Saturday, November 14, 2009

Griffin wins - Blacks at last allowed into BNP - HURRAH !

The British National Party's senior members have voted "overwhelmingly" in favour of allowing a party-wide ballot on membership rules.

A change in constitution would bring the BNP in line with the recent Equality Bill, and would allow non-white people to join.

On the first day of the party's annual conference in Wigan, delegates debated whether its membership policy should discriminate on the grounds of race or religion.

The BNP's leader Nick Griffin was present at the "closed for business" debate, at the Legends Bar in Hindley Green.

Members of the public and journalists are barred from the proceedings, which draw to a close on Sunday.

John Walker, a press officer for the party, said on Saturday: "Today we debated the change and how we are going to move forward. More than 300 of the party's voting membership voted overwhelmingly in favour.

"At a later stage it will be put to the entire membership of the party to vote for, or against, the motion."

On Sunday the delegates will discuss 12 policy motions put forward by the various regions the party operates in. Nick Griffin will then close the conference with a keynote speech in the afternoon.

During the conference, a group of up to 50 protesters marched from a nearby pub to the Swan Lane venue. The complex houses both the Body Image Fitness Centre and the Legends Bar.

Demonstrators chanted "Black and white unite and fight" and "Smash the BNP" as they walked towards the venue. The police prevented them marching past the conference building, so they formed a group in a park across the road. Dozens of police officers were on patrol outside the complex and the surrounding roads.


Anonymous said...

Griffin has almost done his job, it has taken 10 years to do it.

We had no option he said.

Then why did he say the same almost 5 years ago ?

He is in the job to destroy nationalism and the BNP.

GWR said...

Black and white unite and fight - Join the BNP !

Anonymous said...

rip bnp gri££in the murder.

Ghost of John Tyndall said...

Leader Nick Griffin said he welcomed the change, which the party had been "moving towards" for years.

Nuff said. Griffin is a traitor !

Anonymous said...

what would the late john tyndall think of what gri££in has done. a insult to the great man's memory.

Anonymous said...

I believe lots of Nationalists in the BNP have been watered down over the last few years. I am not happy with N.G.sucking up to the Zionist state and the decision to open the party to everyone is down to the law. I would respect the views and ideas on how to go forward from Martin Webster and other respected long time Nationalists.

richard chadfield said...

History would appear to be repeating it'self. If I remember correctly under Mr Griffin's Chairmanship the National Front was reduced (after many splits) to a few dispirited units and then the Chairman(as I, as a then N.F organiser remember it) 'walked away' (round about the mid 1980's) hardly to be heard of again until he became Chairman of the BNP. One nationalist party effectivly distroyed. Now a second nationalist party,to my understanding, is on the road to oblivion. Well once may be an innocent tragedy born of inexperience. But twice?
As a nationalist party the BNP is ,in my opinion and of course there is a small chance that I am wrong, dead. It will ,of course, continue ,with ever decreasing effectiveness, to wrap itself in our flag and to mouth nationalist sentiments but this will just be (again in my opinion) to garner votes and money. Yes there will be votes and money. Increasing numbers of our people are looking for hope and are too lazy and too trusting to question the history's of individuals or parties. There are millions of British workers trusting enough to vote for Labour the 'workers party'. There will be plenty of disillusioned ,impoverished, bitter British people looking for an alternative party soon. They wont bother to seriously question if the party they switch to is a real alternative.
I believe that the BNP has been corrupted. Perhaps there are readers who view such a statement as ridiculous. Such readers should consider the history of Labour--the workers party.
For myself I don't think that we need a political party at this moment. I think that we need a pressure/educational group to work within our communities.
Richard Chadfield

Nemesis said...



The traitors within the BNP have finally achieved their goal.

They have taken the Gramsci method of Marxist control to heart ' 'The Long Walk Through Institutions'.

By infiltrating and manoevering their way into power within the BNP, and manipulating officers and members alike, they have gradually taken the BNP across the Rubicon - and straight into the hands of the Establishment.

Lee Barnes, Griffin's atack dog and slavish creep (what Lenin would call a 'Useful Idiot') has greeted the nes of the Voting Members as agreeing to the new membership proposal and vote as marking a 'political revolution.

The man is an abject idiot and a traitor, a member of the 'Inner Enemy' who has sold the BNP and Racial nationalism out in his quest for personal power and influence by siding with the power himself - Griffin.

Griffin has achieved his goal which will result in further money and persoanl aggrandisement and kudos from the Establishment.

It is now time to start discussing the formation of a new party, one that is a genuine nationalist one.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you all fuck off to the nf you bunch of pricks.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

More endless shite being stuffed down the Goys throats!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


NWN Admin said...

Anonymous said...
Why don't you all fuck off to the nf you bunch of pricks.

