Tuesday, May 06, 2014

With only three weeks to go before the expected collapse of Britain’s once-successful British National Party (BNP), its leader has been slammed as a “lying imbecile” and “warped” by one of his former closest colleagues, Mark Collett.
Mr Collett, who worked as the BNP’s graphic designer and head of publicity for nearly a decade, was charged alongside Mr Nick Griffin under Britain’s notorious and anti-free speech Race Act in 2004, but they were both dramatically acquitted in 2006.
In 2010, Mr Griffin decided that Mr Collett was somehow a threat—a usual tactic for the BNP leader, who has provoked confrontations with every single senior party staffer over the past decade.
Mr Griffin announced to a shocked party and public that Mr Collett was planning to assassinate him (!), and laid charges with the police against his head of publicity.
The allegations were completely bogus and the police refused to even take up the case, but the result Mr Griffin wanted had been achieved: Mr Collett was expelled out of the party.
Against that background, Mr Collett left active politics, and only recently publicly commented once again on Facebook in the run-up to the European Elections, to be held in Britain on May 22, 2014.
Writing on his public Facebook page, Mr Collett started off by pointing out how badly the BNP’s organization had collapsed since Mr Griffin had got rid of the entire leadership team which oversaw the election victories of 2009:
“In 2010 the BNP stood in 737 seats in the local elections, this year they are standing in less than 70. That is a terminal decline and shows just how badly they are performing. I warned everyone of what would happen four years ago—now the chickens truly have come home to roost!” Mr Collett wrote.
He was then asked by another Facebook user about the specific problems in the BNP which led to the party’s collapse.
“What I think the problems were:
“Firstly: Media Gaffes. Griffin made three huge media games. His Question Time performance was a joke; this one single event was probably the biggest individual failure that befell the BNP.
“Afterwards he had no credibility. He came over as a coward—a pathetic, twitching, gibbering, silly face pulling, lying imbecile. It was a hammer blow.
“The next media gaffe was the mishandling of the EHRC case. He should have simply accepted nonwhites into the party. [This was when the British state decided to force the party to open its membership to all races, claiming that its whites-only clause was a breach of the Race Act—Ed.]
“It was a case he couldn’t win, but coming out of it looking less racist he could have turned it to his advantage—he however didn’t. He fought it in court. This also cost the party hundreds of thousands of pounds. So not only did it ensure he was seen as a racist, it cost him financially.
“Finally, running to the press claiming I was trying to kill him ruined what was left of the party’s image in the run-up to the General Election. No one will vote for a party where the members are killing each other off; it made the party look as bad as the media claimed!
“Secondly: Man Management. Griffin always falls out with people. This massively destabilised the party’s inner machinery.
“Every time someone got used to doing a role well, he would sack them or fall out with them. The team rarely worked as bonds were never allowed to form. Dozens and dozens of talented individuals who had started to get to grips with their roles were cast out in favour of ‘newbies’ who had to learn the role from scratch.
“Thus rarely did anyone get to grips with doing a job properly. I worked design for 10 years and it took me a long time to get as good as I did.
“Many people never had that time and rarely did an area of the party enjoy that stability and growth.
“Griffin also poured resources into idiotic projects. He would rather spend a full-time wage employing someone to do ‘freedom of information requests’ or ‘record songs’ than he would pay a full-time elections officer or council support officer.
“He would always favour a crazy scheme over a sound one based around political growth. This drew resources away from the front line and wasted them on projects that never bore fruit.
“Thirdly: Financial Shenanigans. Griffin could never stay solvent—hence why he has been a bankrupt twice. It was always spend, spend, spend—and often on silly things.
“Bloated expenses, silly projects, offices in the middle of nowhere, recording studios, battered cars—you name it, he would waste money on it.
