Friday, August 30, 2013

National Front march 1979 to their new HQ at 73,Great Eastern Street, London. ................

There were approximately 5,000 on that march which started from London's Embankment close to Parliament.

The first part of the film shows NF lads at Brick lane, East London circa 1977. It shows East End lads and some from Lewisham selling NF papers.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Compare the glory days of yesterday with the drunks and scum presiding over the sad clique of losers masquerading as the "national front" of today.

GWR said...

The Manchester Drum Corps are on there.

GWR said...

At the start on Brick Lane I can recognise John Roberts from East London talking to Robin May from, IIRC North London.

There are a few NF from Rochdale and Manchester around the 1.40 mark.

A few members of the Front Nationale are seen around JT and the march from the embankment. They were regarded as extremists by the NF at that time.

They usually wore sunglasses for no reason.

Anonymous said...

Derrick Day from Hoxton can be seen several times.

Anonymous said...

NY Times Bashes White People....Again.

GWR said...

The Anti nazi league (ANAL) were having a 'do' at Brockwell park and broadcast a message to the thousands who attended the free concert to go and smash the NF.

Apparently, a couple of hundred of them got 'smashed' at Old Street tube station after the NF march and rally.

I recall just before the march got to Gt Eastern Street, a hundred or so spurs fans turned up outside the police lines supporting us and marching with us.

One was carrying and playing a squeezebox, and a couple of them brandished axes !

GWR said...

If one looks close, one can see the current writer plus his late brother and his father on the march from the Embankment.

If you have copies of the NFs marches and demonstrations in the 1970's and 1980's, you can see this writer on most of them.

Blair Peach said...

Peter Sledge with hair! Before he sold out to the reds.

Sad but true !