14 November 2009 22:07
That obnoxious Griffinite from Sheffield Dave Howard was online when this remark was posted.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Gri££in hold the EGM in December, other wise we have to renew our subs to attend a the meeting in January?

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

So there is to be "a party-wide ballot" on membership rules is there?. I am reliably informed that party wide does not necessarily mean 'everyone' who is a member of the party actually has a vote on these most critical of issues. Far from it in fact.

During a phone call tonight with one of my immediate familiars from the agricultural districts, they told me that having been a member of the BNP for a couple of years and having stood in three bloody close run elections for them, if he doesn't get to vote on this, then his membership application to the NF get's posted off simultaneously with his resignation from the BNP.

Both he and I will have a good deal to say about this in the not to distant. If we are not very much mistaken.

Interesting and enlightening is it not, that people who hithertofore have proclaimed themselves to be Nationalists now hurl nazi epithets at anyone who does not wish to toe the party line on this. How does that old saying go? "by their fruits ye shall know them."

Talking of fruits the shit stabber Webster is now pathetically playing the 'I told you so' card. Does he seriously in all honesty think we are all truly that dense?. And he a proven state asset and all should know better.

Richard Chadfield is quite correct in his observations. It is indeed the same person with his circle jerk coterie that scuttled the NF that are now back scuttling the BNP.

Makes yer fink dunnit guv?...

Pip pip

Anonymous said...

It's important now that we flood that EGM, I'm getting a good case together and several of us will address the EGM strongly opposing Griffin's crack pot motion with intelligent well thought our arguments. I should imagine the EGM will be held on either the 16th or 23rd of January? Remember Griffin is back in court on Thursday 28th. I hope he doesn't try and pull a fast one?

Anonymous said...

This is from smug Darby's blog, boys in blue from the local lodge looking after conference, they never ever bloody did for JT!

"No trouble from the police at all who, as of course they should do, just let us get on with our business and kept the tiny number of bedraggled leftists suitability upwind of us.

The motion allowing the Party leadership to modify the constitution at a future EGM was passed after some highly articulate and intelligent contributions. The process means that we are in compliance with the order from London County Court made on October 15th. The EGM will in effect now be held before the end of the year or very early January."

Anonymous said...

BBC interview with Griffin yesterday, I quote : "Once these people are in the party they will be welcomed." He twisted the rest of the interview as usual.

Anonymous said...

richard chadfield Does he mean making members JEW wise hummmm.

Anonymous said...

Expect people who voted against allowing muds to join to be "outed" as "reds" in the coming months.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
richard chadfield Does he mean making members JEW wise hummmm.

15 November 2009 01:31


Chadfield makes no mention of jews. Why are you ?

Anonymous said...

Black & white unite and fight - Join the BNP !

Anonymous said...

Expect 2 things:

Gri££in's attack dogs will be on the offensive to smear and slander opponents to this treacherous scheme.

Expect Gri££in's friends in the media to give him a couple of leg ups in the coming months to secure his place as the alleged saviour of the white race.

Anonymous said...

Just listen to this!!!! It was broadcasted yesterday on BBC Radio 5 live, Griffin interviewed by Rachel Burden, it starts approx 1.40 into the show. Do you welcome a broader spectrum of members into your party? : "Yes I do, it's something we have been debating for years and moving towards."
"to have members of loyal assimilated minorities in the party will help." Will Black Muslim, Black British citizens be welcome? "Yes sure." Is it true that the EHRC forced this on you? "To an extent."

Anonymous said...

Rational debate!!! Smug Darby is in need of a good f**king kicking!!!!

"The decision, taken after what Mr Darby described as a “sensible and rational debate” means that the party is now in compliance with the London County Court order."

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Expect Gri££in's friends in the media to give him a couple of leg ups in the coming months to secure his place as the alleged saviour of the white race.

It is already happening, he has had a leg up on Sky news with favourable coverage about his decision to stand in Barking and Dagenham in the General election.

boltonboy said...

and meanwhile our North West of England MEP, Mr Nicholas Griffin is off to be a parliamentary candidate in Barking, Essex.


Anonymous said...

don't call them illegal immigrants again,call them prospective bnp members!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The latest from the Electoral Commission website, Tanya Lumby has gone, the quickest any top official has stayed in that post, also we have a new Treasurer who I've never heard of, I hope this lad knows what he is letting himself in for? All very strange goings on?

Party officers:

Leader: Mr Nicholas John Griffin

Nominating Officer: Mr Clive Jefferson

Treasurer: Mr Philip Richard Reddall

Anonymous said...

Watch Gri££in on BBC TV, Barnbrook was angry the other week that he had been knocked of his perch in Barking and paid for a large billboard to promote himself and inflate his ego (much to the party's annoyance), the Bi-sexual queen is now shaking hands and smiling with his master. Gri££in has got a lot of favourable coverage on the BBC, ITV and Sky today, his over lords must be very happy with him wrecking Nationalism at yesterday's conference?

