Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lord Janner hoisted on his own petard!

Janner said...

"Nazi criminal John Demjanjuk deserves no sympathy

The trial of the Nazi death camp guard shows why we must continue to strive for justice on behalf of the Holocaust’s victims."...

By Greville Janner

1:37PM BST 13 May 2011

"There were some who felt a pang of pity for John Demjanjuk yesterday, after he was found guilty for crimes committed during the Holocaust. He is, after all, now a very old man. Ill health restricted him to his wheelchair throughout his trial, as he sat silently behind dark glasses. At times it felt hard to connect this frail figure before a Munich court with the heinous crimes that were being detailed.

But we should waste no misplaced sympathy on a man who spent so many of the final years of his long life evading justice; we should instead save our sympathy for the 28,060 innocent men, women and children, robbed of their years by Demjanjuk and by his murdering cohorts.

Sobibor, where Demjanjuk was a guard, was a place of still more wanton barbarity. It was a camp dedicated solely to human extermination, in which at least 200,000 people were murdered in gas chambers. Although it operated for less than a year, from April 1942 when experiments in industrial murder first took place until October 1943, this bleak camp on the eastern fringes of Nazi-occupied Poland remains infamous as a vile place of unimaginable cruelty and evil.

Demjanjuk’s trial confirmed an important principle: that when it comes to murder, rank is irrelevant. The old defence used at the Nuremberg trials was “Befhel ist Behfhel”, or “orders are orders”. But in Nuremberg – and now in Munich – it has been demonstrated that this can never be a defence to murder.

Yet while the guilty verdict is welcome, Demjanjuk’s release pending an appeal will distress many survivors, who felt that justice could only be served if he spent his final years in prison. Now it seems that he may die a free man as well as an old man – a fact which will haunt those whose relatives, of whatever age, were murdered in Sobibor.

There have been suggestions that this will represent the end of successful Nazi war crime trials. There is no reason why this should be so. There is compelling evidence that numerous evil individuals remain at liberty in Europe, despite having committed appalling crimes during the Holocaust. It strikes me as both absurd and offensive that we should fail to strive for justice on behalf of the Holocaust’s victims because of legal complexities and reluctance to try ageing suspects. Such attitudes betray a profound lack of perspective, a view which relegates victims to historical inconvenience. Those thousands, murdered in cold blood, were people like you and me – and their voices demand to be heard.

If John Demjanjuk were to serve his full sentence, it would represent just one day in prison for every 15 people he helped to murder. Sadly, he may never serve even this derisory term of incarceration.

The names of some of those victims were read out during the trial, reminding us that Demjanjuk’s victims were not mere numbers, but were real people with lives, families and aspirations – brutally destroyed by murderers serving an evil ideology. At the conclusion of the trial, the sobs of victims’ families could be heard, representing a powerful mixture of relief and sorrow.

The worst of mankind was exposed during this trial. It should remind us why we must remain relentless in pursuit of justice – and dogged in our fight against the poisonous ideas that perpetuated the Holocaust.

Lord Janner is Chairman of the Holocaust Educational Trust and a former war crimes investigator.


HENRY said; 

Hmm - It seems Lord Janner's sudden-onset dementia is even more sudden than earlier thought.

On June 12 2014, only one month before claiming to have "dementia", Lord Janner allowed his name to be added to a newly formed Lords' committee. His name was passed without reference to dementia or any other precluding condition.

See here

Consolidation etc. Bills Committee

"In accordance with Standing Order 51, that, as proposed by the Committee of Selection, the following Lords be appointed to join with a Committee of the Commons as the Joint Committee on Consolidation etc. Bills:

L Carswell (Chairman), L Christopher, E Dundee, L Eames, V Hanworth, L Janner of Braunstone, B Mallalieu, L Methuen, L Razzall, B Seccombe, L Swinfen, L Tombs;

That the Committee have power to send for persons, papers and records"

NWN: Many thanks to our correspondent HENRY for the above info and links.


Anonymous said...

“The Israeli Dream”: The Criminal Roadmap Towards “Greater Israel”?

Ethnic Cleansing Planned in the Middle East? History, Legality Ignored.

Anonymous said...

The Talmud’s Death Wish – History Repeating.

JiB said...

Well done Pete!

The covering up of the misdeeds of protected elites by the British establishment and media is something that needs to be exposed.
That cretin Lord Janner deserves the full criticism of the alternative media.

