Sunday, November 22, 2009

Griffin speaks in Madrid - gets attacked by Spanish nationalists!

28 arrests at Spanish event attended by BNP's Griffin
(AFP) – 3 hours ago

MADRID — Spanish police Saturday detained 28 members of a far-right party who tried to disrupt an event held by a rival far-right group attended by British National Party leader Nick Griffin at a Madrid hotel.

The detained are all members of Spain's far-right Patriotic Socialist Movement and they were arrested after they attacked doormen at the hotel who were trying to prevent them from entering, a police spokesman said.

Four people were lightly injured in the scuffle but did not require medical care, he added.

The National Democracy Party which staged the event said it had requested police protection because of fears that far-left groups might try to disrupt it as has happened in the past.

It was not immediately clear why members of the Patriotic Socialist Movement tried to disrupt the event, which featured in addition to Griffin, the leader of Italian far-right party Forza Nuova, Roberto Fiore, and National Democracy leader Manuel Canduela.

In June Griffin and another BNP member won seats in the European Parliament elections, a first for the party which advocates the voluntary repatriation of immigrants. It has no seats in the national parliament.
NWN: It takes Spanish nationalists to see what he is up to ?


Anonymous said...

Good !

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha !

GWR said...

We need to wait and see why this attack occured before we make any definite statement.

Having said that, I happen to know that many Spanish nationalists know what Griffin is up to.They hate him.

This weekend is the biggest in the Spanish nationalist calender - it is the Franco/Jose Antonio memorial rallies in Madrid and elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Two Griffinites Jimmy Burns and Allan Payne from Manchester go to these fascist rallies every year and have done for more than a decade.

Hypocrites,numbsculls or traitors ?

Anonymous said...

Griffins security is so that white nationalists in the UK don't kick the shit out of him.

They are not there to protect him from muslims, although I think he will have cause to rue attacking a religion.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Burns what a cnut.

His boozing is legendary. The Spanish chant Yimmy,Yimmy !

He has never been to any nationalist rallies due to him being so drunk - and he has been going to Madrid for over 12 years for the fascist rallies.

He and Payney only go for the booze ! They are both alky's and Griffinites without intelligence.

So both typical Griffinites !

Anonymous said...

made my day that has !


Can some-one clarify the situation ,regarding wether these assailants were RIGHT OR LEFT?the article reads like nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Evidently some internal problems with the Nationlalist movement over in Spain, as there is in France. I don't know anything thing about the Patriotic Socialist Movement but I hope they gave Gri££in a good kicking, he deserves it. Reynolds couldn't go as they couldn't fit the fat bastard in the aeroplane and the airline refused to take him as excess baggage.

Anonymous said...

wonder if the problems in Spain's nationalist movement stem from some party's selling out to Zionism and others staying faithful to true Racial Nationalist ideology? This appears to be a common thread. Scum like Griffin sell out at the drop of a hat ( and a enormous E.U salary) and then want to emulate main stream politicians, while other more decent Nationalists want to identify the true core of the White Races problems and not go off on idiotic tangents and theories.

Simon ‘Demolition’ Darby said...

Gri££in's security are there to protect his fat arse from other nationalists? We've known that for ages!

At the last couple of RWB's security were briefed on what BNP members and ex-members to watch out for and keep out, I know this because I was there. Take a fucking hint Gri££in you money-grabbing crook and snivel off back under your rock.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they wanted their money back off Roberto Fiore.

His comrade Luciano Petrone was involved in a multi-million euro robbery in Marbella Spain some years ago.

Most was neve recovered while a penniless young Fiore came into the money with which he set up his empire of property and charities.

Of course, I may be making a lot out of a coincidence.

Anonymous said...

Griffin is a clown and his appearance on QT made that obvious. A money grubbing clown but politically a clown. He's never going to forge a real party for us. But the publicity he likes getting is not in itself doing us huge harm. I'm sure the BNP will come to be seen as a bit of joke rather than the 'threat' we keep hearing about. You can't pretend forever.

Anonymous said...

Seems it's true, these Spanish nationalists are opposed to pro-zionist Griffin.

Anonymous said...

How dare Griffin criticise Spanish Nationalists (Patriotic Socialist Movement) who celebrate General Franco, how can these decent Racial Nationalists be aligned with the pro-Zionist EDL, who utter nonsense! If the Democracia Naciona are trying to model themselves on Griffin's BNP ( pro-Israel, multi-racial civic nationalism)) they are making a very grave error!!! Please read idiotic article on BNP website.

Anonymous said...

The EDL is pro-zionist.

Griffin is pro-zionist.

This group that attacked are anti-zionist.

GWR said...

Instead of gallivanting and getting his face in the trough in Madrid he should have been in his Constituency where many poor souls of Cockermouth and Workington are flooded out of their homes.

You can bet some Insurance Companies are refusing to pay out or dragging their feet over paymenst to clients.

Anonymous said...

why is that fat crook gri££in nothelping out the poor victim.s?

after all it is surposed to be his constituency. maybe he is afraid he may have to spend money to help them.

where is clive jefferson? he is from that neck of the wood's & martin wingfield ? maybe he is tucked up in his cosy mansion.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why the hell are the BNP harping on about 60% of under 50's in London are ethnics sounds more like December 2010 BNP membership list

Anonymous said...

I was in court yesterday, Adrian is doing a fantastic job putting their case forward, two of the three Law Lords appeared hostile though.

"Two men have started appeals against the UK's first convictions for inciting racial hatred via a foreign website.

Simon Sheppard, 51, was sentenced to four years and 10 months, and Stephen Whittle, 42, to two years and four months at Leeds Crown Court in July."

Ex-AC 2003-2008 said...

A thought......Griffin is a very well paid MEP for the North West (England) Euro region. The North West Region, in particular Cumbria has been in the news for the past 10 days because of the weather and the collapse of bridges and the chaos left after flooding.

You might have expected Griffin to be working on behalf of his NW constituents, well I would expect why is this porcine tossp0t swanning it around Europe instead of rolling up his sleeves and helping clean up in western Cumbria.

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...