Anonymous said...

Griffin has stated on every TV news station today that he will spend the maximum that the law permits on the Barking Parliamentary constituency, that he will personally contest. The maximum is £28,000. Does he expect members to donate all this to the campaign and he takes all the glory? The likelihood of him being election is very, very remote. The Labour party got 13,826 at the last General Election, Barnbrook came third with 4,916 and since then more White people have left the constituency and more Blacks & Asians have moved in.

Anonymous said...

It's odd, in the October BNP begging letter Griffin states that London is finished, but now he wants to stand in a London seat at the next general election, why hasn't any Fleet street journalist picked up on that?

Keine Ruhe said...

Nick Griffin is a useless piece of excrement. The reason he is looking smug all the time now is not because of any political progress for nationalism. He is looking smug because of his personal financial progress. He has achieved his objective. What is his plan now? Just to bugger about being a national joke.

I agree with Richard Chadfield. We don’t need a political party at the moment. We need to plan, and after the election we have an opportunity to put things right without the putting right involving the personal enrichment that Welsh cretin. This should not be too difficult. I, and I suppose many others, have learned a lot over the past five or so years.

Anonymous said...

I think you will find the maximum one candidate can spend on a constituency campaign is approx £9,000. Saying that, there appears to be no limit on spending in a pre-election warm up campaign, as the Tories with Lord Ashcroft's vast wealth are exploiting up and down the country. I bet that large billboard of Dickey Bumbrook in Barking will be replaced in the next few weeks with one of Griffin's fat face? It will be a case of spend, spend, spend!

Anonymous said...

Peter Jarvis from Leicester was the only man with any guts at the conference this weekend, he was the only member to speak up against Gri££in's motion of letting non-Whites join, and the only man in the room to put his hand up to vote against the motion, when the rest of the room full of treacherous cowards voted for it, I salute you Peter!

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting comment by Andrew Gilligan on Daily Telegraph's website :

Nick Griffin for Barking: Has the BNP made a mistake?

Anti-gag said...

I have just seen a BBC film report of Nick Griffin announcing his intention to stand as a candidate in Barking at the next general election; this makes no sense what so ever! Nick griffin is a North West MEP and should be standing in a NW constituency, probably somewhere like Oldham (where he got 16% of the vote in 2001) would be best. If he deserts the region that elected him less than a year ago, that will be seized on by our opponent. They will use it both in the upcoming general election, and at the next European elections, to discredit us in the eyes of the voters.

For the good of the party please think again Mr Griffin.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

Can this be TRUE!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I wonder about Jarvis, he is an arch-Griffinite and stood in the Euro election. I wonder if Jarvis was told by Griffin to be the sole objector at the conference to make it look good. The whole conference was stage-managed from beginning to end. Interestingly Dodgy Dowson and Slippery Kemp didn't attend the weekend.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

Peter Jarvis from Leicester was the only man with any guts at the conference this weekend, he was the only member to speak up against Gri££in's motion of letting non-Whites join, and the only man in the room to put his hand up to vote against the motion, when the rest of the room full of treacherous cowards voted for it, I salute you Peter!"

Well said!

How long before a "new muslim member" blows up a meeting?

Anonymous said...

Just a note of interest how will these types of news items go down with the "new party members"?

Anonymous said...

You may need to take note of these two words which may answer why recent events are happening so fast to the BNP -


Anonymous said...

Griffin the liar stated there were 300 at the conference from this Sky report you can see it was more like about 70. From the white trash, low IQ electorate interviewed in Barking, it appears like Griffin and them deserve each other?

Anonymous said...

Anybody know the name of the knob that runs the BRITISH NATIONALIST blog ?

He is a nice boy tory !

Jack Gregory said...

Martin Wingfield came into nationalism from the Liberal Party, but he left them and joined the NF due to their anti-EEC policies.

Why is Wingfield now getting an excellent wage from the EC ?

The word hypocrite springs to mind.

Anonymous said...


Akinwale Arobieke ‘touched boy’s muscles’, court hears

A MAN has been accused of breaching a ban on him approaching young men and touching their muscles.

Akinwale Arobieke, 48, pleaded not guilty to breaching a Sexual Offences Prevention Order (Sopo) by touching a 16-year-old boy on the leg in Llandudno.

The alleged offence happened in Mostyn Street, on November 4.

Arobieke, formerly of Devonshire Road, Toxteth, firmly denied the single charge of breaching the restraining order.

The Sopo, put in place by Magistrates in Liverpool in February 2008, bans Arobieke from associating with people under 18 or touching their muscles.

Arobieke, who gave his new address as Hornby Road, Walton, was told the case will have to be heard in crown court.