“He would always spend more than he should and never worked to a budget, hence crippling debts that eventually destroyed the ability of the party to function.
“Unpaid bills caused supply chains to be cut and eventually the party even scrapped institutions like Identity magazine—which at one point was being sent out to nearly 15,000 people.
“Freedom [The Voice of Freedom, the party newspaper under the editorship of another now-expelled senior party figure] was drastically cut back, offices ended up being closed and sadly nearly all of the extremely expensive machinery that was ‘invested’ in was lost due to poor record-keeping and bad man management.
“Fourthly: Personal Appearance. Like it or not, politics is a game of selling something to the public. The best at the ‘salesman’ game always look the part. They are sharp, in shape, well groomed and impeccably presented.
“Nationalists like Jorg Haider and Marine Le Pen showed us just how far a nationalist leader can take a party and how they can inspire the public.
“Griffin was always a state—fat, poorly dressed, the sleeves on his jacket were too long, his shirt collar was rarely fastened, his hair cut was laughable, and he often wore muddy boots with suit trousers—in essence he looked a little like a second-rate Bond villain.
“This is not what the public look toward and think ‘yeah, I can get behind that’. He made himself easy to mock, easy to caricature and easy to dislike.
“This point may be contentious for some, but ultimately, no one follows a loser and Griffin would always do his best to present himself as one.
“This ‘second rate Bond villain’ look was accentuated by the fact he revelled in being followed around by a team of burly men in black sunglasses—again a negative stereotype of a gangland thug. But he loved it, as it made him feel powerful!
“Finally: Excuses and more excuses. Griffin can never own up to anything that goes wrong. The man has two distinct psychological traits—one is that he is chosen to lead and to rule, and the second is that everyone else is out to stop him achieving his ‘destiny’.
“Thus, when anything goes wrong it is never his fault—he is never to be held accountable for his failings.
“In fact, he always believes he has done everything the right way and his failures are always due to outside interference and factors that are beyond his control.
“This means he never learns from his mistakes and is always doomed to repeating his failures.
“Before every election he will proclaim that the BNP has record support, people were coming up to him proclaiming him to be the greatest thing to ever happen to UK politics and that it will be a super result.
“Invariably when the result is at best sub-par, Griffin will then trot out the same tired excuses—electoral fraud, UKIP, the media, internal traitors, the far left etc.
“In fact it will usually be that the full might of the establishment came together to stop him. Again, he lives up to the Bond villain stereotype.
“As he is vanquished, he rides off into the shadows shaking his fist and proclaiming that he will win next time, cursing those who dashed his magnificent plan.
“The reality of the matter is much more boring and plain than his wacky conspiracy theories—the BNP’s campaigns of late have been ever more threadbare, his popularity is at an all-time low and the BNP (due to the above reasons) is now no longer an electoral force.
“However due to his reluctance to accept any degree of blame, the results never get better and any internal discussions are always mooted affairs as anyone daring to blame the failures on actual factors that the party has control over rather than the ‘conspiracy theory’ are always promptly ‘done away with’ as a traitor.
“A famous quote from Griffin was that anyone who doesn’t see it his way is either a ‘knave or a fool’.
“So in Nick Griffin’s warped mind, anyone that disagrees with his nonsense is either a complete idiot who doesn’t see the big picture, or does see the big picture and is part of the conspiracy to stop him.
“The belief that UKIP is a ‘state’ invention is utter nonsense. Even a cursory analysis of election results show that UKIP takes huge numbers of votes from the Tories and smaller, but still significant votes, from Labour.
“There is no way the Tories would ‘rubber stamp’ the creation of the new party that will literally see them being pushed into third place in the forthcoming elections. Nice conspiracy theory though!”


