Friday, February 12, 2010

'Every Hindu and Sikh should be praising the BNP'

This weekend the British National Party will vote on letting non-Caucasians join.

If the rules do change, Rajinder Singh, a Sikh, can't wait to become a member

by Jenny Kleeman

Rajinder Singh is flicking through the Pakistani channels on his Sky box from his sofa in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. Dressed in a crimson turban, he sits a metre from the enormous screen, translating the odd phrase for my benefit. He's trying to show me why he's determined to join the British National Party -- the only party he considers "brave" enough to "break out of the burkha called political correctness".

Last year, the Equality and Human Rights Commission forced the BNP to change its constitution on the grounds that restricting membership to "indigenous Caucasians" broke the Race Relations Act. A new constitution is expected to be agreed at a party meeting this Sunday, and if it's amended both Singh and the BNP think he would be ideal as the party's first non-white recruit. Communications and campaigns officer Martin Wingfield has personally endorsed him on his blog, calling for the party to "adapt and survive and give the brave and loyal Rajinder Singh the honour of becoming the first ethnic minority member".

Singh is a 78-year-old Sikh, a retired primary school teacher and a father of two, who left India for the UK in 1967. He says he's been loyal to the BNP since he first heard BNP leader Nick Griffin on television in late 2001. "He used the word 'Islam'. And I thought, 'He's brave, he has conviction,'" Singh says. "I thought, 'It's amazing what you've said: I've always been thinking that, since my childhood.'" He wrote Griffin letters of support and eventually provided him with a character reference at his 2005 trial for inciting racial hatred. Singh has voted for the BNP in every local and general election since discovering them. "I couldn't keep away."

It feels strange to hear these words from a man in a turban, but Singh admits he's only wearing it for my -benefit. He's not a religious man and is clean shaven, but he wore a turban the first time he ever had "media exposure" -- on BNPTV, the party's online -channel -- and has decided to do so whenever speaking to the media because "the message carries more weight" coming from a turban-wearing Sikh.

His "message" is simple and depressingly familiar: he fears that Britain is becoming an Islamic republic, and Islam is dangerous. "Most of them behave very nicely, but suddenly when they get together in the mosque and listen to the preaching, they acquire a collective identity that is formidable. It's the collective being that frightens me."

Islamophobia is not uncommon among Hindu and Sikh immigrants, but Singh's personal history makes his all the more acute. Born in West Punjab in 1931, he witnessed the violence of Indian partition firsthand. Millions of Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims were killed during partition, his father among them, murdered when Singh was only 15. He lays the blame squarely with Muslims. Why doesn't he blame the British, the architects of partition? "Britain had a role to play," he concedes, "but the violence sprang from the Koran. The Muslim answer to reasoned argument is knife, dagger and bomb."

This thinking gives Singh an affinity with even the most diehard BNP members. He's been to several party meetings and says he never feels awkward in their company. "They treat me normally," he insists. "I feel at home." I ask if he thinks many BNP members can tell the difference between Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims. "They might think of me as a Paki," he replies. "I've had people shout 'Paki Go Home!' when I walk down the street. But that speaks much about the 'Paki' reputation -- it's a negative reaction to Pakistan."

When it comes to BNP policy, Singh knows what he'll be endorsing with his membership. He thinks voluntary repatriation in exchange for cash would be "something excellent, something supreme" because only those who are truly loyal to the UK would choose to stay here rather than take the money. When I ask about BNP plans to give "native Britons" preference in the job market, he says this has always been unofficially the case, and spelling it out in law won't make any real difference to the lives of people such as him.

Aren't the BNP racist, I ask? "Pre-amendment, yes," he replies. "They are trying to soften up. Shouldn't the nation welcome that? It's a positive move if they get people like me, and if I'm sitting in a BNP meeting they won't say 'Throw all of them out' because they'll realise one of 'them' is among 'us'." But the BNP were forced to extend their membership beyond "indigenous Caucasians", they didn't choose to. Surely they still feel the same about non-whites? "Initially the child is forced to go to school, then it becomes his habit, and then he voluntarily goes when he sees the point of it," says Singh.

Fellow Sikhs have shunned him, but Singh thinks they are misguided. "Every Hindu and Sikh comes from a country that was a victim of Islamic aggression," he says. "Every Hindu and Sikh should be praising the BNP and thanking God that something has appeared that may guarantee that this country is not overwhelmed."

The BNP are hungry for a more acceptable face, and they recognise Singh may be the perfect person to provide it: he's an articulate man with a readily exploitable, deep-seated bitterness. It's clear to me that they've used him whenever they've needed to appear legitimate -- at Griffin's trial, and now that they face legal action if they fail to change their constitution. "I may be being exploited," Singh says, "but there's a good underlying cause. They will be diluted." Then he smiles. "All parties use people. If they don't, they will fail."
NWN: This is what the BNP has been reduced to under Nick Griffins leadership .
We have to accept blokes like the picture above to survive, says Griffin.
Thankfully many members have had enough of Griffins plans to make the BNP multi-racial.
Thankfully many remember that over 5 years ago Griffin tried this before to force the BNP to become multi-racial via his lies.
The members forced him back then - they can do it again !
Vote against Griffins multiracial plan for the BNP this weekend !
Either that or join the National Front.


