Monday, February 22, 2010

Secret Labour plan to increase immigration said public's opposition was 'racist'

Labour 'wanted social change', according to the new document

Labour encouraged mass immigration even though it knew that voters opposed it, Whitehall documents confirmed yesterday.

The Government said the public disagreed with immigration because of 'racism' and ministers were told to try to alter public attitudes.
The thinking on immigration among Labour leaders was set down in 2000 in a document prepared for the Cabinet Office and the Home Office, but the key passages were suppressed before it was published.
The paper was finally disclosed under freedom of information rules yesterday. It showed that ministers were advised that only the ill-educated and those who had never met a migrant were opposed to immigration.
They were also told that large-scale immigration would bring increases in crime, but they concealed these concerns from the public.
Sections of the paper, which underpinned Labour policies that admitted between two and three million immigrants to Britain in less than a decade, have already been made public.
These have showed that Labour aimed to use immigration not only for economic reasons but also to change the social make-up of the country.
Fuller details released yesterday showed that Tony Blair's ministers opened the doors to mass migration in knowledge of public opposition and with the view that those who disagreed with them were racists.

Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling has criticised the Government for not telling the truth about their immigration policies
Labour's accusation that opponents of immigration are racist has been dropped over the last two years as it has become clear that former Labour voters in party heartlands have been turning to the far right British National Party.
Ministers accept there is frustration at the loss of jobs to migrants and pressure on public services.
Yesterday Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling said: 'The Government has simply not been telling the truth about its policies on immigration.
New controls on immigration are to be relaxed to allow companies to bring in the workers they want.
Trade Minister Mervyn Davies said yesterday that Labour's points-based system, aimed at allowing only the highest skilled workers into Britain, had had 'teething problems'.
He promised a 'slightly differently tailored system' for employees brought into the country by multinational companies.
The points-based system, introduced last year, was designed to ease concern over the impact of mass immigration of low-skilled and low-paid workers, particularly in traditional Labour-voting areas.
Success for the scheme is central to Labour's pledge that the population will not be allowed to reach 70million.
'More and more evidence is now emerging to show that they deliberately planned a big jump in immigration for their own political purposes.

'Now they are trying to rewrite history to pretend those decisions never happened. Their conduct over all of this has been a complete disgrace.'
Sir Andrew Green of the Migrationwatch pressure group said: 'This report confirms that ministers deliberately rode roughshod over public opinion in adopting a policy of mass immigration.
'They concealed their real intentions in the hope that they would benefit from the immigrant vote without losing their working class supporters. They are now paying the price.'
But Border and Immigration Minister Phil Woolas said: 'This report confirms there was no open door policy on migration.

'It makes quite clear that migration is not a substitute for Government policies on skills, education and training of British citizens, which the Government has invested in over the past decade.'
David Cameron promised yesterday to limit immigration to tens of thousands a year, a level last seen in the 1990s.

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Anonymous said...

This stuff should be shouted from the rooftops about Labour.They should be hung for treason !

Anonymous said...

Anyone read The Turner Diaries?

Anonymous said...

More Wogs, More new BNP members, Griffin's cash till must be ringing?

Anonymous said...

Watch the full Politics Show report on the National Front at 34 minutes 35 seconds into the iPlayer show.

Anonymous said...

"Fourteen political parties have reported accepting donations totalling £17,088,525 between 1 October 2009 and 31 December 2009"

And guest what? The BNP isn't one of them, for all Griffin's crap and endless begging letters the BNP did not have one donation registered with the EC for £1,000 or over. This info was published today. Will Dodgy Dowson be getting the boot now?

Anonymous said...

This is the latest statement from scumbag Darby, I wished this creature would spit it out rather than waffle for two hundred words and tell us absolutely nothing. What are the EHRC's objections? Griffin has now been given the power to change any part of our constitution and Darby is wrapping it up to make out the EHRC is "over ambitious," I suppose us mere mortals won't know anything until March 9th in Court?

"Belatedly we have received the response from the EHRC concerning their points of claim regarding our new constitution. Whilst you would not expect me, in the middle of a court case, to elaborate, I can tell you that their objections do seem to be somewhat over ambitious."

Anonymous said...

This has just appeared on the BNP website. There is nothing new here, the Equality Commission demanded all this on January 28th in court. Griffin knew they would bring it up again, but with his new draconian powers he can change the constitution in court on the
9th March to fit into their wishes, and then say to the gullible members he was forced into it. The bastard knew all along what was going to happen, he planned it all to fall into place!

'However, the EHRC claimed that two of the BNP’s “provisions, criteria and policies,” which it abbreviated to PCP, should be declared illegal because they put the immigrant population at a disadvantage.

These provisions were identified by the EHRC as the part which refers to the BNP being “pledged to the continued creation, fostering, maintenance and existence of the unity and integrity of the Indigenous British people and of the governments of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Eire . . .” and the part which states that the party is also pledged to “stemming and reversing the immigration and migration into our British Homeland” which has taken place without the consent of the Indigenous British since 1948.

