Sunday, February 14, 2010

300 Idiots vote to change BNP forever !

BNP Votes To Accept Non-Whites Into Party

6:14pm UK, Sunday February 14, 2010

The BNP has voted in favour of changing its whites-only membership policy to allow black and Asian people to join the far-right party.
Members have backed amending its constitution following an extraordinary general meeting in Essex.

The vote comes after the Central London County Court told the party to alter its constitution to comply with race relations laws or face legal action by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC).

After the hearing on January 28, the BNP sent letters to its 14,000 members in order to allow for the 14 days needed to alert them to the proposed changes.

Speaking after the vote, BNP leader Nick Griffin told Sky News: "Fundamentally we previously had an ethnic-specific membership policy - you had to be indigenous British to join.

"We've had a number of members of ethic minorities, very close to us, friendly with us, working with us, who weren't able to be members.

"That's been the rule for the party since 1982."

We're happy to accept anyone as a member, providing they agree with us that this country is and should remain fundamentally British.

BNP leader Nick Griffin

He said: "As of today, that's changed. Anyone can become a member of this party.

"We're happy to accept anyone as a member, providing they agree with us that this country is and should remain fundamentally British."

Mr Griffin said he was anticipating a "trickle, rather than a flood" of applications from black and Asian people.

He also said he expected to welcome the party's first non-white member, a Sikh called Rajinder Singh, soon.

He said: "I will be absolutely delighted to shake his hand and give him his membership card."

Mr Griffin went on to say he expected the party's new constitution would be presented to the commission by Tuesday.

It will then have a week to respond and both parties will return to court early next month.

A spokeswoman for the commission said: "We haven't yet seen what the changes are, but hope that the BNP's revised membership policy is no longer discriminatory."


NWN: Even Richard Edmonds included himself among the idiots and voted for the changes, siding once again with Griffin. Bob Gertner and Paul Ballard were believed to be two of a very brave handful who stood up to this sham.


Anonymous said...

gri££in should now change the name to bmp as that is what they now are a multicultural party. i hope gri££in will be happy when get's indian's joining

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

Not only did the owerwhelming majority of members not vote for this disgusting travesty, we didn't even get the chance to vote on it at all.

A complete stitch up from the get-go, just as myself and NWN and many others said it would be.

The BNP is a busted flush in my opinion. Join the National Front. John Tyndall is turning in his grave.

Pip pip

Nemesis said...

Turkeys voting for Christmas.

The BNP Sheeple have spoken...sorry, bleated.

They have been herded into their pens by a combination of State-inspired Griffinite-bullying and manipulation and the tactics of the State/CEHR.

Together they have achieved exactly what both parties have wanted for a long time.

It's goping to take a long time for this mess to be resolved and for some that is too late. Those that have the intelligence and wit have already joined the National Front, others the English Independence party, or similar British ethnic party. For others maybe a new party is needed. For some a new direction such as the English Resistance Movement which offers action over the slow stranglehold and manipulation of party politics.

But the point is that the BNP has reached the end of the road and most of the members now seem to be congratulating themselves on a "victory". How shallow and vapid.

Respect to those few brave souls who attended the EGM and voted against the proposal against the odds. Shame on Richard Edmunds for acquiescing to it and using a quote from John Tyndall to back up his support for the proposal.

To all those other members who were eligible to vote and failed to attend you have shamed yourselves and British nationalism.

Griffin and his neo-con cronies and Bilderberger backers have got what they wanted. The spineless sheep of the BNP membership have lost their nerve and their courage and intelligence, and capitulated to threats and manipulation.

The BNP have failed in their historic task of creating a National revolution to save England, Britain and the European nationalist resistance.

The BNP has been seen to have no stomach for a fight, no brain to think, no mouth to speak against falsehood, no eyes to see the lies, no ears to hear the truth and no balls to fight against tyranny.

And now today it has no soul.

Anonymous said...

Edmonds lied at the EGM. Quoting John Tyndall.....he said if the law is changed.

The Law hasn't come into force yet and there is no certainty it ever will !

No wonder they allowed Edmonds onto the AC. He's bloody useless.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Was Griffins father in the I.N.A[indian national army] during WW2?

Anonymous said...

Already there are nignogs joining.I was looking at the BNP site and there was a picture of a darkie called Daniel Muranbuti staring staring at me!
More money for the deceitful,fat twerp!

Anonymous said...

Now the CUNT and VNN crowd are going to be getting down with the brothers - one love one world and allthat. I bet Bev is getting wet below thinking of fraternising with some black bruvvers at the next RWB

Anonymous said...

The ROT BEGINS, Niggers already interested in joining Gri££in!

Anonymous said...

