Friday, December 18, 2009

Letter from Paul Ballard, Croydon BNP


Our votes will be counted AFTER Griffin has been to Court

The BNP members' EGM has been delayed until the 30/ 31 Jan, i.e. a couple of days after the court hearing on the 28th, so he will not have BNP constitutional backing when he is due to formally surrender to demands for black membership.

Nick Griffin is preparing to commit the party to a change without having resorted to a membership vote, as the party's Constitution requires. How can it be lawful to change the party's Constitution in a way that is UNLAWFUL? Any such unlawful change, if put to a Judge, would be ruled unlawful. That would leave Griffin and the party in a double-fix. Any member or members have the right to challenge a change to the Constitution if implemented in a way that was contrary to the Constitution.

When Griffin attends the EGM he will say something along the following lines: "We couldn't organise the EGM for before the Court hearing due to administrative problems. I had to go to Court on the date fixed for the hearing and I felt obliged to commit the party to accepting this change or face a huge cash fine. Sorry folks, but you are going to have to accept this and vote to support it. You are going to have to back me up. You surely wouldn't leave your leader in an embarrassing situation. Sorry, but it's a done deal....."

In other words he will demand that the membership fall in and support him, otherwise he will appear to be discredited and a liar, as he has already publicly committed the party to irreversible changes in membership policy.

The reason he is pulling this trick is because he feels that while he might get a simple majority (50 per cent plus) for his motion to make the BNP multi-racial, he fears that he might not get the necessary 66 per cent plus of the vote (a so-called "two-thirds majority") which is required for a Constitutional change to be carried. Thus he is relying on a fait accompli to stampede the membership, who have only the vaguest idea of these constitutional requirements.

I was informed that two blacks at the bar in the pub, that Croydon BNP always use for functions in South Croydon, poked their heads round the door and invited themselves into the Croydon BNP meeting on December 16th. One of the blacks said his father was one of the first black policemen in Britain, so I don't think it would be 'paranoid' of me to say this was a State sponsored intrusion.The young chairman did not have presence of mind to stop them, as Nick Griffin has not yet formally complied with the 1976 Race Act . Guest speakers Richard Edmonds and Richard Barnbrook and the rest of the meeting just carried on as if nothing had happened.

I have subsequently heard that there were several other blacks at the bar in the Croydon incident, apparently acting as back-up, so it would appear that a degree of coercion was involved and that the fairly small number of members present felt too intimidated to act. Clearly Griffin's reluctance to make any real attempt to resist the legal action by the Equality Commission is sending all the wrong signals to our adversaries and they regard the lack of resistance to coercion as extreme weakness.

I would be grateful if all recipients forward this message to all useful contacts as soon as possible.


NWN supports this post circulating in opposing Griffins multi-racial plans for the BNP.


Anonymous said...

Since getting on the euro gravy train and getting his 30 pieces of silver griffin has shown nothing but contempt for the party and the members.The whole of the active arm of the BNP is in major fatigue at the moment due to communication breakdown and incompetent people being put into important positions who havent got a clue what there doing.This is now the best time ever for nationalism in our history but griffin and co.plc.seem to have let it slip over the past six months ? why ?

Anonymous said...

Paul i was at the BNP meeting and the facts dont add up with your version of events firstly Richard Edmonds was not at the meeting but richard barnbrook was there was about 5 ethnics in the bar with one white fellow ,the white fellow came in first and sat down for ten minutes ,then he went out and the two ethnics came in and sat down they were at first asked to leave as they were not members ,they said we are not here to start trouble we are just interested and would like to ask a few questions to which they were told in no uncertain terms that if they wanted to ask any questions of richard barnbrook they would have to wait until the end of the meeting which they agreed one of them then went back to the bar the half caste bloke who stayed said that he agreed with the BNP policies no one mentioned anything about being the first black policeman in croydon but one did say he was an ex para ,the meeting went on to its conclusion upon which the members went to the bar in fact 4 of us stayed a few hours drinking and at no time did i see any BNP members being intimidated far from it in fact at the end of the night there were only 3 of us still drinking whilst the ethnics were still in there no words were exchanged ,it did cross my mind that it was a set up after what happened at a BNP meeting in dagenham when the reds filmed blacks being told to fuck off which was put out on the tv i hope ive cleared that up

Anonymous said...

also the main reason i thought it was a set up was they sent the white bloke in first and he was let in i thought they were hoping we would stop them from entering so they could say well how come you let him in and not us

Anonymous said...

also someone asked richard barnbrook about the difference in dates for the court case and the EGM and he said they were going to ask the court for a weeks extension ,

Anonymous said...