Henry said...

A bit rich this from Collet, but then ''rich'' has always been the young Turk's delight..

When he spoke of Griffin's "Media Gaffes" he forgot to mention a few of his own: not least his notorious contribution to the cause..."Young, Nazi and Proud"

See here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTUHxD7N6OY

IIRC John Tyndall warned Griffin to get rid of Collett, ASAP. A warning that Griffin spent years ignoring.

The fact is: if Collett (and the others who schemed to keep Griffin in place) had never fallen foul of the Griffin's Stalinesque personality disorder, then he would still be at his side today.

As for Griffin's lamentable behaviour and shambolic appearance? Well this didn't develop suddenly after Collett was given the bum's rush...it's been part of his charm for years.

Henry said...

From today's Guardian...

Nick Griffin's vision for BNP-led Britain shown in 1990s police interviews

Papers relating to 1998 prosecution on race hate charges show how Griffin wanted Britain to be overwhelmingly white nation


An insight into the political convictions and electoral strategy of Nick Griffin at the point at which he took control of the British National party (BNP) has been disclosed with the release of a series of documents, including police interviews, concerning his prosecution on race hate charges in the late 1990s.

[...]Griffin also told the police that he believed that "by the end of the next century the white race will be headed inevitably for extinction"; that he did not wish to see large numbers of people "from any ethnic group other than British and European stock" residing in the UK; and that while he had "no antipathy to Jews, as Jews", he believed they had too much control of the British media.

"It's not a belief, for example, that organised Jewry has a massively disproportionate hold on the mass media; it's a fact," he said. "It is my belief that what the mass media is doing in terms of propaganda in this country is overwhelmingly harmful."

He also had a problem with Hollywood, which he said had produced "about 550 grotesquely anti-white films" over the previous 30 or 40 years. He was particularly upset by the director Steven Spielberg, whom he accused of making films that were "fundamentally anti-white propaganda and lying propaganda at that".

The detectives questioned Griffin about a passage he had written in a BNP magazine called Rune which referred to a "final victory over those who seek to destroy us so that they can rule unchallenged forever over a mass of mongrel slaves". Asked to whom he was referring, Griffin replied: "International capitalism and international Zionism."

Questioned further, he added: "Our grandchildren will be a mass of mongrel slaves, if things are not reversed. If a movement dedicated to preserving the white peoples of the west in their own countries does not come to power then within a very short space of time historically, the white race will cease to exist."

One of the officers, a detective constable, noted that Griffin had written about "winning", and asked: "What would winning mean to you?" Griffin replied: "Taking political power so as to be able to institute changes, to undo the population shift which has taken place since 1948 with the first Immigration Act, to peacefully and as humanely as possible reverse that and to return Britain to being a homogeneous white nation."

The officers then moved on to the Holocaust. Griffin told them: "My views are that very large numbers of Jews, certainly, almost certainly hundreds of thousands, were killed during the war for no other reason but that they were Jewish. In the same way that several million Germans were killed for no other reason but that they were German and the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were killed for no other reason than that they were Japanese. If you end up with a full-scale war then huge numbers of innocent people are killed.

"But the allegation that there was a systematic and deliberate policy whereby six million Jews were gassed to death is for a variety of forensic and common sense reasons, utter nonsense."

To think otherwise, Griffin said, was like believing the sun revolved around the earth. He added: "I will be delighted if this does come to court to … discuss the question of … the lie of the six million, at length."

Asked towards the end of the interview to reiterate his political motives, he replied: "Fourteen words."......

Read full article here: http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2014/may/06/nick-griffin-vision-bnp-britain-1990s-police-interviews

Kevin Gatley said...

Eddy Butler gave up a well paid job to work for Nick Griffin. What a mistake?

Anonymous said...

The quotation from today's Guardian clearly portrays a decent,patriotic British nationalist,what a pity it is that Griffin didn't mean a single bloody word he said!

Griffin is beyond all doubt a government agent and was recruited from school by our security services in the same way that the NKVD recruited the Cambridge Spy's while they were still students.

Anyone who doubts this should take a good close look at his FATHER ,Edgar Griffin! To say that Edgar has a "curious" background is the understatement of all time.He has been caught out in various lies and deceptions and these can only be justified if he wanted to cover up just how well connected he really was.

Anyone who wants to get a full briefing on everything known about Griffin,and it is far more than you might imagine,should contact Mr.David Jones! You will find a little chat with David very "illuminating"!

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...