Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Sara Rowbotham gives Tony Lloyd her "100% support"

Date published: 29 May 2017

Sara Rowbotham, who was played by Maxine Peake in the BBC drama Three Girls, has given her unequivocal backing to Tony Lloyd, the Labour Party candidate in the forthcoming general election.

Sara, who played an instrumental role in getting abused girls’ voices heard by persistently reporting cases of child abuse as a sexual health worker, says Mr Lloyd has her "100% support".


Sara told Rochdale Online: "Tony Lloyd has my 100% support as Labour's candidate for Rochdale.

"He has lots of experience and ability and will make a first class MP for the town. Tony is just what Rochdale needs.

"During his time as Greater Manchester's Interim Mayor he worked very closely with lots of community organisations. He is well known throughout town. Tony will work with everyone to build what is best about Rochdale and its people.

Moreover, he is the Labour candidate with the right policies to take Rochdale forward. We need more jobs for young people, improvements to our hospitals and better care for the elderly.

"Tony will fight the disastrous Tory cuts to our local schools which will mean bigger class sizes and teachers facing the sack.

"Tony will be the strong and experienced voice Rochdale needs right now."

Mr Lloyd, who as Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner ordered a wide-ranging inquiry into the issue of child sexual exploitation chaired by Ann Coffey, the chairwoman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on For Runaway and Missing Children and Adults, said he is "really pleased" to have Sara's support.


Mr Lloyd added: "Sara is an outstanding individual who has fought tirelessly to protect vulnerable children.

"Sara thinks only of others and works hard on behalf of people who need support and a voice. That's why she's a proud member of the Labour Party and local councillor."

NWN: So according to the BBC's series 'THREE GIRLS'on the Rochdale Pakistani grooming gang. This Sara Rowbotham fought for years for the victims of these people. But now, she publically supports a party, the Labour party, that would flood the UK with even more of the same type of people that committed the rapes to underage girls that she supposedly fought against ! She is totally bonkers !


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