I don't ever remember JT saying this, Richard should have kept quiet at the EGM, it just gave Gri££in's false argument and lies more substance.

"During the meeting, veteran nationalist Richard Edmonds stood up and read a piece of writing from party founder John Tyndall which said that if the law was ever changed, the BNP would amend its membership criteria to comply with the law. This, Mr Edmonds said, was why he was voting in favour of the new constitution."

Anonymous said...

Today at the EGM, Griffin slaged off young Kieran, the decent lad off the Channel 4 documentary and called him an idiot and the crowd of imbeciles roared with laughter! How dare they insult that brave young man.

Anonymous said...

I hope that millions of Asian Muslims join the BNP and turn it into the British Islamic Party. Gri££in won't care less. He masterminded this change of membership policy in anticipation of this happening so that he can line his pockets with the membership fees. All Gri££in cares about is money.

Anonymous said...

"Today at the EGM, Griffin slaged off young Kieran, the decent lad off the Channel 4 documentary and called him an idiot and the crowd of imbeciles roared with laughter!"

If Keiran is "an idot" what does that make Collett?

Collett has given the media far more to substantiate their smears than Kieran did. In fact Collett lived up to the media stereotype.

He's done us harm. Keiran didnt.

Of the two Collett is the bigger clown by far and the BNP nuts to stand by him.

How many elections can the BNP fight with his words on Hitler and Churchill keep coming back to haunt us.

Worse than tydnall's uniform

Anonymous said...

I always classed Richard Edmonds as a friend and comrade, today he has betrayed his best friend John Tyndall. Someone has got to RE recently, perhaps his time in Russia somehing happened but one thing is for sure, he is no longer a racial nationalist! 5 yrs ago when Gri££in wanted to let non whites in RE was at the front at the Rochdale meeting, today he caved in and indeed supported Griffin in getting this vote through. Now the BNP is to allow non whites could anyone explain what is the difference between the BNP & UKIP? it is only a matter of time now before we see RE shaking hands with Rjinder Singh. Shame on you Edmonds. Several years ago it was Bev Jones's baked bean suppers, now its commabunds & curry.

Anonymous said...

Edmonds is indeed a disgrace. I was also a friend of him, he has even stopped at my home.

He has disgraced John Tyndall and British nationalism.

No wonder he only seems to travel abroad to speak.

Edmonds you are a traitor !

Anonymous said...

Griffin lied and connived throughout the EGM yesterday and used emotional black-mail on those assembled gullible members. The new constitution hasn't been published online yet, but it gives Griffin unprecedented powers to change any part of the constitution at his personally whim. Crunch day is Tuesday March 9 when he is back in court, if the Equality Commission doesn't like any part of the new constitution, Griffin has given himself the power to change it there and then in the court room, and will make out to the membership that he was forced into it as the only way of 'saving' the party, he is a arch-conman. The BNP is now beyond rescue!

Anonymous said...

This news footage is full of nonsense, the 'old' constitution didn't break any pre-existing laws! They are just mimicking and perpetrating the lies Griffin told the dupes at the EGM.

Anonymous said...

You can bet there will be more changes and the stupid idiots yesterday gave away their rights to stop Gri££in to signing it all away!

'The party's revised constitution, which says it welcomes members from all backgrounds but still represents the interests of the "indigenous British", will be sent to the EHRC within days.

A spokeswoman for the commission said: "We haven't yet seen what the changes are, but hope the BNP's revised membership policy is no longer discriminatory ... When we have received this we will consider our position ahead of the next court hearing on March 9." '

Anonymous said...

Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad. We must be mad, literally mad, as a political party to be permitting the inflow of darkies. It is like watching a party building its own funeral pyre.
As I look ahead I am filled with foreboding, like the Roman, I seem to see "the River Tiber foaming with much blood", and the BNP sold down that river.
(Apologies to Enoch Powell)

Gadzooks ! said...

Someone else has noticed the change of the BNP into a cummerbund wearing middle class party like UKIP.

The by-elections last week were fought in places like Chichester for Christs sake.No wonder they got crap votes.

Why fight elections in 'Chichester' ?

They probably don't even have one non-white voter down there. It's that posh even the binmen wear cummerbunds in Chichester.

Fighting elections in places like this only bring in non-nationalist tories into the BNP. No wonder they voted like they did yesterday.

It's areas like Oldham,Blackburn,Bradford and Halifax that should be standing candidates not focussing on Griffins choice of the affluent South West and Home Counties.

These areas will never vote nationalist, but areas like Oldham will !

Jimbo said...

I think Richard Edmonds has made a big mistake and when he sees what the opportunist Gri££in does he will realise this.

