Thursday, August 05, 2010

Ahmadinejad unhurt after motorcade explosion - Mossad ?

[TEHRAN (AFP) – Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was unhurt on Wednesday after an explosive device, officially described as a firecracker, went off near his motorcade.

Ahmadinejad was on his way to a sports arena to make a speech in Hamedan, south of the capital, when the explosion occurred.

Conservative website Khabaronline, the first source to report the incident initially said a hand grenade was thrown at the hardliner's motorcade but later in the day dropped "grenade" in its report and used the word "firecracker" instead.

"This morning a hand grenade exploded next to a vehicle carrying reporters accompanying the president" the website, close to parliament speaker Ali Larijani, said first.

"Ahmadinejad's car was 100 metres (yards) away and he was not hurt," it said, adding that the alleged attacker was detained.

Iran's Mehr news agency quoting witnesses as saying a "hand-made noise bomb exploded a far distance from the president's car."

"Nobody was hurt and several people have been arrested," the agency said.

Click image to see photos of Ahmadinejad's motorcade

Ahmadinejad later delivered his speech and made no reference to the incident.

An official in the president's media office told AFP the explosion was from a "firecracker."

The ISNA and ILNA news agencies also said the blast was caused by a "firecracker," while Fars news agency said a "hand-made grenade" had been thrown at the motorcade.

"After the president's motorcade passed someone threw a hand-made grenade at the vehicles behind it," Fars said.

The agency used the Farsi word "narenjak," which means both a hand grenade of the military sort and a noisy home-made firecracker, the size of a tennis ball, that Iranians set off at festive events such as the New Year fire festival.

"Security agents arrested the person who threw it," Fars said, adding that the incident had "irritated" well-wishers, but not saying if anyone had been hurt.

The incident came only two days after Ahmadinejad repeated his claim that Iran's archfoe Israel wants him dead.

"Stupid Zionists have hired mercenaries to assassinate me," Ahmadinejad said in a televised speech to expatriate Iranians on Monday.

On Tuesday, Iran's foreign ministry spokesman also insisted that the hardliner is on Israel's hit list.

"It is quite evident that the Zionist forces are under state orders to assassinate different figures in the Islamic world," Ramin Mehmanparast told reporters.

"They may dare in their mind to assassinate Islamic world figures as soon as they have access to them and one of the greatest enemies of this regime is Dr Ahmadinejad."

The animosity between Iran and Israel has steadily worsened under the presidency of Ahmadinejad who has infuriated the world powers by dismissing the Holocaust as a "myth."

Israel too has never ruled out a military strike against Iran to stop its nuclear programme. On its part, Iran does not acknowledge Israel.


Anonymous said...

Interesting article in the London Evening Standard, it makes you think how many informants are there in the BNP?

"Scotland Yard paid out £2 million in rewards to informants

There is evidence MI5 shares this view and has redoubled its efforts in recent years to recruit informants,"

Anonymous said...

It is widely acknowledged in the security services that many informants are recruited to gain revenge.
Nick Griffin the man who has stabbed so many good activists in the back should note.

Anonymous said...

Very off the topic but a few things ive noticed over the past few days.
On green sparrows latest story a tale of two cities someone called Andy Minion has made a comment ? the same andy minion who is currenty writing for LUAF while the rat and the rug muncher are away is anyones guess.
Then you have mr baztard over on the old forum with a story about the EDL and going on about his latest letter from nick lowles from searchlight ? WTF

Anonymous said...

just clocked as well my last post about the GA picture of lahore,pakistan & newport,south wales,the 2nd picture is not from newport it was somewhere up north like keighley or rochdale the daily mail ran this story.More lies from the green arrow spies.Griffins stooges are now getting desperate with being hooked on bullshite.

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