Friday, June 12, 2015

Tommy Williams and Dave Howard - The FONZ

Tommy Williams and Dave Howard


West Yorkshire Police were called today after Tommy Williams and Dave Howard turned up at 2.35pm on the Leeds doorstep of National Front Director of Information Eddy Morrison. Williams spoke while Howard stayed in the background filming. (We look forward to seeing if a video appears on Williams' blog.)

Eddy was at home with a NF comrade, three other members having left about half an hour ago. Tommy Williams knocked at the door and, when it was answered, said "Come outside, Eddy, and I'll do you." This was mingled with much swearing and more specific threats. Eddy and his comrade have informed the police that they saw either a knife or cosh in Williams' right hand. When Eddy and the other NF member attempted to shut the door, Williams stuck his foot in to prevent this. They only left when the NF member said he would call the police and Williams kicked the door as they departed. As they drove away, the NF members were able to take down the registration number of Howard's car, which has been supplied to the police.

When the police arrived, they were extremely concerned that such an incident had taken place in an old persons' residential complex and stayed for several hours. They took statements from Eddy and the comrade who was with him at the time, as well as other residents of the complex. They were also shown a threatening email sent by Williams a few days previously (see Eddy's blog), which shows a prior intent to intimidate and harm the recipient. When they were told about the many threats which have appeared on the Covert blog, they asked to see it and requested many printouts which they took away with them. The opinion of the police officers present was that the actions of Williams and Howard warranted, at the very least, a charge of threatening behaviour, and a file will be sent to the Crown Prosecution Service.

The police were also interested to learn that an elderly female NF member had been threatened and abused over the phone by a man with a South Yorkshire accent and will be speaking to her also.

National Front members are greatly angered by today's events and all of us regard an attack on a single member as an attack on the entire party.

NWN: No surprises here with these two thugs. However the links to Nick Griffin should be cause for concern to Griffinite BNP people.
Breaking News
The Covert Blog has been closed (not shut down).
Presumably the owners want to hide some of the more incriminating stuff from the police while the investigation is under way. 

NWN: We have lifted this old post from the vaults. Seems these two shitbags are still around spreading their poison . Thankfully most now realise the part they played in destroying the BNP. They still post apparently on the Democracy forum using the name - THE FONZ. 

Williams was also found out to have been working for Channel 4 for AntiFa and living in Milwaukee ! Plays for some rubbish band as well.

It is also significant that 'they' use the 'nom de guerre of 'The Fonz'. The Fonz is/was a communist jew, whose real name is Henry Winkler ! 

At one time they were both paid by the crook Nick Griffin to act as his attack dogs and to push dirty propaganda- just like the zionists. 

They helped Griffin destroy the BNP, and they knew exactly what they were doing. 

This pair went off to do their bit for the EDL. And we all know where they ended up! 


Anonymous said...

Well if they aren't being paid by Griffin then it is obvious. They are paid by zionists and or the state. Howard has been a bus driver for years. How as he managed to do that ?

John Morse got hounded out of his job as a bus driver.

Anonymous said...

Away from politics Morse worked in Winchester as a bus driver and was the focus of a campaign to remove him from his job.[4]

Anonymous said...

Sheffield is a 'red' city. Winchester is not.

Anonymous said...

You have been screaming about those two Turnip's for years. Go and sort them.

Lucinda Crimp Mrs.

Anonymous said...


Rachel Dolezal 'Disguised Herself' As Black

Activist Rachel Dolezal says she "understands" some may feel she misrepresented her ethnicity, as she sparks a social media storm.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Fifteen people accused of raping girl under 16 in Bradford.

Anonymous said...


I met Rachel Dolezal - and never doubted her black roots.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

'She doesn't want to be seen with us because we'll ruin her image': Parents of white NAACP leader reveal they learned she was claiming to be black from newspaper article after she cut them out
Larry and Ruthanne Dolezal revealed that their daughter Rachel Dolezal, 37, is white - not black, as she has claimed to be
They say she started 'disguising herself' in 2007 and no longer speaks to them because they will 'ruin her image'
She has been a civil rights activist in Idaho and Eastern Washington for years and also teaches Africana Studies at Eastern Washington University
She is facing a city ethics investigation after identifying herself as black in an application to serve on a local police ombudsman commission

She said she was white, black and American Indian and secured the role - but her mother says the family is Czech, Swedish and German
KXLY asked her if she was African American and, looking stunned, she responded: 'I don't understand the question'

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Anonymous said...

#WrongSkin: Twitter campaign by white man who 'identifies as being black' goes viral

After US black rights leader Rachel Dolezal was 'exposed' as being white, a debate about being born in the 'wrong skin' has arisen.

Anonymous said...

Rachel Dolezal's deception: her 'black' identity doesn't make sense – or make her black

The city of Spokane is investigating whether Dolezal, 37, misidentified her race on her application for the ombudsman commission, where she serves as chair.

The Eastern Washington University professor has been a prominent activist in the Pacific north-west for years, speaking at demonstrations and giving interviews, including about hate mail and nooses allegedly sent to her, claims which are now also under scrutiny.

Anonymous said...

With the news that British spies are being withdrawn from operations, it may well be worth monitoring right wing groups in this country to ascertain if any top officials have left recently or may leave soon.
There maybe some very scared officials within the right wing at the moment.Maybe Worth going back to when Snowdon started to leak documents to ascertain if any top members of the BNP etc did indeed leave the party.

Anonymous said...

These 2 are real low lifes. Club foot Williams fucked off to the USA. Howard is still around near Sheffield.

I dont know the owner of this nationalist blog. But I did read Howards attack on the NWN owners brother who has been dead for 15 years. These are 2 fucking peeces of scum are williams and howard.

slagging off a dead man after 15 years is fucking sick. We have to get rid of shit like these 2. Nationalists ought to be decent people not fucking reptiles..fuck em off.

Anonymous said...

ps I forgot. The dead guy who these 2 cunts are slagging off was an ex soldier. fucking disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Are they a couple they don't have normal facial features.

Anonymous said...

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