Excellent post, well done that man. I've heard that the Negros who attended the Croydon branch meeting were very cocky and saying things along the line of : "You ain't going to kick me out the country."
Now the BNP accounts have been published they show what a sham set up it is, it's run for a minority to have a cosy life and not a lot spent on campaigns etc, (this is also what has been shown in previous accounts as well) Party publication sales are down and the Truth Trunk is not party property as we have been told, (what happened to the money raised for that project?.) Gri££in must be brought to book now?

Anonymous said...

We came a very poor last, last night in a by election Earlswood Ward in Redhill, with a really shit result, what the hell is happening. The electorate must be very confused with the wrong signal being sent out by the party leadership over letting Wogs into the party? If this reflects on the General election and full council elections in May, it isn't looking good?

Anonymous said...

I've just picked this up on the web, Jenny Noble was the National Treasurer at the time, it appears Gri££in may drop that poor lady in it? How many lives has that piece of shit wrecked?

"A spokesperson for the Electoral Commission said that they had “a number of concerns” about the financial statements and the inadequate records referred to in Nick Griffin’s report and have urgently requested more detailed information about the inadequacies from the party’s auditors. The BNP has until 8 January 2010 to reply, after which the Electoral Commission will consider what further action to take.Under the PPERA 2000 the party’s treasurer on 31 December 2008, the last day of the accounting period concerned, commits a criminal offence by not complying with the regulations governing party accounts."

Anonymous said...

"also someone asked richard barnbrook about the difference in dates for the court case and the EGM and he said they were going to ask the court for a weeks extension ,"

I would be very interested to know more about this? Barnbrook is a complete arse, and wouldn't know much about anything, I phoned the Equality Commission on Monday and they told me that the Jan 28th court appearance still stands, if anybody knows to the contrary please add to this post.

Anonymous said...

More members money down the drain and more bullshit from Gri££in!

BNP fined for late accounts
By George Parker

Published: December 18 2009 Financial Times.

The British National party has been fined £1,000 for the late filing of its party accounts.

Nick Griffin, the BNP chairman, said it was "not acceptable to present inadequate accounts" and has promised to improve matters by outsourcing to an independent chartered accountant.

The Electoral Commission said yesterday that it had asked for more detailed accounts and will then decide if it will take any further action.

Anonymous said...

i never heard anyone saying you aint going to kick me out of the country thats rubbish ,

Anonymous said...

There seems to be a few errors with the report of the Croydon meeting. Someone who attended has asked me to post this information.

There weren't two blacks, there was one mixed raced fellow and, as far as I could tell, a white British ex-soldier. I say 'as far as I could tell' because about a third of the lights in the rather run-down function room weren't working and most of those that were were narrow beamed spotlights. I'm fairly certain the ex-soldier guy was white. He certainly sounded native British, but there's a possibility he could have been mixed race of Asian origin - though I don't think he was.

Also I don't remember there being any, let alone 'several', blacks in the bar so there was no coercion. The two individuals, with pints in hand simply peered through the glass door at the meeting for a few moment, and only came in after being beckoned in by one of our members in the audience. Again, because it was so dark, and you could only see the profile of people at the door, she almost certainly didn't realise that one of them was mixed race.

So the long and short of it is - no conspiracy. However it was probably a taster of what's to come when the law forces the change on us.

I think it was also unfair to say '
The young chairman did not have presence of mind to stop them'
. What was he supposed to do? Have them manhandled out of the room? We all know where that would have ended, given our grossly unfair race Acts.

Anonymous said...

