Monday, November 29, 2010

How Nations die - David Dukes latest video.

Have a look at this powerful video with overwhelming facts about the coming 'New World Order' and what to do to combat that.


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Excellent educational tools, it must be viewed by all serious White people to learn about our future survival, well down to David Duke for producing this brilliant video!

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Griffin, Brons and slippery Darby in Strasburg on BNPtv playing at silly nonsense politics while our party rots and our country go down the drain undr ZOG control, what planets are these three creeps on?

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From Draby's silly blog, he is now standing up for the Jewish UKIP MEP, ah vey!

"Party politics was put to one side following the disgracefully unfair ejection of Godfrey Bloom, who stood his ground well despite typical left-wing bully boy tactics. He as well of the rest of us knew as he was forced to leave the chamber, that the Euro Federalists are not so cocksure of themselves anymore."

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When is the BNP going to start educating it's members? Under Griffin the new members know absolutely nothing, ZOG was really frighten of John Tyndall and the excellent Welling bookshop, stocked with reading material to educate the White Race of the perils of organised Jewry! Is this a deliberate ploy by Griffin?

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This appeared in today's Independent newspaper!

"Le Pen's legacy: bitter battle for future of the French far right"

Next year, the National Front will elect a new leader who will decide whether the party moves into the mainstream or remains extremist and marginal

In recent days, the campaign has become very nasty indeed.

To others in the party, all talk of broadening and modernising the movement sounds like heresy.

Marine Le Pen, in an interview with The Independent in September, distanced herself from the BNP. Her mission is, in a sense, to turn the National Front into a kind of Gallic Ukip

Talking to The Independent after his speech, Mr Gollnisch made no apology for praising Mr Griffin. "We stress the ethnic question less than the BNP but our approaches are otherwise much the same," he said.

"Nick Griffin is a charming man, a courageous man, a very intelligent man. I am a great admirer of Nick Griffin. If Marine Le Pen wishes to distance the Front National from Nick Griffin and the BNP, then that shows the difference between Marine and myself..."

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This will be interesting to watch, the Barking branch is now a shadow of it's self now Barnbrook has gone, will the controlled media try and give Gri££in a boost tonight?

"BNP battle in Barking is not over, warns film-maker
A film-maker who documented the BNP's battle for power in Barking and Dagenham today warned it was trounced but not vanquished in May's election.

Speaking before More4 broadcasts her film, The Battle for Barking, tonight, Laura Fairrie said she hoped politicians would learn from it."

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...