A 'Nationalist' Party that has such a huge percentage of its members voting so meekly and welcomingly to accept Non-whites is not worth belonging to and I will not even vote for them again.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why everyone is complaining about the constitution change when they probably didn't even bother ot turn up to the EGM yesterday?
Out of a party of over 10,000 members only 300 turned up to debate such a radical change in the party.
Only 5 people opposed the change, but they had not thought out a viable alternative to the change in the constitution.
If you guys had any better ideas than to accept the change, you should have all been there to make your points and created a strong opposition, but instead you sit at home because you can't be bothered to drive a couple of hours down south and then whine about it on the internet.

Why don't you do something useful for a change, rather than ripping apart everyone who is doing something in the party?

Anonymous said...

"Only 5 people opposed the change, but they had not thought out a viable alternative to the change in the constitution."

What are you talking about the two blokes who spoke against the motion did give alternatives and showed Griffin's lies up in front of the 300 others. One reason so many voted for Griffin's treacherous, sell out motion was because it was endorsed by Richard Edmonds and Andrew Brons, the others who spoke in favour of the motion just praised Griffin and nothing else. I think a proportion of these members will regret what they have done come March 9th? But it's too late for now.

Anonymous said...

Sky News report: Why do they keep saying this was forced on the BNP, it wasn't. One degenerate member speaks on this clip of having two mixed raced grandchildren while smiling.

Anonymous said...

Watch the treachery at the EGM.

Anonymous said...

Off Topic / Very Interesting.

anti-cummerbund wearer said...

Andrew Brons also voted for the Griffin led multi-racial policy.

Can someone please explain just how Messrs.Edmonds and Brons are classed as hardliners ?

Anonymous said...

Griffin was asked a question at the EGM about why he hadn't attended the important court hearing in October last year, when the Judge needed conformation from him personally when the Equality Commission asked for a freeze on new membership applications. He was completely stumped and clearly embarrassed and couldn't give a clear answer to those at the EGM. The fact has now come to light that if he was there in person at court on that day he could have overruled this discussion, (his lawyers hadn't been instructed what to do,) but he has been using the issue and twisting it for his own means in recent begging letters. The question arises did he deliberately stay away from court that day?

Anonymous said...

"Sky News report: Why do they keep saying this was forced on the BNP, it wasn't. One degenerate member speaks on this clip of having two mixed raced grandchildren while smiling."

The degenerate in question is one Michael Barnbrook, BNP parliamentary candidate for Dagenham and a retired Police Inspector.

Anonymous said...

Stalinist orders from Butler, what are they afraid of?
Important Message for all BNP Members

Posted on February 16th, 2010

Elements in the media are attempting to set up a ‘debate’ between members of ethnic minorities who may potentially wish to join the BNP and members of the Party who are opposed to the new Constitutional change voted on at the EGM.

Please inform all members in your area that no member is permitted to engage in such a debate. The British National Party conducted its own debate in private on Sunday. Anyone who wished to participate in this debate had every opportunity to do so at the appropriate time and in the appropriate location. We do not wish to be involved in a media led circus over the matter.

Accordingly, it will be regarded as a very serious disciplinary matter for any member to ignore this instruction and to engage in unauthorised debates and discussions with the media over this issue.

Eddy Butler
National Organiser

Anonymous said...

Latest from Darby's blog, panic stations over the Sikh speaking off message?

"Just to keep you all in touch, an attempt was made this morning to set up Rajinder Singh on the BBC Radio Five Victoria Derbyshire show. The BBC had been frantically ringing around various BNP offices in an attempt to humiliate and embarrass the 78 year old in a most cynical and underhand manner. Although a car had been booked to take Mr Singh into the studio, on discovering the real motives of the programme, we agreed with him to cancel the interview."

Anonymous said...

Someone else who attended the BNP EGM and voted yes was Tess Culnane!
Fomer pin-up girl for the hard liner soul her soul for a job at county hall.
Shame on her!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think you will find that Tess didn't vote either way, but she is no fan of the leadership, she is a great Nationalist speaker and a decent lady.

Anonymous said...

Traitor Ian Meller, the BNP’s prospective parliamentary candidate for North West Leicestershire quoted in the Burton Mail yesterday:

Mr Meller told the Mail: “I’m pleased to see this happen and I think we should have done it years ago."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I think you will find that Tess didn't vote either way, but she is no fan of the leadership, she is a great Nationalist speaker and a decent lady.

16 February 2010 23:42


Then why did Tess even bother going ?????

Anonymous said...

Tess might be getting too close to Richard Edmonds who 'did' vote for this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

How come that thick twat Clive Jefferson is on full time wages from the BNP he has only been in the party 2 years and as a very dodgy past. He is the most hated person within the BNP and looks like someone gone MAD with them eye balls!

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...