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Camp of the Saints foreshadowing the migration crisis

 The Camp of Saints or Le Camp des Saints, by French author Jean Raspail (who is still living and is an avid traveler himself) is an apocalyptic, dystopian novel about uncontrolled Third World migration to Europe causing the downfall of Western Civilization published in 1973. It is currently a bestseller in France across a few Western countries. Written some 42 years ago, The Camp of Saints' alarmist story paints a picture of France and Europe that Raspail saw as being permanently transformed by new, diverse but different and unique cultures from the Global South ie the Third World. In this case, the new immigrants do not assimilate into mainstream French culture and society. Perhaps Raspail foresaw the current migration crisis in Mediterranean, Africa and Italy. Or perhaps he was loudly expressing his fears and anxiety of a then monoculture France and Europe (Greco-Roman culture) being transformed into a non European multiethnic region brought on by globalization, historical human migration, climate change and international economy.

Author Jean Raspail on Camp of the Saints and immigration

TV Program Ce Soir ou Jamais with English Subtitles 2011

At the time Raspail penned his novel, the world was being introduced to the free market capitalism and neoliberalism pushed by Milton Freedman, Leo Strauss, the Chicago Boys and IMF and World Bank as the cure all for failing economies and financial prosperity. It caused many people to migrate out of frustration from rural areas to cities in their home countries. Overtime, people risked life and limbs to migrate to the North. The world was changing in the early 1970s in terms of technology and economic concepts. Forty years later Raspail is witnessing what he envisioned in his novel on a growing scale. It is no longer an overwhelming thought for him. Having been interviewed by the French media throughout the years, his views haven't changed with the passing of time. Raspail's visions has became a gospel for the more conservative and anti-immigrant organizations ie PEGIDA or supporters of the Front Nationale. Both organizations' screams and fears of uncontrolled immigration to Europe has overtaken Raspail's dystopian warnings. He fears for the future as it relates to immigration in Western countries.
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Instrumentalizing Warfare - GEOPOLITICS - Weapons of Mass Migration - kla tv

(This explains a lot of what Nationalist's have always known)


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The UN Plans To Implement Universal Biometric Identification For All Of Humanity By 2030.


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'Q.—"Are you suggesting, Mister President, that you won't hesitate to open fire on defenseless women and children?"
A.—"I expected that question. No, of course we won't hesitate. We'll shoot without giving it a second thought. In this high-minded racial war, all the rage these days, nonviolence is the weapon of the masses. Violence is all the attacked minority has to fight back with. Yes, we'll defend ourselves. And yes, we'll use violence." '

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Why So Much Jewish Fear And Loathing Of Donald Trump?


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As often noted here, mainstream Jewish political attitudes and behavior in the US, from the far Left to the neoconservative right, has always been directed at lessening the demographic, political, and cultural power of White America. This is exemplified by the successful campaign to enact the 1965 immigration law and, even more significant, the continued support for high levels of immigration by the entire organized Jewish community.

There are two main reasons for this: a concern that a homogeneous White America could ultimately rise up against Jews, as occurred in Hitler’s Germany (see here for discussion of a recent American example involving economist Bryan Caplan); and historic antipathy toward Christian Europeans, an outgroup seen exclusively in the context of the Jewish preoccupation with anti-Semitism.

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'Here's the Deal' That Too Many Still Refuse to Deal With.


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Meet Bibi’s New Tribulation-Courting, Jew-Converting, Demon-Exorcising American Allies.


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Cyprus: Chaos As Migrants Protest At RAF Base

Groups of refugees who want to leave RAF Dhekelia are seen demonstrating in apparent anger at the conditions there.


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19 year old girl in German city becomes victim of refugee rape gang, 4th attack this month alone.


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White Americans dying at startling rate from addiction, suicide: Study.


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Police drop charges against student diversity officer, 28, who was accused of tweeting #killallwhitemen

Bahar Mustafa was due to appear at Bromley Magistrates' Court tomorrow
28-year-old was charged with sending an offensive message on Twitter
Critics found alleged tweet after she told white men not to attend a meeting
Crown Prosecution Service letter said there was not enough evidence

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3302260/Police-drop-charges-against-student-28-diversity-officer-accused-tweeting-killallwhitemen.html#ixzz3qTokFyT5

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Charges dropped against university diversity officer accused of tweeting 'kill all white men'

Bahar Mustafa - who was set to appear in court on Thursday - will remain in post despite two petitions to have her removed, one of which gained 21,000 signatures

'I am confident the Lord is at work here': Mike Pompeo says 'it's possible' Trump is on a mission from God to save Isr...