Monday, June 05, 2017

Police shoot 3 terrorists dead in London - will these armed officers face prosecutions in 30 years time ?

Because that is what is already going on with ex- soldiers and the Royal Ulster Constabulary GC right now in Northern Ireland. For example, people like Dennis Hutchings, a man of almost 80 years of age is due soon to appear in court in Belfast for an incident that occured in 1972 when he was a serving soldier in the Province. He has previously appeared in court in NI. The last time he appeared, the judge threw out the most serious charge. But the IRA's lawyer Barra McGrory, who is in current charge of the DPP in Northern Ireland re-imposed that serious charge.

Is this fear of possible future prosecution at the back of the minds of the brave men and women who must take the fight to these terrorists and need to open fire ? Will they be afraid of opening fire or even returning fire ? Will they hesitate ? Politicians of both Labour & Conservative have allowed and encouraged this sad state of affairs to develop and carry on.


Anonymous said...

Did the BBC cut 'Allah' and 'Koran' references from an interview with a nursery boss after 'three Asian girls' stabbed her female staff member?

Karrien Stevens, who runs the nursery, said staff member was stabbed
She told reporters that the woman, named only as Katie, was attacked from behind by the trio chanting 'Allah' and slashed with a Stanley knife
But in her BBC interview the references to Allah appear to have been taken out
The quote does appear in the online written version of the story
Police are treating the attack as a hate crime and not terror related.

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Sweden's Multicultural Apartheid.

Anonymous said...

Facebook removes video claiming connection between terrorism and Islam.

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Are Jihadists Taking over Europe?

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