Monday, March 05, 2018

R.A.P. - Rochdale Alternative Press  - a communist front !

In recent years, a number of people have availed themselves of the now defunct Rochdale Alternative press (RAP) files copies stored in the Rochdale reference library. RAP was sold by newsagents in Rochdale in the 1970's and 1980's in particular. Of late, people like the former MP for Rochdale Simon Danczuk drew heavily on copies of RAP for his book, that 'revealed' the paedophile sexual antics of another former MP for Rochdale; Sir Cyril Smith.

We here agree at NWN with what RAP published back then in the 1970's about Cyril Smith MP. 

But to make 'saints' of this communist rag, which is what RAP was. Is just not on.

It's owners were David Bartlett and John Walker  - both were then members of the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB). 

They used RAP as a centralised focus for various extreme left wing groups especially the CPGB but also such as the Socialist Workers party (SWP) and the International Marxist Group (IMG). Both then were two thug Trotskyist groups that used to cause riots in the UK. They also supported the Anti-Nazi League (ANAL), another communist front group then run 'behind the scenes' by their ((( SWP steering committee))) . Check them out !

Even worse was their support for the IRA !

Above, we have an old poster that RAP published, and  which was 'fly postered' all around Manchester and other North West towns in the early 1980's. Their address is clearly shown on there, and which was/is  the law .

Mayhem was breaking out in Northern Ireland during the IRA hunger strike. RAP were trying to 'fan the flames' here on the mainland. 

RAP actually 'shot themselves in the foot' in openly supporting the IRA. Rochdale National Front quickly got copies of this IRA poster, and copied it to leaflets that were delivered to all the newsagents in Rochdale. Many of them then refused to sell RAP again. Rochdale NF then used to regularly attract over 100 at branch meetings. It's largest gathering was over 300 in 1981.

The last we heard of David Bartlett is, he is living the 'capitalist' dream of a middle class retirement after having posh jobs at places like the running of Rochdale college/Hopwood Hall college, Rochdale. He now lives down in the posh south of England.

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