Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Lord John Kilclooney


Former Cabinet Minister in NI Government; former MEP; and former MP at Westminster
Armagh City, United Kingdom 

Shocked at the confirmation in the Commons this evening by the Shadow NI Secretary that (1) he wants terrorists to get pensions for any injuries they received as a result of their illegal activities and (2) that he supports the proposal that NI should have a trade barrier with GB


Anonymous said...

Welcome Home Jihadis!

After a humiliating defeat in Syria and Iraq, thousands of European jihadis are set to return home. Western governments seem set to roll out the red-carpet for them as if they were heroes rather than turncoats.

The UK has launched an integration program, Operation Constrain, for its homecoming jihadis to provide them with assistance in finding a job and living a "normal" life.


Anonymous said...

Sweden Under Pressure to Adopt Islamic National Flag.


Anonymous said...

Men, Not Immigrants': Sweden Rules Out Mapping Rapists' Ethnicity.


Anonymous said...

Germany's homeless population explodes as refugee policy backfires .


Anonymous said...

The Second Hijacking of America.
In 1913 the World Zionists, also known as the Babylonian Talmudists stationed in the City of London, were able to buy, bribe, and manipulate the US Congress to pass the Federal Reserve Act.


Anonymous said...

‘The predator species’

Takfirism is largely influenced by Wahhabism, the radical ideology dominating Saudi Arabia and freely preached by Saudi clerics. Followers of the extremely intolerant ideology invoke “decrees” by Saudi clerics that declare people of other faiths and beliefs as “infidels” and rule that they should be killed.


General Adolf Galland - WW2 Luftwaffe commander and one of the first to fly the ME262 jet fighter We in the UK were lied to by our govern...