Thursday, April 07, 2011

How has the BNP got to it's current state ?

Well, as we predicted, Eddy Butler displays yet again his non nationalist credentials.

His few supporters have/are joining the tiny EDP as a result of Butlers strange ideas informing them to do so. This breakaway on top of the rapidly declining BNP membership as evidenced by the extremely low numbers of candidates fighting for the BNP in next months local elections shows a terminal decline in the BNP. We at NWN and very few others predicted that both Griffin and Butler are of the same ilk. Neither are nationalists. Both are pro-immigrant, and both are slippery characters without ideals or passion.

The nationalist struggle has once again been decimated, and once again we see Nick Griffin taking a leading role in the destruction of nationalism. With Butler, the signs were already there as to his intentions.

He left the BNP to form a tiny grouplet called the Freedom Party. He was involved with a tory gingerbread group called the Bloomsbury Group. Around 2001 the BNP's IDENTITY magazine highlighted Butlers pro-immigrant views as Butler opined that the multi-racial experiment is permanent and his crackpot view that "we have always been multi-racial" in the UK.

We here at NWN stated the only difference between these two clowns was that Butler 'might' be a little more honest where money is concerned. After the latest episode in the destruction of British nationalism by these people, they have once again left a 'wasteland'. Our ideas and party have never been safe with people like these supposedly 'leading the struggle'.

Very soon those who have been conned by Griffin & Butler will realise they have been made to look like mugs and they will disappear - forever. No one likes to have been made a public fool.

The EDP will quickly disappear as they are not nationalist in any way shape or form. Those that have been pursuaded to join the EDP will be in for a salutory lesson.

Butler will disappear, but what of Nick Griffin ?

It looks like Mr.Griffin will be the centre of interest in the Courts in the not too distant future. And the BNP will be effectively extinct !

Isn't that what the State predicted in THE EXPRESS newspaper in early 1999 ? This was only a couple of months before Griffin hijacked the BNP.

Unfortunately, the fools include former BNP stalwarts like Richard Edmonds, who seemed to follow Butler around of late like a 'lapdog'.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing that some simple folk think you either have to be for Griffin or Butler.

Its like voting, they think everyone is either Labour or Tory.

Anonymous said...

These look like the final figures or round about for candidates standing in the local English elections.

20 North East
52 Yorkshire
4 South West
12 South East
16 Eastern
40 East Midlands
51 West Midlands
66 North West

261 Total

This song is dedicated to Nicholas John Griffin.

Anonymous said...

If all the decent Nationalists had left the BNP in 2001/02 to Gri££in and his cronies the BNP and Gri££in would now be ancient history and a New better Nationalist party would now be a serious threat to the Zionist establishment.

It is only through the hard work and passion of activists like Richard Edmonds that has kept Gri££in at the helm and the BNP afloat for so long.

Anonymous said...

Butler is trying to out-liberal Gri££in.

How many years has Butler put up with Gri££in's corruption and bullshit??

Same shit different bucket....

Anonymous said...

This was a BNP member apparently. He/she wants 'moderate' policies !

What the hell does that mean ?

See here for part of their post on BDF forum;


Although new to this forum, and probably making only limited contribution, I can say, as a former BNP member of nine years standing, that I probably waited too long for Griffin and friends to produce a more moderate, saleable, democratic and accountable BNP. More the fool me! But now I'm out, my friends are out and loving the English Democratic sunlight. It's like a breath of fresh air!

Anonymous said...

Just a look at those two pics is enough to tell us why we failed with the current BNP.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Theres a picture around of Sharon Ebanks attending a fairly recent EDL rally. Just thought I would let you know.

Anonymous said...

Demo against ethnic murderers of our children May 14th Blackpool.

Anonymous said...

FBI Files - Top Zionist Says Only 2
Million Jews In WWII Europe

M Risbrook said...

I had a conversation with some fellow Nationalists shortly after I left the BNP a few years ago. One point that was mentioned (by somebody generally sympathetic towards Gri££in) was that why did Gri££in join the BNP rather than the Tories if he was in the game for the money. My reply was that I suspected he already is a fully paid up member of the Tories who has infiltrated the BNP and is planning on destroying it some time in the future. The other Nationalists were unconvinced at the time but now it appears that my suspicion is proving to be true.

Anonymous said...

Theres a picture around of Sharon Ebanks attending a fairly recent EDL rally. Just thought I would let you know.

She was on a coach from Birmingham going to the Leicester demo the same one attended by Dicky Barnbrook.

Anonymous said...

Theres a picture around of Sharon Ebanks attending a fairly recent EDL rally. Just thought I would let you know.

She was on a coach from Birmingham going to the Leicester demo the same one attended by Dicky Barnbrook.

12 April 2011 08:15

Well she likes the simple approach does Sharon. It's all the fault of the Musssslims !

She only see's the symptoms not the cause.

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...