Monday, June 06, 2016

Desperation of pro-EU lobby

MoS - 160605 - Mark Collett

Britain’s press barons are closing ranks behind an increasingly desperate Prime Minister David Cameron, as the City of London elite begins to fear that the referendum vote might be moving in favour of Brexit.
Their latest tactic in today’s Mail on Sunday is to declare that “racists” are “hijacking the Brexit campaign”.
We suggest that the Mail‘s journalists should take their medicine, sit down and think about the realities of referendum politics.

Any referendum by its very nature reduces the complexities of politics to a simple Yes/No dichotomy.
Inevitably therefore both the Remain camp and the Leave camp will contain individuals who on other issues would strongly disagree with each other.

Individuals featured in the Mail‘s story, such as Eva Van Housen, Mark Collett, Richard Edmonds, Kevin Layzell and Tony Martin all have the political maturity to recognise this. Sadly the Mail‘s journalists haven’t yet worked out this basic political principle.

As for “hijacking”, readers should bear in mind that nationalists who support Brexit do so at their own trouble and expense, without the slightest prospect of financial gain.  Unlike journalists who sell their integrity to billionaire press barons.


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In the first few minutes they claim UK military have been "ordered" to vote Remain in the Brexit Referendum 23/6.

Corroboration? May be hard to find. . .

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...