Saturday, February 27, 2010

IMF Chief wants new Global currency

Head of IMF Proposes New Reserve Currency
IMF's Strauss-Kahn suggests IMF may one day provide global reserve asset

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the head of the International Monetary Fund, suggested Friday the organization might one day be called on to provide countries with a global reserve currency that would serve as an alternative to the U.S. dollar.

"That day has not yet come, but I think it is intellectually healthy to explore these kinds of ideas now," he said in a speech on the future mandate of the 186-nation Washington-based lending organization.

Strauss-Kahn said such an asset could be similar to but distinctly different from the IMF's special drawing rights, or SDRs, the accounting unit that countries use to hold funds within the IMF. It is based on a basket of major currencies.

He said having other alternatives to the dollar "would limit the extent to which the international monetary system as a whole depends on the policies and conditions of a single, albeit dominant, country."
Strauss-Kahn, a former finance minister of France, said that during the recent global financial crisis, the dollar "played its role as a safe haven" asset, and the current international monetary system demonstrated resilience.

"The challenge ahead is to find ways to limit the tension arising from the high demand for precautionary reserves on the one hand and the narrow supply of reserves on the other," he said.
Several countries, including China and Russia, have called for an alternative to the dollar as a reserve currency and have suggested using the IMF's internal accounting unit.
Strauss-Kahn said the IMF also needs to do a better job of tracing how risk percolates through the global economy.

"Here it will be essential to improve our ability to monitor several dozen large complex financial institutions that make up the `plumbing' through which global capital flows," he said, while leaving national regulators the job of monitoring the solvency of individual institutions.

NWN: Just as we 'conspiracy freaks' have always told people, the bankers want a World currency and they have been working for years to that purpose. The New World Order has just clicked up a gear !


Anonymous said...

Somebody else after your money!

I've just received arch-conman Gri££in's latest begging letter and it's beyond total belief. This shameless charlatan has the cheek to ask members to fund his 'fight' against the Equality Commission, what an utterly sick vile joke. This treacherous, sell-out merchant, spiv gave into them at the first opportunity, his defence team were totally incompetent and very badly briefed and he is masking his own failings by claiming the EHRC is out to destroy the BNP. The reality is he is doing all the destruction himself. The letter is so 'emotional' charged with utter bullshit and damn right lies and deception. If anybody is so stupid to send money they must be completely stupid and beyond redemption!

Final Conflict said...

...and it will be sold to the gullible as a greater "freedom" or as a dire necessity when the Dollar crashes.

Anonymous said...

I reckon we should go back to the gold standard,at least you cannot create gold out of virtualy nothing like paper money.At least with gold and silver in your pocket,you know your money has some worth and virtualy inflation proof.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I reckon we should go back to the gold standard,at least you cannot create gold out of virtualy nothing like paper money.At least with gold and silver in your pocket,you know your money has some worth and virtualy inflation proof.

27 February 2010 19:14


The Gold standard is just for the jews. That's why Churchill supported it.

We need to have firm economic base including helping our farmers.

Then we can maybe have some form of swapping with other nations.

Anonymous said...

"The Gold standard is just for the jews. That's why Churchill supported it."

Exactly spot on mate, the Jews told the fat Shabbat Goyim Churchill to do this and the consequences destroyed the British economy and eventually the British Empire. Griffin uses the image of Churchill on his election posters, leaflets etc, they are two of a kind. Churchill was told what to do by top Jewish financer Bernard Baruch in the early 1930s, please read link below.

Anonymous said...

Griffin getting reasonable pre-election publicity in yesterday's Daily Mail. He is already be rewarded for selling out the BNP's core principles to the EHRC, he the Jews' willing tool, just like Churchill?

"Labour's hypocrisy over migrants: How the party is trying to woo voters with tactics that would shame the BNP"

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Watch!!! lol.

Anonymous said...

Revealed: British Premier Gordon
Brown Is A Pedophile
By Michael James in Germany

Anonymous said...

Tory Boy Cameron had a go at Gri££in during his party conference, it's a bit like pot calling the kettle black?

"able to switch on the television and watch, in primetime TV, on Question Time, as Sayeeda Warsi destroyed that ghastly piece of filth, Nick Griffin,"

Anonymous said...

This is going to be a very interesting election campaign, I wonder what he's got on Gri££in?

He intends to use information from his research into the biography to attack his opponent. It was never released because publishers were unwilling to associate their brand with the BNP leader.
“I will put it to good use in exposing Griffin beyond what’s already been in the public domain,”
Mr Carman has more than 20 hours of videotaped interviews with Mr Griffin over two years from 2003.

From The Times
March 1, 2010

Dominic Carman to fight Nick Griffin in Barking, East London, at election

Anonymous said...

Is Soros Plotting A Killing On The Euro?

Daily Mail 27th February 2010

"A secretive group of Wall Street hedge fund bosses are said to be behind a plot to cash in on the decline of the euro.
Representatives of George Soros's investment business were among an all-star line up of Wall Street investors at an 'ideas dinner' at a private townhouse in Manhattan, according to reports.

A spokesman for Soros Fund Management said the legendary investor did not attend the dinner on February 8, but did not deny that his firm was represented.