"i never heard anyone saying you aint going to kick me out of the country thats rubbish ,"

I heard this direct from a decent, concerned Nationalist that was at the meeting, what's happening to the Croydon branch? They used to be a hard line branch (the only one left in London,) they appear to be a Griffinite pasty branch now. The whole party is going down the drain, those Niggers must of had a good laugh afterwards.I wonder if they are Barnbrook's mates? He wants blacks in the party.

Anonymous said...

The BNP is becoming a right shower of shit, the accounts are submitted late and they still are not finished properly, all this while Gri££in is wasting time in Copenhagen and Brussels. The £1,000 fine is an utter disgrace, hard earned members' money gone to waste. I suppose Gri££in will blame everybody but himself?

NWN Admin said...

So the long and short of it is - no conspiracy. However it was probably a taster of what's to come when the law forces the change on us.


Meh, yes there is a conspiracy and it's Griffin working towards getting non-whites into the BNP.

When will the law force us ?

Griffin will already have forced the BNP- BEFORE - the Government !

Anonymous said...

"There seems to be a few errors with the report of the Croydon meeting."

Just as Paul said they were Niggers at the Croydon branch meeting, end of story, why didn't you ask they to leave, as they were not invited and not members? Griffin must be happy and probably opened a bottle of expensive champagne in his plush hotel room when he heard?

Anonymous said...

Barnbrook was the guest speaker at the Croydon meeting, all this prize pillock went on about was getting activists over to Barking every weekend to put out leaflets for Griffin's campaign, no politics or ideology in his pathetic speech. Barnbrook was a real bore, he can't string a coherent sentence together, I don't know if he is just pissed or stupid, or a combination of both? He does know is arse from his mouth. The BNP is now a joke!

N.B. Paul Ballard said...

Could you add a comment to NW Nationalist in fairness to Richard Edmonds to say that although Richard Barnbrook spoke at the Croydon meeting - I was wrongly informed that Richard Edmonds was at the meeting.


Anonymous said...

BNP members better get used to this. This is what Gri££in has wanted for years and I am just surprised that Richard Edmonds has been sucked into accepting this.

It would have been better to go down fighting than to try and preserve money or a few extra pathetic votes.

Anonymous said...

"Nick Griffin, the BNP chairman, said it was "not acceptable to present inadequate accounts" and has promised to improve matters by outsourcing to an independent chartered accountant."

The "independent chartered accountant" is John Thompson, an Ulsterman who does the books for Jim Dowson. You may recall that Dowson is the man who arranged the BNP "training courses" in Valencia, Spain, last year and also owns the truth truck and the BNP's Belfast call centre, and probably more besides.

Anonymous said...

A race traitors view of the Croydon BNP meeting;

Ethnic Minority Guests at BNP Meeting

Submitted by Editor on Thursday, 17 December 2009Comments (18)

Last night’s meeting of the BNP’s Croydon branch, attracted some ethnic minority pub-goers. The two men were peering through the window, wondering why the large crowd were gathering, upon being spotted, some elderly BNP veterans waved for them to come in and join the meeting.

The two men – one asian; one afro-carribean – enjoyed the talks by Richard Barnbrook AM, and had lots of questions. One being: “how can we get this country back to the way it was?”

The Asian gentleman explained that he was a British army veteran, which was greeted by a warm, respectful applause from the BNP members.

A member present at the meeting, reports:

“He also said he had a mixed race child and he does not like political correctness, they were asked to become members at a later date, i’m not sure if they will. I think they were quite happy to a stumbled apon a BNP meeting, something to talk about with their mates. I think they were very curious and hopefully came away with the knowledge that the BNP are very different as to how they are portrayed in the MSM, on my way out I gave one of them one of my DVD’s, me and my mate make them, it is a newspaper in a DVD format, presenting news that is censored in the MSM, anyway he was happy with that and said he’d watch.

They were made very welcome, who said the BNP can’t be inclusive?”I know some are worried about how they will manage ethnic minority members. The answer is simple, the answer is contained within the BNP’s philosophy towards ethnic minorities; treat them exactly the same as you would any other member, no condescending lovefest and certainly nothing that would constitute bad manners. Common sense stuff.

