Tuesday, August 13, 2013

36th Anniversary of National Front march in Lewisham - South London

13th.August 1977.
Silent footage unfortunately.


Anonymous said...

The nationalist movement has gone backwards since those times.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of those are still around?

GWR said...

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of those are still around?

14 August 2013 22:12

There are still a few of us around though not too many.

I personally know of about 6 still around.

There's one still around down in the Manchester area, Dave Jones.

Dave and I went down with the Manchester branch in a removals van as our coach got smashed up on Aytoun Street. The reds attacked with weapons when only a few were there.

We never actually got onto the march but we got near and our van got chased by a mob in Lewisham. We did a rapid 3 point turn.

A funny/incredibly stupid idea at the time came from the then Manchester NF organiser Martin Goucher.

We were parked up near the assembly point for the march in a back street.

We had the Manchester drum corps with us.

Mr.Goucher said "We could all sneak onto the march !". He was serious !

How's about sneaking onto that NF march carrying/wearing drums including a big bass drum ?

We knew the march would be violent, as the St Georges Day march in North London/Haringey/Turnpike lane, in 1977 was pretty rough as well I can tell you.

Both my parents were at that one as well as my future 'sister in law' who was then aged about 17. She got laid unconscious after getting hit by a flying brick thrown by the red scum.

GWR said...

I think Marshall Bridge was also with us in the large van.He is in the Bolton area.

Anonymous said...

I've not seen that clip before NWN.

A good find.

Anonymous said...

Romanians and Bulgarians working in UK up 26%.


Anonymous said...

German artist Jonathan Meese wins Nazi salute case.


Anonymous said...

No I havent seen that clip before either. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Nine-month ordeal of men taken to court after catching migrant burglar on their roof as police waited on the ground
Stephen Iliffe, 54 and his son Daniel, 26 had begged police to make the arrest
Officers were barred from intervening by health and safety rules
Mr Iliffe said he had a heart attack in a cell triggered by stress over his arrest

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2395172/Nine-month-ordeal-men-taken-court-catching-migrant-burglar-roof-police-waited-ground.html#ixzz2c6FH8shm

Anonymous said...

What is the Origin of the Jewish Supremacist Ideology which justifies the Dispossession of Gentiles?


Anonymous said...

Bogus groom turns up at register office with THREE different brides: Nigerian jailed over bungled attempts to stay in Britain

Nigerian Chinedu Amadi paid £5,000 to a 'fixer' to set up a shame marriage

He arrived at Leicester Registry Office to marry Hungarian national Szilvia Basco-Porkolab but the pair were stopped by Home Office investigators
Amadi was jailed for 20 months while his 'bride' was jailed for 34 months
He was supposed to marry a different woman until last-minute switch
Two co-conspirators also jailed for taking part in sham marriages
Officers smelt a rat because the couple appeared too affectionate

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2395635/Bogus-groom-turns-register-office-THREE-different-brides-Nigerian-jailed-bungled-attempts-stay-Britain.html#ixzz2cEe7YvX8

Anonymous said...

The “Israel Lobby” threatens freedom of speech in Germany.


Anonymous said...


(From our man on the spot Purple Aki)

African group in Liverpool given a house for £1.00 then £475.000 to tart it up.


Anonymous said...

SDL and anti-fascists stage protests in Edinburgh.


Anonymous said...

.....and that's precisely why such marches have been consigned to the dustbin-a propaganda coup for Red/Jew agitators & an utter, utter waste of activist potential....not to mention the ease of intel. for the State (& enemy!).

Many of those who were involved in such futile acts (both NF AND BM) are the older heads today who are teaching and offering guidance for the young ones who are rather more inclined for the 'extra curricular' activity!

Good to reminice but let's leave it there eh?!

Anonymous said...

Pirate hunter: How a British ex-Marine and bodyguard to the stars escaped death fighting the most feared hijackers on the high seas - only to find they were run by a secret network of Somali spies in London
Carl 'Rocky' Mason works as a professional 'pirate hunter'
Entered maritime security in 1991, chasing criminals off the African coast
He soon discovered the source of the problem was a lot closer to home

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2396147/Pirate-hunter-How-British-ex-Marine-bodyguard-stars-escaped-death-fighting-feared-hijackers-high-seas--run-secret-network-Somali-spies-London.html#ixzz2cHv8N2CM

Anonymous said...

The Labour elite's secret problem... they can't stand the working class

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2396277/PETER-HITCHENS-The-Labour-elites-secret-problem--stand-working-class.html#ixzz2cI1gwC4t

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Staff at popular city pub in fear after 'malicious' internet posts.


Anonymous said...

