Thursday, November 19, 2009

Have you had a look at the Nationalists Online forum ?

Why not come along and read/discuss, all the latest issues from within and without the BNP.

This forum is for radical UK nationalists and has members from all UK nationalist parties and groups, as well as many non-aligned people.


Anonymous said...

Just read this, the latest on Smug Darby's blog. We can see the way the party is opening going now? If If I personally come across Darby, I'm going to give that wanker a good hinding!

"Just spoke to Nick who said the first part of his day in Barking went very well. Just outside the council house, with a huge press pack in attendance, Nick was approached by a jovial West Indian woman who insisted on having her picture taken with him. On walking away she was asked by a BBC reporter, "what do you think of Mr Griffin?" , "I like him" came the response."

Anonymous said...

I've just received the latest November begging letter from HQ, Griffin states in it that he is contesting Thurrock in Essex at the General Election, what the hell is going up there in high command? Varies election targets are named in the letter : "Stoke, Burnley, Bolton." no mention of Barking!

Anonymous said...

I was at tonights Rochdale meeting,We held a show of hands to see if the membership agreed with conference and would welcome non whites into the party. Unfortunatly there was about a 50/50 split. The Leadership of this Party and its state Lacky's will soon achieve its goal and that is to destroy the only credible voice within the White Nationalist movement. To top it up The South African mole Kemp is standing as a Parlimentary candidate somewhere in the Wigan area, im sure the voters will love that. The guest speaker tonight although i believe him to be a good genuine sort did just as others like Richard Edmonds recently did and that is speak in a defeatest language. No court has of yet forced us to change our constitution and if as expected the Tories come to power in May this bill will proberbly NEVER get passed. This Party, with 2 MEP'S, a member of the London assembly, County Councillors and 100+ Borough & Town Councillors is the strongest we have ever been yet we are talking such utter defeatest clap trap. Shame on all those that SHOULD KNOW BETTER!

Anonymous said...

After the last Euro Elections 5 yrs ago there was talk that Griffin wanted to bring non whites into the Party. So high was the strength of opposition feeling to Griffins plan that the then Rochdale Organiser invited Richard Edmonds to speak at the next Rochdale meeting. For this the Organiser was threatened with expulsion and recieved a visit from the then head of Security Warren Bennett. At the Rochdale meeting the one person that stood out like a light in opposition to non whites in the Party was Richard Edmonds, compare the Richard Edmonds of 5 yrs ago to the Richard Edmonds of today and ask, WHAT HAS GONE WRONG?

Anonymous said...

gri££in has got something over on richard edmonds, that's why he has backed down on the non white surprise on a nerges kissing gri££in what white women in the right mind would kiss him?

Any nationalists, patriots and loyalists in London and South East want to shout Booooooooooo?