A very small minority may stop coming to meetings if ethnic minorities attend. I would question how on earth they function in a multi-racial society (you may not like it, but it’s a fact of life for most people living in large cities) if they cannot even bring themselves to sit next to an ethnic minority. Have their careers never once brought them into contact with minority customers or colleagues? If so, did they shun or run from them, rather than engage?

Some have foretold large invasions of meetings by searchlight plants. You can counter this by making all your meetings strictly members only, no card; no entry, regardless of race, ethnicity, etc.

This could all turn out to be academic as the amendments are yet to be ratified by the membership. If you wish to vote on the constitutional amendments then you must attend the Emergency General Meeting on the 30th/31st of January 2010.

Tripehound said...

To the writer who said it isn't a conspiracy. I say it bloody well is a conspiracy.

Have a look what Martin Webster has to say..............


A British National Party member has just forwarded me a bulletin [below] issued by Paul Ballard, a nationalist of some 30 years standing who, ten years ago was a co-defendant with Gri££in in an 'incitement to racial hatred" case in respect of the magazine 'The Rune' which Gri££in edited and Paul published.

The contents of Paul Ballard's bulletin, which I assume he has issued to his circle of friends in the BNP, speak for themselves and are very shocking.

If what Paul says is true then Gri££in is not even pretending to act in accordance with his party's Constitution and is making no effort to hide from BNP members that he feels entitled to cheat them because they are so stupid and/or ignorant and/or gripped by moral cowardice and act in accordance with the 'Animal Farm' maxim "Napoleon is always right! I will work harder!"

Remember the fate of poor Boxer, the 'Animal Farm' cart horse who coined that phrase. The pigs who took control of the farm and only worked for themselves, not for all the animals on the farm, sold him off to the local knackers yard as soon as he had ruined his health giving his all for Napoleon, the top pig.

I note that Gri££in and all his fellow MEPs have voted themselves another "inflation-busting" salary hike. I wonder if any part of this is donated to the BNP. I get nothing but begging bulletins from his office.

On the topic of BNP "accounts", please also see an e-mail I've had in from a former BNP official which I run out underneath Paul Ballard's bulletin.


Martin Webster.

Tripehound said...

Further the info on the BNP Accounts...........


"Anonymous" said...

The BNP 2008 accounts have finally be published by the Electoral Commission. Just a quick run down (full analysts will take a little time -- over to you E.N.Ronn?)

Staff Costs : £327,058
Management & admin : £ 263,074

DEFICIT = £82,642

Nothing for the 2008 'Red, White & Blue' festival ticket sales.

Leaflets sales: Nothing.

'Voice of Freedom' & 'Identity': Sales down from 2007

I can't see where the Truth Truck expenditure is.



Anonymous said...

all those bnp member's who think it is ok to welcome ethnic's at meeting's or member's. you are not true nationalist's.honour your white race.

Anonymous said...

Richard has made a grave error of judgement to support the change in the constitution when the law does not yet exists to preasurise the BNP to alow black brown or chinese in to the party.

I expected better of RE.

keith ,
from the west midlands.

Anonymous said...

sad,but there's still time to change your minds people..if i go on holiday in spain tokyo greece egypt etc idon't want the same culture as where i live.which is what the top three want amongst other various pocket fillers.
just do a bit of research..i did this is our country and our kids and grand kids....don't throw it away for people who really don't give a toss for any off us(current politicians)..
ive done a bit of work on the old internet with an open mind but keep coming back to same answer...
you've got the bbc,itv and most otherchannels in uk putting them in a bad lightg. newspapers and so forth,all guilty off mass ignorance.for want of a better word..if you don't agree with bnp.then please give others a chance to get know them you don't have to be scared of them after all democracy must stand for something,not much these days but,still everybody deserves the right to be heard.after all parliament spoke to, excepted and paid over £500,000.00 to sinn feinn in expenses in the last few year...and they where murdering the very people that are now paying there expenses for parliament and have not been going.
now do the desent thing and give them a break.

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...