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Nationalist Radio Station...........................................hosts Nick Griffin ?

  02-12-2017, 07:28 PM

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Default Nationalist Radio Station

New nationalist radio station motiv8radiofm.net Nick griffin appeared as a guest on the other site. Tune in Friday 9PM British time

According to a thread on StormFront UK section website, Griffin was on a nationalist radio website recently.

What most people will not know, is that in 1999 shortly after Griffin hijacked the BNP . The BNP were on the brink of setting one up themselves, and  would have been way ahead of any other political party at that time.

What did Griffin do with this project ? He actually stopped it in it's tracks ! 

He cancelled it - forever. We were going to use the web, and broadcast meetings and important BNP activities live over the internet.Using both audio and video.

This site (NWN), was involved in a lot of the early internet building and outreach from 1998 before Griffin hijacked the BNP . We were pioneers at the time. We were involved in the organising for the then Euro Elections of  1999. 

The BNP had then an internet group that had a focus group that met for a weekend in 1998 at CENTER PARCS, Sherwood Forest. This was to plan an election campaign . 

We (NWN), were also central to the first national BNP website. But Griffin even trashed that as well. He got his then 'stooge', Mike Newlands, to trash the embryo website and all the HTML files within. Newlands to his credit, soon 'wised up' to what a corrupt character Griffin was and still is.

In those days, there was no easy website template. So HTML script had to be used, which was very time consuming.

This is yet another example of how Nick Griffin helped to stop the BNP in it's tracks. 

Griffin used the excuse that we had said on our site that the late MP for Rochdale Cyril Smith, was a paedophile. We gave our sources for this . But Griffin had none of it.

And some 'crazies' within  nationalist circles, still speak with this vile creature.


Anonymous said...

Joe Owens has made some good video's on you tube, but for the life of me I cant understand why he always promotes Gr££in.

Anonymous said...

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But now Trump has betrayed us all.


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Anonymous said...

Trump can’t let these Jews lynch General Flynn.


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