Tuesday, February 10, 2015

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Police chief slams 'evil' racists who painted swastika on pavement in Jewish area of Salford

The Nazi emblem was painted on the pavement in Waterpark Road, Broughton, at the weekend

Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy and inset Waterpark Road

Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy has condemned as ‘evil’ racists who daubed a swastika on the pavement in a Jewish area of Salford.
The incident comes after figures issued last week showed anti-semitic hate crime across Greater Manchester soared by 80per cent in one year.
The Community Security Trust, which works to safeguard the Jewish community, received 309 reports of hate crime in 2014 - up from 173 the year before.
The Nazi emblem was painted on the pavement in Waterpark Road at the weekend.
Sir Peter said: “The use of a swastika in this way is insulting not only to members of the Jewish faith but indeed to the families of all those who fought against Nazism in the Second World War.
“You have to wonder whether people who do this are incredibly stupid and don’t understand basic history or are just evil in wanting to cause fear and distress. Hate crime is important because it insults people’s deeply held beliefs and their backgrounds and history and that is why the police see it as a priority.
“This incident is not just about some paint on a flagstone it has a wider significance because of all the death, destruction and hatred that this symbol represents.”

Waterpark Road, in Salford, where swastika grafitti was found
GMP is closely monitoring all hate incidents during this time of increased terrorist threat and asks the public to be vigilant with regards to individuals who may hold violently extremist views or are seeking to exploit the current raised threat level to spread hatred and prejudice.
Sir Peter added: “Clearly we are seeking information about people who carry out attacks on people and property because of hatred towards a race or religion.
“The great strength of Greater Manchester is that people of so many different races and religions have come to live and prosper here and our diversity is an example to the world as the vast majority of people respect and indeed celebrate that there are different traditions, histories and beliefs as long as that is based on a shared commitment to live and let live.
“It is important that we all stand up against those who seek who spread hatred and fear who put out community cohesion in danger.
“Whatever are the international incidents there is a constant level of hate incidents where people practising their religion and going about their business are insulted or sometimes assaulted because of how they look or how they dress. This can never be acceptable.”


NWN: What a berk the Greater Manchester Chief Constable is . Always anxious to parade his left wing credentials in the mass media. Whenever a 'real crime' is committed, he is probably playing golf. He is not interested in real crimes. It is no wonder that many have and are calling for his dismissal including some MP's.

Just as an aside. We wonder if a swastika had really been painted ? Or is it  a media invention ? Or just maybe, some spotty kid daubed it ? Pathetic !

Nice to see the GMP's priorities.


GWR said...

In that picture, someone has painted Waterpark road right down the middle of the road !

Henry said...

How the fuck does he know who painted it or from which community he/she is from?

There's been many examples of these "Hate Crimes" being self-inflicted by members of a certain group.

There was no such thing as "Hate Crime" until the group that now profits most from it, conjured up this insane concept and forced it on the long suffering British public; who just happen to be the only group that cannot benefit from it.

Sherlock Holmes he ain't...

GWR said...

Henry said...

Sherlock Holmes he ain't...

10 February 2015 at 15:49

Arthur Conan Doyle 'invented' Sherlock Holmes due to the Metropolitan Polices inabilty to catch Jack the Ripper.

Being as Jack the ripper was almost 100& certainly known to be a jew. Did the Police know this at that time ?

There is certainly evidence to suggest that they did .

Anonymous said...

Where was Fahy when all the young girls were groomed/raped in Rochdale?

Henry said...

GWR said...

"Being as Jack the ripper was almost 100& certainly known to be a jew. Did the Police know this at that time ?

There is certainly evidence to suggest that they did"


Oh they knew alright.

The archives contain copies of Jewish newspapers wherein members of the Scotland Yard openly argued the case against the Polish Jew and were in turn countered by Jewish editors and journalist with the usual refrain that went something like..."but if a Jew is convicted then it will lead to persecutions and pogroms, etc"

They shut him away in Colney Hatch lunatic asylum from where he eventually "disappeared", though some author has recently claimed he may have been transferred to another asylum, eventually dying there in 1919.

By the 1890s so many insane Jews had poured into London that the asylums had to be hurriedly extended to house them; with the number in the Jewish section at Colney Hatch then exceeding 600. In 1903, the women's wing was burnt down by it's own inmates, killing about 50 Jewesses...That's another self-inflicted crime for Sherlock Fahy to blame on others.

Anonymous said...


Mayor slams 'asylum apartheid' as he claims Liverpool houses more than its fair share of asylum seekers.
Joe Anderson says: "We are not being UKIP about this" as he insists south of England isn't looking after enough asylum seekers.


Anonymous said...

Advance Ethnic Warfare. Chill Criticism: The Moral and Political Fraud of Anti-Semitic Theory.


Anonymous said...

Is Your Child a Terrorist? Government Questionnaire Rates Families at Risk for Extremism.


Anonymous said...

30,000 migrants heading for UK are held in Calais: Record numbers have been stopped at borders since April last year
Numbers of migrants detected at the border has doubled in a year
Experts say number who actually reached Britain was likely to be far higher
Not a single person arriving by train or coach is so far counted in and out
Migrants attracted to UK by work, free health care and generous benefits

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Anonymous said...

“Global War on Terror” : a Jewish racket

“We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq.”

Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minster of Israel

“From the perspective of the Jews, it [9/11] is the most important public relations act ever committed in our favour.”

- Ehud Sprinzak, Israeli counter-terrorism expert

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

France: Police Catch 73-Year-Old Jew Spray-Painting the Word “Jew” on 20 Cars.


Anonymous said...

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