In addition, the EHRC has objected to the BNP PCP which states that the party is dedicated to “restoring and maintaining by legal changes, negotiation and consent, the Indigenous British as the overwhelming majority of the makeup of the population and expression of culture which is part of our British Heritage.”

The EHRC has claimed that this “must be read as a reference to housing estate wards or towns” in Britain where ethnics are in the majority and that therefore any ethnic wishing to join the BNP will have to agree to support this policy.

This is, the EHRC has bizarrely claimed, “inconsistent with intermarriage and miscegenation.”'

Anonymous said...

I see Gri££in ends the article about the EHRC legal challenge asking for more money, what an utter piece of shit that demented sociopath is? "Fundamental Principles," what a sick joke, Gri££in has never had those ever in his life!

“Now more than ever we need your support, physically and financially, to see off this outrageous attack on the fundamental principles of our democratic society,” Mr Griffin said.

Anonymous said...

Here NWN is there any truth in the rumour that Griffin paid for his daughters wedding out of BNP funds ?

Anonymous said...

Typical example of nuLabour's idea of democracy: once they assume power, drop their secret weapon of uncontrolled, mass immigration, on the enemy, the hapless Joe Public.

Anonymous said...

Those who live in Glass Houses shouldn't through stones!

'Nick Griffin MEP sent Mr Farage a letter of demand through the European parliamentary postal system yesterday, asking the UKIP leader in Brussels to show some moral fibre and withdraw from the disgraceful scheme which forces taxpayers to contribute twice as much as that which MEPs pay.“Following on from the revelation that you removed over £2 million in expenses and allowances from the EU Parliament over 10 years, your name has now been included in the latest pensions’ scandal,” Mr Griffin wrote to Mr Farage'

Anonymous said...

it would not surprise me to find that gri££in has paid for his daughter's wedding out of party fund's. he uses party fund's like it was his own money and has done sofor year's.

Anonymous said...

There is some discussion here about Griffin using BNP funds for his daughters wedding.

Anonymous said...

It's important for Racial Nationalists to attend the court hearing in Central London on Tuesday 9th, Griffin will sell us out there and it will be a opportunity to witness this ultimate treachery and tell him what you think of him to his fat ugly face.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking back at some of the treacherous quotes Griffin gave to the press after hijacking the BNP, these ones were given in an interview with Andrew Anthony on the 1st Sep 2002 in the Observer. I'm looking for a quote by Griffin when he stated : "We need to turn this tank around," does anybody know when and where he said this?

When I ask him about rumours that the BNP are thinking of admitting black members, he replies: "We can put up with the blacks."
"All the West Indians I met in Oldham, and you could count them on one hand, were voting for the BNP. To an absolute purist that's anathema. That's silly to me because one per cent of our genes are from Africa. We've already assimilated a proportion and it hasn't had the terrible effects that the purist race freaks talk about."

Anonymous said...

At the EGM on the 14th, one speaker for the treacherous motion quoted JT and took his name in vain, John Tyndall in reality would never have gone along with this, please read his prophetic words below.

John Tyndall refers to a report in The Daily Mirror in May 2001, in which Griffin likened immigration in Britain to salt in soup. “A little salt in the soup is OK,” Griffin is reported to have said. “If you have soup without any salt it is frankly unpalatable, and the salt makes the soup slightly more interesting. But if you put too much salt in the soup then it is horrible.”

The former BNP leader is appalled by such talk. “In other words,” John Tyndall tells his Spearhead readers, “a Britain without ethnic minorities is ‘unpalatable’. Some ethnic minorities make the country ‘more interesting’. Only when the ethnic minorities have become too large in numbers do things become ‘horrible’. Later Griffin confirmed his attitude in a Indentity article (November 2001), where he said that: ‘a bit of immigration is better than none at all’. I consider this to amount to a betrayal of everything the BNP has fought for over the 19 years of its history.”

Mr Tyndall claims that no political advance can be achieved by such tactical compromise and, worse, it can only dishearten the party’s own members. When discussing the almost universal rejection of BNP approaches to members of the Sikh and Hindu communities, a response he says was “perfectly predictable”, Mr Tyndall asserts that internal damage to party moral far outstrips any propaganda success. “He”, John Tyndall wrote referring to Griffin, “merely made the BNP look small and contemptible. Truckling to members of the ethnic minorities in this way will win no brownie points whatever with the ‘anti-racist’ industry nor, in all likelihood, with the ordinary British people. At the same time, it will alarm and demoralise many BNP stalwarts. Nothing is more humiliating than to go grovelling to the minorities in this way, only to receive the brush-off.”

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Mark hasn't renewed his membership? He is a decent hard working councillor, unlike some of the pricks in neighbouring Barking.

"But Gooshays ward BNP Cllr Mark Logan, who was not allowed into the meeting because his membership had expired, condemned the violence."

"General Election candidate, Michael Barnbrook, who is standing for Dagenham and Rainham, and Robert Bailey, a Romford candidate in the local elections, have both condoned the treatment of The Times' reporter Dominic Kennedy at the hands of their security guards at a pub on February 14."

"BNP say right to use force"

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...