He was remanded in custody and will appear back before magistrates in Llandudno via video link on Thursday.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sickening photo and quote from Ethnic lover ex VoF editor Wingfield on his blog, "Historic Vote" about the conference. This bastard has always wanted Wogs in our party.

The nightwatchman said...

If Peter Jarvis was the only one who voted against Griffins 'blacks in the BNP' policy, that means that Richard Edmonds voted for this traitorous policy !

I thought Edmonds was an hardliner ?

Anonymous said...


This creature Purple Aki is obviously the type of homosexual,who get homosexuals a bad press image,we have seen this buzz nut in the paper before,and this fellah put the ank in crank,he obviously has a penchant for well developed young boys,so when he see,s one he likes the look of,he approaches them,and starts touching up thier muscles,I dont know what this palooka looks like,but it must be pretty distressing for the people concerned,when some complete moron just walks up and starts weighing you up like your a prize turkey for christmas.This man obviously needs a good shrink to sit down with him,and explain what an almighty embarassment he is to this city of ours,that nobody wants him here,and could he possibly relocate to somewhere like a remote region of the antarctic,and basically spend the rest of his life there cringeing at the thought of what he did.And as for giving the address Hornby road,Liverpool,thats Walton prison by the way,and thats right were he,s off after sentence,for the numpteenth time.

Anonymous said...

Although this abandonment of the core belief of Nationalism by the BNP is supposed to appease Student Grant types, it is unlikely to succeed. Like Pavlov's dog the eternal student has been too thoroughly brainwashed, and will continue to scream 'NAZI!', 'FASCIST!' & 'RACISM!', neglecting to change the stuck record over something as trivial as a fundamental U-turn.

Smiffy said...

According to Wingfield

"One of the best speeches came from Richard Edmonds - someone who I would describe as a 'hardliner' - he succinctly summed up the situation we face and the road we must take."

So much for Richard Edmonds then.

GWR said...

Smiffy said...
According to Wingfield

"One of the best speeches came from Richard Edmonds - someone who I would describe as a 'hardliner' - he succinctly summed up the situation we face and the road we must take."

So much for Richard Edmonds then.

18 November 2009 11:03


Yes Edmonds has been trying to stop opposition to Griffins multi-racial madness within the movement.

John Tyndall will be turning in his grave if he had one.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know the score with this Mirror on Sunday rag story??

Anonymous said...

I have seen the picture of the delegates at the BNP weekend conference and something struck me as odd! and ?,why are the all smiling while they hold up their voting cards like Cheshire cats,or is it they are the turkeys voting for Christmas.
All traitors.
John Tyndalls BNP is now dead.

keith axon

Anonymous said...

Re the Mirror story - the ex- employee who the party hierarchy believe leaked the second list is Kate Hunt, Jim Dowson's Belfast call centre manager.

But shhhh! It's all being hushed up. No one must criticise Dodgy Dowson, his staff or his methods ... or else!

Anonymous said...

black former tv cook rusty lee has joined the bnp. as a treat for gri££in & co. she is going to cook curried goat with rice & pea's she has asked gri££in to rename the party.

the british negro party.

Anonymous said...

The plot thickens?

Cops find laptop with 13,000 BNP members names on it

By Tom McTague 15/11/2009 Sunday Mirror

Third leak rocks hate party

Blundering BNP bosses lost a laptop with the names of all 13,000 party members.
A former employee at the BNP HQ and call centre in Northern Ireland was owed unpaid wages and she claims hard-up bosses gave her the computer in lieu of payment, forgetting that it held the entire membership list.

After realising the laptop had gone, they called the police and claimed the woman had stolen the laptop. She was arrested and later released, but police held on to the computer.

Now officials fear a backlash from the party's secretive supporters. The security breach will embarrass the anti-immigration party, which has twice before seen the names of its members leaked.

In November 2008 a leak led to an exsupporter having his car firebombed. A source said the party was dreading what might happen next. He said: "The stuff on the laptop was highly sensitive and private, so of course we're worried."

A BNP spokesman said: "The contractors who operate our call centre have reported a former employee to the police for the theft of confidential information under the Data Protection Act."

Anonymous said...

The Equality Bill that Griffin keeps going on about "that we can't fight against this legislation", is one of these Bills, it may never become law, so why can't we battle against the Equality Commission in court in January?

'The Queen set out the Government's agenda with 13 Bills and two draft Bills - but the programme now has limited time as there are only 33 legislative days left in the Lords until the last date for a general election which is June 2010.'

'The Conservatives will play a significant role determining how much of the legislation becomes law. Bills that have not yet been reached the statute books by the time an election is called will only pass if there is agreement between the parties, in a process known as "washup".'

Any nationalists, patriots and loyalists in London and South East want to shout Booooooooooo?