Wednesday, July 15, 2015

16-year-old Rochdale boy assaulted in unprovoked attack by large gang of 'Asians'

(Get out of our country say gang of Pakistanis -NWN)

Nathan Booth, 16, was punched in the face on Saturday (11 July) night in an unprovoked assault.

Nathan was out with his friends close to Rochdale Canal on Dicken Green Lane just after 11pm, when they were approached by a group of around 15 Asian boys.

It is understood that the boys approached Nathan and his friends telling them to “move” and added “you’re in our country”.

Nathan’s mum Tammy said: “An argument then broke out between the boys and Nathan and my son stood to the side of one of his friends. Then these two other boys came out from nowhere and got involved.”

It is understood that Nathan was then asked what was in his bag and instead of responding Nathan turned away. He was then punched in the face.

“He was only out for about five minutes and this happened. He has been left with a big black eye. I am worried that this will knock his confidence now,” added Tammy.

The offender is described as an Asian boy, around 16, 5’9, slim build and at the time was wearing a full grey tracksuit.

Police confirmed that they were called at 11:20pm and are investigating the incident as an assault.

Tammy said: “People need to know what happened because this was unprovoked and to say things like ‘we’re in their country’ is just wrong. There is no need for it.”


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Brave woman who dares to shatter a toxic taboo: British Pakistanis are THIRTEEN times more likely to have disabled children because of marriage among relatives

Baroness Flather, Britain's first Asian woman peer speaks out
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Suggests steps like education and awareness-raising campaigns
Couples proposing first-cousin marriage could undergo genetic screening

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78,000 non-Europeans with EU citizenship employed in Britain in 2004
By 2015 Oxford University figures show number has risen to 264,000
Increasing flow could become a back door to Britain, say MigrationWatch

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A 99-year-old woman with dementia was immersed in a scalding bath by a care assistant at a Lancashire care home, a jury was told

Meghadeven and Indranee Pumbien and their employee Niphawan Berry, all from Preston, deny mistreating eight residents at the Briarwood Rest Home.

The Pumbiens are also accused of perverting the course of justice and Ms Berry of grievous bodily harm.

Briarwood, which closed in Lostock Hall last year, was renamed by new owners.

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Doctors fear rickets resurgence. (So it's not down to import's then?)

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Jonjo Highton death: Four admit 'mass attack' offences.

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