Sunday, April 15, 2012

This is the danger of Nick Griffin - the total ruination of British nationalism

He has emasculated nationalism so much so, that we might never ever get an opportunity again due to his continual actions. That is what the 'New World Order' requires. However, with the imposition of austerity measures on nations, a vacuum will undoubtedly occur.

A vacuum that nationalism will struggle to fill, due to Griffin and his cronies.

These austerity measures are going to 'piss' many many people off, strongly, and in places like France, the 'far left' might take advantage.

The left are already taking advantage in Greece and Ireland. They will do the same here in the UK.

And Griffin will drag us back like a 'siamese dead twin'.

Read this..................

France faces revival of radical left

By Hugh Carnegy in Marseilles

A powerful revival of France’s radical left, led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon, a former socialist minister, and with a resurgent Communist party at its core, looks poised to be one of the most striking outcomes of next Sunday’s first round of voting in the country’s presidential election.

Mr Mélenchon, who has emerged from relative obscurity to become the most dynamic figure in the campaign, reinforced his dramatic rise at the weekend, drawing tens of thousands of red flag waving supporters from across the country to a rally at the Prado beach in the Mediterranean port of Marseilles on Saturday.
“We are writing a page in the history of the left. We are the renaissance of the left,” he declared to roars from the crowd, chanting “Resistance! Resistance!”

The question is what effect a strong showing by Mr Mélenchon could have, particularly on François Hollande, the mainstream Socialist party candidate who is favourite to win the Elysée in the decisive second round of the election on May 6.

At the heart of Mr Mélenchon’s campaign, which brings together his own Left party, the Communist party of France and other far left groups under the banner of the Left Front, is an outright rejection of the austerity policies pursued across the European Union, including France, in response to the sovereign debt crisis.

It is a message that has resonated widely: Mr Mélenchon’s outdoor rallies have easily rivalled those of Nicolas Sarkozy, the president, and Mr Hollande in numbers and intensity; his poll ratings have soared from 5 per cent two months ago to as high as 17 per cent in recent surveys, suggesting that he could even come in third behind Mr Sarkozy and Mr Hollande, who have pledged to stick to tough targets to reduce France’s budget deficit and high public debt.

“The main reason is because [Mélenchon] is the only one not submitting to the policy of austerity. He’s saying no to cuts in public spending,” said Julie Castanier, a Young Communist party activist, as she stood in the Prado crowd. “He is the only one who is saying this and we have been waiting for it for a long time.”

Mr Mélenchon has dubbed the Socialist candidate ‘Hollandreou’ – likening Mr Hollande to George Papandreou, the former socialist Greek prime minister forced to resign last year as he came under pressure from his eurozone partners to enforce stringent budget measures.

His policies, including rescinding the new EU fiscal discipline treaty, raising the minimum wage from €1,200 to €1,700 a month and confiscating all income above €360,000 a year, go far beyond even Mr Hollande’s proposal to tax income above €1m at 75 per cent.

Mr Mélenchon quit the Socialist party in 2008 but the charismatic former Trotskyite has succeeded in mobilising support across the radical left, tapping into a long tradition of revolutionary politics that remains strong in France. It includes a strong revival in the fortunes of the Communist party, out of power since the 1980s, and whose candidate in 2007 won under 2 per cent of the vote.

“If Mélenchon gets 12-13 per cent of the vote it will be extraordinary,” said Jean Chiche of Sciences Po university. “It will change the balance of forces on the left. It will give force back to the communists, who have been moribund for years.”

The Mélenchon surge is undoubtedly awkward for Mr Hollande, who will need Left Front supporters to vote for him in the second round to secure victory – without scaring off centrist voters. Mr Sarkozy has said Mr Hollande has become a hostage to Mr Mélenchon and the communists.

Mr Hollande has said he will not negotiate on policy with the Left Front. But he has left the door open to having figures from the group in his government.

However, Mr Mélenchon, and the Communist party, have said they intend to build a strong parliamentary group in the national assembly elections in June, to allow them to continue to push their hardline policy positions, rather than participate in a government committed to the budgetary strictures accepted by Mr Hollande.

That would potentially make life difficult for a Hollande government balancing the demands of the financial markets and its eurozone partners with pressure from a revitalised left at home.

As Mr Mélenchon said, mocking Mr Hollande’s own reassurance, in English, to the City of London that he was “not dangerous”: “We are very dangerous!”

NWN: Unless and until, we fight for the rights of British people, we will forever be ignored.

Griffin has dragged nationalism even futher in the gutter, with his promotion of foreigners and perverts. As well as his avarice of BNP money, which many can see, and which causes futher division and disillusionment in nationalism. But which is the intended result.

He is the 'millstone around our necks' !

Our policies and propaganda need to be radical, but we at NWN cannot see how radical policies attacking these imposed bankers policies from nationalism can be put across effectively, with nationalism in it's current state.

Once again we are 'blackballed' by that cretinous crook Nick Griffin !

That is just how 'the State' want us.

Ineffective and useless.


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Revisionist Historians for World Peace

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Good article NWN.

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Vlaams Belang, a Belgian far-right party, has recently launched a website urging citizens to report crimes committed by illegal immigrants in a bid to mirror a similar Dutch website set up by a far-right party in Netherlands, Press TV reports.

According to European activists, the site is the latest example of growing anti-immigrant sentiment across Europe, which is no longer limited to extremist parties.

Vlaams Belang claims illegal immigration is being encouraged through services such as counseling and legal assistance, adding that illegal immigrants abuse social security.

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Greek nationalism on the rise.

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Hope not Hate supporter recently posted on the Hope not Hate Facebook page stated that 'anti-fascists' should "hunt and kill" political opponents.

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We should do that in this country most of the crime in this country is done by non whites ,and done to white people like the muslim peadophiles rape young white girls ,and sell herion to white kids ,in 5 years time the Muslims will take over England unless the whites wake up this year before its to late

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There is a rumour Griffin was chased out of Antrim.

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Nick Griffin chased out of Antrim...

Today is Wednesday, 18th April....

Now read the 'news' article and note the date attributed to it just below the headline:

‘Nick Griffin - you’re not welcome in Antrim’ Thursday, 19 April 2012

Is this how rumours are started?

Who is playing what game here?

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Protect Your Privacy.

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...