And a great find Henry!

Henry said...

In July 2014 the ignoble Lord Janner claimed he shouldn't be questioned as he had "dementia" but in May 2011 he wrote the Telegraph article (this should serve as a 'living will') in which he appeared to demand the investigation and prosecution of ailing suspects, such as himself, regardless of age or infirmity.

So what has changed for Janner in the three years since his call for the ruthless approach to prosecution?

What changed is that today we have a feeding frenzy with the old household names of white British entertainment and politics being roasted alive and replaced by the Lenny Henry/Keith Vass road show - coming soon to a Town Hall near you.

Lord Janner was never meant for that treatment but his alleged victims didn't know that when they offered up their still sore-arses for examination. They thought they'd get the same support as Max Clifford's victims, but Max Clifford is no Lord Janner when it comes to "bringing down the House" Samson style.

Someone decided the investigation had to be stopped. Lord Janner was in danger of being tried in front of the world's media; just as Demjanjuk was made to endure in 2011.

Apart from the personal catastrophe and punishment that would arrive in the wake of a conviction, Janner's role as founder and driving force in Holocaust education would come under the spotlight; especially as a conviction for child abuse would serve to strengthen the long standing charge (mainly from nationalists) that Janner's unfettered ability to impose Holocaust 'education' on generations of innocent children is, in itself, a form of abuse that prepares children for commitment to self-obliteration; something wholly evil but disguised and hidden by the goodly term "altruism".

The Janner's of this world are immune to such a selfless idea but understand innately that westerners are vulnerable to this condition if you can get to them early enough.

From the Jewish Encyclopaedia:


It stands to reason that there is no equivalent of it in ancient or modern Hebrew. The very idea which it connotes, exaggerated self-obliteration, is not indigenous to Judaism [...] both the ethics of Christianity and Buddhism were at one and the same time egoistic and altruistic. Self-obliteration in this life assures self-realization in the other


The allegations against Janner are long standing. He was named as an abuser of boys during a trial in 1991 and, like the good magician he is, has since used every trick in the book to avoid justice. Of course the number of Janner's alleged victims falls way short of John Demjanjuk's industrial like 28,000 but according to his own demands the Janner of 2011 vintage would never support his latest trick of producing a sick note that puts him beyond justice in a way that Janner had previously declared unacceptable in relation to Holocaust prosecutions.

Or is it the case that only victims of Demjanjuk type Nazis are to be granted justice in these circumstances whereas victims of Janner type paedophiles are to be denied it?

Anyone who's had the misfortune to be fiddled with by freaks like Rolf Harris, Stuart Hall and Max Clifford has my unreserved sympathy: but my main concern is how our childrens' minds are being fiddled with in school and via TV and other media. Therefore I want to see the architect of that molestation get his day in court where he can finally crush the vile claims against him and walk away a free man, or else, take his just deserts as he once insisted the dying Demjanjuk must suffer them, regardless of age or infirmity.

All Nationalists should demand that Lord Janner be given the chance to clear his name...

NWN Admin said...

Henry said;

All Nationalists should demand that Lord Janner be given the chance to clear his name...


Excellent turn of phrase !

Anonymous said...

Spot on again Henry.

Anonymous said...

Israel’s Netanyahu benefits from shooting down of Malaysian plane.

Henry said...

What is the difference between lord Janner's case and the one below?

On July 10 it was announced that Lord Janner would not be questioned by police in connection with twenty complaints of sexual abuse. However, the following day (July 11) news of an almost identical case was published where the police and Crown prosecution had taken the opposite course of action to that taken in Janner's case.


Hospital order for dementia pensioner convicted of child sex abuse 30 years ago

6:40am Friday 11th July 2014 in Tees Valley News

A PENSIONER with dementia who molested two boys decades ago is to be detained in hospital, a judge has ruled.

David Massingham was deemed unfit to stand trial back in February because of his memory loss and confused state.

However, a jury still heard his case and convicted him of ten indecent assaults and an offence of buggery.

The 77-year-old had denied the abuse, said to have been committed more than 30 years ago.

Judge George Moorhouse, sitting at Teesside Crown Court, heard evidence from various psychiatrists who assessed Massingham’s mental state and recommended how he should be treated.

The judge said having heard all the evidence he was persuaded to make the defendant subject to an indefinite hospital order under the Mental Health Act.

He also considered him a continued serious risk to children.

