Friday, May 27, 2011

Griffin calls another BNP ‘EGM’.


To change the party’s leadership election rules (again).

When Just before the impending leadership election!

The loony crook Nick Griffin plans to stage yet another ‘Extraordinary General Meeting’ for what remains of the British National Party. These EGMs have become a more frequent event than BNP Annual General Meetings.

Griffin does not explain what is the ‘extraordinary’ or ‘emergency’ circumstance which makes an EGM necessary. He merely states that the date for this meeting “will shortly be announced”.

He has been fending off a queue of soon-to-be-heard High Court, County Court and Industrial Tribunal hearings concerning payment of Damages and/or Costs awards against him/the party, plus new court actions by sundry trade creditors such as printers.

In that effort he has doubtless deployed some of the tricks of the swindler’s trade he learned during his first bankruptcy after he managed to squander with breathtaking speed a £300,000 inheritance from his grandfather Edwin during the early 1990s.

As you will see from the BNP web site posting below, Griffin will use the EGM to propose yet more ‘lately made-up rules’ to regulate the party’s leadership elections, including:

•All candidates except the current office holder (i.e. himself) to pay a £500 ‘deposit’. (Will the cash be lodged in the bank account of an entity not vulnerable either to Griffin’s predations or to the just claims of his/the BNP’s creditors?)
•All candidates to get “equal coverage” in party’s media (which he controls).
•The voting to be by means of a “secret ballot” (invigilated by persons appointed by him).
•The winner gets a “fixed four- or five-year term” (i.e. plenty of time for yet more EGMs & rule changes).
•BNP members get only 6 days to submit EGM motions. (Why this time-limit for a meeting whose date has not been set?)

All this is not being done to “save the party” but to prevent anybody but himself and his immediate family having a legal right to follow up (with the help of forensic accountants) the ‘paper trail’ of the way in which he has conducted the management of party funds since he became its Chairman more that a decade ago. Huge sums of cash have ‘disappeared’.

Nick Griffin has done massive damage to the BNP and to the nationalist movement generally (NWN emphasis). That he would inflict such financial and political damage was predicted by me in September 1999 in the printed Loose Cannon No. 1 pamphlet and in my subsequent Electronic Loose Cannon e-bulletins.

That he would inflict the damage he has inflicted is precisely the reason why the Establishment’s media accorded him such tremendous promotion up to the last general election and precisely why information — abundantly supported ‘smoking gun’ evidence — about numerous shocking incidents of criminality involving him were routinely ignored by the media.

Some of these incidents — one in particular involving a potentially lethal asbestos clearance in which he deployed innocent unprotected nationalist youngsters — make the hugely publicised Parliamentary Expenses scandal or footballer Ryan Giggs’ ‘swordsmanship’ look trivial.

The Establishment did not want to push Griffin off his perch until he turned the national movement into a midden. That Establishment strategy has been a total success, just as I predicted.

Martin Webster.

P.S.: A Quiz:

Who spoke and voted FOR Griffin’s last set of corrupt and tyrannical rule changes at last year’s EGM (held at Elm Park, East London on Sunday 14th February 2010) and who now rail against those rules as “unfair” and “tyrannical”??

1) Eddy Butler — last year’s “leadership challenger” (after Griffin purged him in April of that year);
2) Richard Edmonds — this year’s “leadership challenger”. (Griffin has expelled virtually everybody else ‘qualified’ to stand);
3) Andrew Brons MEP — who backs Edmonds’ current “leadership challenge” but says he will retire from politics in three years (when his lucrative post as an MEP expires);
4) Sundry other opportunists, nincompoops, pompous farts and idiots.


Anonymous said...

That question & answer part is rather telling ! Looks like the BNP is screwed.

Rufus T Firefly said...

I hear that Derek Adams will be standing as will the two Walker brothers and Clive Jefferson. Oh and Griffins duaghter.

NWN Admin said...

Rufus T Firefly said...
I hear that Derek Adams will be standing as will the two Walker brothers and Clive Jefferson. Oh and Griffins duaghter.

28 May 2011 00:51

We at NWN agree with you 100% Groucho.

No way will Griffin allow the BNP accounts to be opened to the public. He was a bankrupt once and no doubt will be a bankrupt again.

Those who supported Griffin should be beaten with a piece of 4 by 2.

We here at NWN have been opposed to Griffin since 2001 !

Anonymous said...

I hear that Derek Adams will be standing as will the two Walker brothers and Clive Jefferson. Oh and Griffins duaghter.....

Christ at this rate Raj Singh will be throwing his name into the hat.

Anonymous said...

According to the shit for brains BNP members here in the East Midlands,there is no one better for the job.


Dr Andrew Emerson said...

I have a question for Mr Webster.

You refer yet again to an incident in which young National Front volunteers were used to carry out work removing asbestos from a Griffin property, allegedly without having been given any protective clothing, or masks.

In the past you have referred to a film of this incident, a copy of which you claimed to have sent to the media but which they chose not to publicize, or perhaps not to purchase.

My question is this: why do you not upload the video to a site such as YouTube?

The expression "Put up or shut up" springs to mind.

GWR said...

@ Dr Emerson;

You seem to be nitpicking here.

Whether or not Webster has the video or not, the facts were as mentioned, that young people were used by Griffin for yet another barn conversion.

The rest of his message posted above is correct.

If that's all you have to rubbish these arguments against Messrs Butler and Edmonds - who you have aligned yourself with - then it's a poor attempt to derail the rest of Websters post.

Butler himself also argued very poorly against the charges put to him by Webster, which is/are posted on the NWN forum.

GWR said...

Butler railed rather poorly against the comments made by Webster and posted in the above .

That riposte to Webster and reply is quoted here;

Henry said...

Emerson should be locked up for Holohoax denial.

Here's a question for Emerson: How is it when vicars, policemen and even school dinner ladies lost their jobs for being members of the BNP your own BNP membership and activities never lost you your employment within the NHS?

Anonymous said...

Martin is spot on about N.G.

Anonymous said...

Wiesenthal Center Determined to Go Down in Flames !!!

Anonymous said...



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Anonymous said...

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