allow in the future, and will continue to use that lie to dupe the electorate.

This is just a ploy to con the British electorate just prior to the coming elections.

The Tories used this tactic under Ted Heath and especially with Margaret Thatcher.

Thatcher promised to control immigration in 1979,she talked of Britain "being swamped", and this effectively 'pulled the rug' from under the NF challenge at that time.

Of course immigration was not only NOT controlled, but actually increased. The tories must think we are stupid !


Anonymous said...

Those immigration-loving cunts at the pseudo-patriotic arsewipe rag the DAIL WAIL MAIL have definitely rigged their TODAY'S POLL (Is David Cameron right to speak out on immigration?) to register `yes' votes as `no' votes, and vice-versa with `no' votes.

Fucking traitors everone of them bastard Daily Mail zionist puppets dancing to every tune the jews call.

Anonymous said...

Brons is certainly better able to cope with the media than useless Griffin.

Anonymous said...

The Establishment, through the BBC and the MSM, are now throwing the BNP a lifeline to keep the MI5-controlled BNP safety pen from totally collapsing into the political dust of history - as for that slimey shit-coloured zionist jew Jon Sopel, is he chewing a banana or is he just a naturally born ugly fucker not even his yiddisha mama can look at or love ? - there are more yid BBC newsreaders than there are thieving yid squatters in Palestine.

Fly On The Wall

Anonymous said...

Need I say more!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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