Anonymous said...

how much of the membership money is being paid to singh? that interview was a set up to get member's to accept the change's gri££in want's. everyone know's that gri££in always get's his own way. singh will be on the bnp web-site as the 1st ethnic in the party.

Stop Gri££in said...

We have got to do everything we can to destroy the BNP.
Someone must organise a meeting or a demo.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article in the latest Jewish Chronicle, ah vey Lecomber!

Michael Wolkind: I defended the BNP

'But some of Michael Wolkind’s clients would certainly not get an invitation to the Board: Tony Lecomber, the former British National Party group development director;
He recalled Lecomber, up on explosives charges, making some disparaging remarks about black people in the dock. “Then he was asked what are your views of Jews. He said: ‘I’ve got no views’, and that was done as a sort of thank you to me.”'

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that this rag head says "They will be diluted" during the interview. I also see the piece was written by a Jewess. Pre-EGM propaganda for that sociopathic piece of shit Gri££in from the Establishment. I'll be interested in the Channel 4 documentary tonight, to see if it portrays Gi££in in a positive light?

Anonymous said...

Fat Boy Thick gets a top job, what ever happen to Philip Richard Reddall, not long in the job?

"The British National Party has appointed David Hannam as its new national treasurer,"

Anonymous said...

Mind blowing shit!!!

Anonymous said...


Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

Not forgetting the whining weeping moaning jew Greenburg who's family was allegedly wiped out by those vile Germans, who is now deputy organizer for the Wales BNP.

The BNP is no longer representative of the indigenous people of these islands in any way shape or form and anyone who still believes they are needs to pull their head out of their arse and wake the hell up.

Pip pip

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I will be voting against this rubbish by Griffin.

Griffin must go if nationalism is to succeed.

Eddie Adamsons ghost said...

As Chesterton said "We have not spoken yet !"

We aren't being allowed to speak again with traitor Griffin in control are we ?

Why can't British people rule our own affairs ?


So what are your alternatives?another splinter party?it is already notoriously difficult to attain unity amongst the craven English population,due to brain washing,niggerball and tits in the sun,if the people would turn out onto the streets and demonstrate/riot it might be feasable to oppose,but faced with the prevailing micro-intellect exibited by the amoeba in the street,i see no other way than to go along and correct this issue once we have attained power.

Anonymous said...

'we have got to do everthing we can to destroy the bnp'

i think gri££in has done a good job doing that don't you?

Anonymous said...

Englishman your a bit of a plonker aren't you ?

When you've all screwed the BNP altogether, don't come back to real British nationalism again will you ?

Promise ?

Anonymous said...

The last time that the 'populists' took the ascendency in nationalism they, the National Party under John Kingsley Read, they lasted just over 12 months.

This time the 'populists' under Griffin will destruct within 12 months if he gets the go ahead tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Kingsley Read was also working for Searchlight according to Searchlight magazine.

The NP knocked nationalism back many years, just as Griffin is doing now.

Anonymous said...

so hannam is the new treasure after many year's as deputy! i wonder when he will get sacked like most of the other treasure's have?


I do not usualy respond to cowards who hide behind anon,apart from insults,have you anything to add to the questions that i posed?go read my blog you can not fail to see where i stand,and given that the commenters on here are right,what do you all propose that we do?

Anonymous said...

I do not usualy respond to cowards who hide behind anon,apart from insults,have you anything to add to the questions that i posed?go read my blog you can not fail to see where i stand,and given that the commenters on here are right,what do you all propose that we do?

14 February 2010 09:09

What about the cowards who hide behind 'nom de plumes' like ENGLISHMAN ?

Plonker !

I propose we get rid of Griffin and get someone in who will fight .

Comprendez ?

Plonker !

Anonymous said...

EGM result 294 in favour 5 against and one abstention

Anonymous said...

Any truth Chris Hill has joined the NF.

Dr Chris Hill said...

Anonymous (18:37 hrs) asked:

"Any truth Chris Hill has joined the NF."

I can assure you that although I have left the BNP I have certainly not joined the NF.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

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News coming in of a vicious racist attack on a white bloke up there in Oldham. Heres what we know upto now, his name is Lee Buckley......

"just had a phone call. apparantly a lad who is a good mate of mine got attacked on friday night. he got a taxi home but was drunk. he had just been paid for a job he had done. money kept falling out of his pocket. the taxi driver took him spmewhere and with other paki twats robbed him. not only did they rob him, they CUT BOTH HIS EARS OFF and put his pants over his head. he is currently in withinshaw hospital recovering. i think this will deffo spark things around here".

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