Friday, May 06, 2011

Election night special..........................

Updated Friday 1820hrs;

Bacup Irwell ward

Labour 620

Conservative 533

Kevin Bryan /NF 170

Latest news is that the BNP have lost all their seats in Stoke on Trent including long time nationalist Steve Batkin. All four Councillors now gone.

News from the count in Rochdale is the NF's Peter Greenwood has polled approximately 7%. They are awaiting counting of postal votes there and sending of votes to AV referendum.

Balderstone & Kirkholt ward - Rochdale

Lib/Dem - 869

Con - 332

Lab - 1241

NF - 190

EFP candidate Mark Leat finished second in Sandford Hill ward, Stoke on Trent, with 239 votes (19.2%).


Anonymous said...

Chris Jackson polled 4.9% at the last GE in Rochdale so this vote of 7% is not too bad especially when very little money was available/spent in this ward.

NF votes seem to be up and the BNPs votes seem to be down, everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Griffin is twittering all sorts of excuses about the BNP washout.

Its never him the reason why the BNP is failing is it ?

The bastard.

M Risbrook said...

The BNP will only learn the hard way. Enough is enough Nick! What we must ensure is that the spirit of Nationalism is not lost like what happened in the 80s when the NF collapsed. It's high time to put all this Islam bashing into the past, and instead, focus on issues of greater importance today such as the economy and employment.

Anonymous said...

The BNP vote in Birmingham has totally collapsed.The English dems have possibly won 2 seats in Boston.

Anonymous said...

A disasterous night for all nationalists, derisory votes for the BNP, NF and ED,s.Labour have bounced back, what the hell is wrong with the British people, they deserve all thats coming to them

Anonymous said...

What about the 'Griffin effect' ?

He 'modernised' the BNP so surely the votes will follow ?

Seems the so called hardliners were right all along.

The BNP was building nicely BEFORE Griffin came along with his softening of policies.

The modernisers should feck off to the tories and try to change them.

These people joined the BNP and immediately tried to change the BNP into the sorts of organisations they had just left.

Anonymous said...

Job done Griffin! Don't worry though, your fat pay cheque from the EU will keep coming in for another few years!

Fat cunt.

Eddy Morrison said...

Derisory votes for the NF???? We got two 13% and a lot over 5%. Check out our site matey

EFPStoke said...

In Stoke, all results are based on a turnout of 25%, so really there is nothing to read from that apart from the fact that Stoke is packed with stupid, lazy people.

The only reason Labour got any votes was because they teamed up with the muslims, nobody else voted.

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