Far-right leader's payday loans firm

A WHITE supremacist suspected of carrying out a bombing campaign in Africa has been found by the Daily Star Sunday - running a payday loans firm in Cambridgeshire

A WHITE supremacist suspected of carrying out a bombing campaign in Africa has been found by the Daily Star Sunday - running a payday loans firm in Cambridgeshire white, supremacy, racist, terror, black, pay, day, loans,Relaxing: Leonard Veenendaal enjoying his freedom

Leonard Veenendaal fled to the UK from South Africa in 1997 after breaking out of custody before his terror trial.
But now this newspaper can exclusively reveal Veenendaal is living in a sleepy market town with his wife and two children and running his own business.
But beneath the veneer of respectability lies an extreme past - Veenendaal was once the personal bodyguard and righthand man of the infamous racist leader Eugene Terreblanche.
He also led the Johannesburg branch of white-power group the Afrikaner Resistance Movement, which fought for a white-only state in South Africa during apartheid.
The right-wing activist was believed to be involved in a terror attack in 1989 in which a United Nations building in Namibia was blown up, killing a black security guard.
“One shocking snap shows a black man lying dead in a trench while others show Veenendaal in his uniform holding guns”
But he and others escaped from custody just before their trial by overpowering two police officers, one of whom was shot and killed.
He fled to South Africa where he was arrested a year later as one of nine white extremists thought to be behind a series of bombings aimed at anti-apartheid targets including newspaper offices, bus terminals and a synagogue.
In 1997 he came to the UK where he has lived ever since, despite international arrest warrants being issued against him. His company Onesys Financial Limited is now offering payday loans.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Fry and Cameron hold secret summit on 'gay hate' Olympics... in an East End pub: Actor wants boycott of Winter games in Russia over rights abuses
Secret meeting took place in the pub's private back room
Mr Fry challenges Mr Cameron to take action over homophobic Russian policies which outlaw gay 'propaganda'

He claims Putin is making gay people scapegoats in the same way Hitler did with the Jews

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2396341/Russia-gay-hate-Olympics-Stephen-Fry-David-Cameron-hold-secret-summit-rights-abuses.html#ixzz2cLogrFJ3

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ADL orders YouTube to disable Press TV account: Emadi


Anonymous said...

Philip Hollobone, or hollow something, is the MP for Kettering, a former corporal in the Territorial Army and apparently a Special Constable with the British Transport Police. This is a bloke who clearly likes uniforms.

If you want to fight, kill and die for your super-rich masters then that's your stupid choice, mate - but you are not going to force such idiocy on our children.


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Unmasking the driving test cheats.

Prosecutions against translators
Tigrinya translator operating in London and Birmingham
Croatian interpreter working in the Midlands, Yorkshire and Manchester
Kurdish speaker translating in the Midlands, London and the South East
Mandarin translator in the West Midlands
Mandarin interpreter working in Cardiff and Birmingham
In addition, five translators are currently being investigated by the DSA


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Minister fails to back call for crackdown on 'rabbit hutch' homes

Communities minister Don Foster dashes hopes for government support for minimum space standards for new homes


Anonymous said...

Ron Paul to headline September ‘anti-Semitic conference.


Anonymous said...

Leaked Memo Reveals UN Weapons Confiscation Agenda.


Anonymous said...

BBC rapped for removing musician’s anti-Israeli comments from performance.


Anonymous said...

Israel behind Egypt military coup: Turkey’s prime minister.


tonydj said...


Your memories of the furniture van, Martin Goucher etc are spot on! God it was rough! I was on the St George's day march as well,the M/cr Drum Corps first outing. We had free breakfasts for a week afterwards with the eggs and tomatoes we scraped off the drums lol.

GWR said...

Blogger tonydj said...


Your memories of the furniture van, Martin Goucher etc are spot on! God it was rough! I was on the St George's day march as well,the M/cr Drum Corps first outing. We had free breakfasts for a week afterwards with the eggs and tomatoes we scraped off the drums lol.

22 August 2013 09:00

Yes we have posted exclusively some of the original pics from the 1977 St Georges day march.

Including you Dave, with your drum for the day!

It was the very first time I ever saw mangoes. A negro gang had stolen them from a veg shop 'en route' and threw them at us as we turned the corner from Ducketts Common heading North onto High Road A105.

If it hadn't been for the fact that following us on that march, were some 'rough lads' with the Tower hamlets NF Branch, we would have been in terrible trouble as we had quite a few women with us on that day.

GWR said...

p.s. It was Neil Mead on his own, who put the gang of reds to flight when attacking our coach on Aytoun Street.

Mind you, I wouldn't have liked to tackle Neil, even with a shotgun !

Anonymous said...

I wonder what happened to Martin Goucher and his wife I remember them when he was Manchester organiser.

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...