Sunday, July 19, 2015

John Tyndall Died 10 Years Ago Today


Ten years ago – on 19th July 2005 – John Tyndall, editor of Spearhead, founder of the British National Party and chairman of the National Front during its most successful era, died at his home in Hove aged 71.
With hindsight we can see that the last chance of rescuing the BNP died with John Tyndall.  The tragedy of the BNP’s multiple splits and factional bitterness has recently been replayed as tawdry farce, with the former girlfriend of one of the party’s drug-dealing leaders giving sordid revelations to ‘anti-fascists’ about cocaine abuse and fraud at the BNP’s national headquarters.
Let us instead remember the BNP built up by John Tyndall, which for a brief moment promised to arrest our nation’s decline into decadence, multiculturalism and alien domination.
John Tyndall’s memory stands as a beacon of hope for nationalists, long after those who seized control of his party have passed into tragicomic irrelevance.

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Anonymous said...

If there is cocaine and fraud at BNP HQ, then it should be exposed.
A pity it has to be exposed by so called anti fascist sources and not from upright BNP members, but better it is exposed rather than hidden.
If it is not true, then legal action must be considered.
It is not good enough just to claim that the so called anti fascists tell lies.
The BNP must show to its members and then the public that it is untrue...or...clean up!

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