At the dinner, the speculators are said to have argued that the euro is likely to plunge in value to parity with the dollar."

Anonymous said...

Speculators are a euphemism for Jews!

"Last night, Greek prime minister George Papandreou hit back at the 'speculators' who he blames for preying on the country's troubles.

'Will we let the speculators strangle us, or will we take our fate in our own hands?'"

Anonymous said...

Latest from Darby's blog. You are suppose to apply it on the end of your knob Simon, not your knee, after spending a night with Princess Barnbrook?

"Contrary to my deep scepticism an application of Ibuprofen gel onto my afflicted knee last night appears to have done the trick. Not that it is 100% though and I am beginning to think that perhaps a supplementary intake of glucosamine might be called for."

Nemesis said...

Thank you NW nationalists for highlighting this vital issue. All nationalists need to acquire knowledge about this threat. The One World Globalists are our enemy - all of our other enemies including Zionists, Marxists, liberals, multiculturalists and immigration are just symptoms and the consiequences of the bigger picture and the biggest enemy that is facing humanity on this planet right now.

Moves towards the establishment of a world government, along with a global world bank and a single currency, will result in a decline in democracy and a rise in authoritarianism.

There are already wide discussions of the need for a global currency and the hype of a world depresion is being used to push forward the agenda for a world currency. Fear sof a falling dollar will result in the rescue of the dollar by the large global financial institutions so that progres towards the global currency can continue.

Further economic storms will drive the push for a global currency and global financial institutions.

In 2009 the Times stated that the world needed a new banking system.

Once a global finacial institution is in place then a world government would be possible, and would soon acquire an entity state with state-like characteristics and a body of law.

What we are witnessing is indeed the creation of a new World Order, composed of a totalitarian global government structure.

It is imperative that the world's peoples react against this tendency through nationalist struggle with the answer lying in local government and local economies and local communities.

Withn the aid of the international democratisation of communications nationalism has the power and means of smashing the rise of globalism and the New World Order.

Together, with our human minds and hiuman spirit, we will overcome the greatest of challenges to humanity and will defeat the forces of the New World Order.

Anonymous said...

Some great news!!!!!!!

Holocaust Revisionist Zundel released

By George Frey, Toronto Sun

March 1, 2010

MANNHEIM, Germany — Ernst Zundel, the far-right activist deported from Canada in 2005, was released from a German prison Monday after serving a five-year sentence for denying the Holocaust.

A crowd of some 20 supporters clapped and shouted “bravo” as Zundel emerged from the prison in Mannheim shortly after 8 a. m. Some handed him flowers as he passed through the prison’s steel gates.

“I’m back out after seven years, three weeks, three prisons and three countries,” the 70-year-old said, declining to comment when asked whether the Holocaust happened.

“It’s kind of a sad situation; there’s a lot to say. I’ll certainly be careful not to offend anyone and their draconian laws.”

Zundel was extradited from Canada to face the German charges of inciting hatred for years of anti-Semitic activities, including contributing to a website devoted to denying the Holocaust — a crime in Germany.

The website’s accessibility made it possible for German prosecutors to charge him with 14 counts.

Zundel and his supporters had argued he was exercising his right to free speech.

On Monday he gave no details about his future plans, saying only that he wanted to improve his health and would return to his home region in the Black Forest.

“Having spent the last seven years in a ‘chicken coop,’ I’ve gained a lot of weight. I have to lose that. I have to get checked out in a hospital,” Zundel said, though did not indicate that he was ill.

He said he was unsure if he would return to Canada.

Born in Germany in 1939, Zundel emigrated to Canada in 1958 and lived in Toronto and Montreal until 2001. Officials twice rejected his attempts to obtain Canadian citizenship, and he moved to Pigeon Forge, Tenn., until being deported to Canada in 2003 for alleged immigration violations.

In February 2005, Federal Court of Canada Justice Pierre Blais ruled that Zundel’s activities were not only a threat to national security, but “the international community of nations” as well, clearing the way for his deportation to Germany.

Blais found Zundel to be a hate-monger who posed a threat to national security because of his close association with white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups that had resorted to violence to press their political and social causes.

Zundel’s lawyer at the time said he was treated unfairly by the Canadian legal system but that no one was interested in protecting the rights of unpopular people.

Zundel spent the last two years of his time in Canada in solitary confinement in a Toronto jail under anti-terrorism legislation. Despite his long stay in Canada, he was not able to convert his landed immigrant status into citizenship.

Anonymous said...

The persecution continues!

"British Bishop Richard Williamson, meanwhile, is due to face trial in Germany on April
16th after refusing to pay a fine for saying that "not one Jew" was killed in the gas chambers. He is not required to attend in person and can be represented by his lawyer."

Anonymous said...

Great photo of Mr Zundel being released from prison yesterday, smiling and giving the thumbs ups, ZOG haven't broken his spirit!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just read what Gri££in pockets every month, why doesn't this Welsh Fagin donate any of this fortune to the BNP?

"But Euro-MPs already trouser £6,750-a-month in pay as well as the sort of expenses that would make a City banker blush.

The increase will come on top of the £15,447- a-month they get to pay assistants, a "general allowance" worth over £44,000 a year, and a £265-a-day "subsistence allowance" when they are at Parliament."

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...