A section 41 order – known as a restriction order – was also imposed meaning he cannot be released from hospital without the agreement of the Secretary of State or an independent tribunal.

Judge Moorhouse said a sexual offences prevention order on Massingham was not appropriate, although he will have to alert police if his circumstances change, as a registered sex offender.

The court heard how Massingham, of Kendal Court, Middlesbrough, had come into more recent contact with two other young children, although it was not suggested they were abused.

His barrister Brian Russell, who had asserted a hospital order was unnecessary, said there were “suspicions, no more”.

He said it should not be overlooked that the pensioner’s offences were more than 30 years old and he had not amassed any convictions in the intervening years.

A previous statement from one of his victims said Massingham had destroyed his and his family’s life. He said his marriage had broken down and he was unable to sleep because of the impact of the abuse.

The man, now an adult, also said he believed he had been targeted and was given “treats” as part of a grooming process.

Massingham was remanded in custody and will be transferred to Middlesbrough’s Roseberry Park hospital


This sets the precedent.

All Nationalists should demand that Lord Janner be given the chance to clear his name...NEVER AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

Northwestnationalists' webmaster, have you got a copy of the Redwatch/Noncewatch cartoon depicting the arse-reaming joo nonce Janner smoozing with fawning boot-licking Old Bill ostensibly interviewing the fithy bastard member of the Magic Circle who's disappeared up more boys' arseholes than a gang of poachers' ferrets have disappeared into rabbit holes?

Fly On The Wall

Anonymous said...

Straight From The Terrorist Horse's Mouth
A Manifesto For The Planned Ethnic Cleansing Of the Gaza Strip.

Anonymous said...

A road where white Britons are the ethnic minority. A TV crew hungry for controversy. What COULD go wrong? Cue accusations of dirty tricks, bribery and racism on... Immigration Street

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Phony Legality

The attempt to manipulate society by intelligence agencies is nowhere more evident that in the tricks used to disguise their activities. The open arm of the security services is always the local police. In this respect, the response of the British police to the illegal phone hacking is fascinating. Met Police Assistant Commissioner John Yates said that: “Phone hacking was very narrowly defined in legislation and very, very difficult to prove, obtaining a Pin number without the owner's permission was not in itself a crime.” He should be jailed just for this sentence.

I won’t study here all the intricacies of the awkward British Law. I’ll just mention that the UK signed (apparently with great reluctance) the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Article 12 reads:

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

Any action related to phone hacking violates this article. The UK committed to honor this document, meaning that every local law allowing phone hacking related activities is basically illegal. Mr. Yates, at least say the truth: you and yours are just protecting the illegitimate eavesdropping capabilities of the MI5.

Anonymous said...

Janner has forgotten about his paedophile activities, but didn't forget to claim his expenses!

Anonymous said...


Nigerian accountant's £4million 'fraud' at academies Gove hailed: Staff member said to have spent cash on extravagant lifestyle
Samuel Kayode, 57, was an accountant at Haberdashers' Aske's academies
Under investigation after £4million of school funds ended up in his accounts
Alleged to have spent much of cash on extravagant lifestyle and properties
The High Court case is believed to be Britain's biggest ever education fraud

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Israel seeking to mislead Hamas over rocket accuracy.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the Malaysian Airliner?

Anonymous said...

Jewboy Janner - NEVER AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

I bet Griffin knows Janner.

Anonymous said...

BNP website!!!

Anonymous said...

Report: University of Wisconsin-Madison mulls ‘diversity-based grading’

Anonymous said...

Report: University of Wisconsin-Madison mulls ‘diversity-based grading’

Henry said...

More from Sir Grovel Kidfiddler QC (Queer Cunt)...

Some of the people [Nazis] for whom we were looking were my age and some were elderly, but the fact that they were elderly did not stop us prosecuting them if they were killers. Some of the people for whom we were looking were younger than some of us here, but their age was never regarded as an excuse for not bringing them to justice.

Whenever the public are upset about an issue, there is a possibility of show trials. But we still have trials for multiple rapes and for murder. We still risk the excesses of the press; we do not say, "People will be emotionally upset and interested, so we will not try suspects." That has always struck me as the worst argument. It was used at the Nuremberg trials. We did not believe it then, and I do not accept it now.

- Greville Janner, Commons, 12 Dec 1989


Thanks to BRoI @ WinstonSmith for the link.

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...