Tuesday, February 25, 2014

British troops moving back into Germany

British Army unit to move back to Minden

In 2009 officers and Soldiers from 28 Engineer Regiment based in Hameln paraded through their home town to commemorate their return from an operational tour of Afghanistan
In 2009 officers and Soldiers from 28 Engineer Regiment based in Hameln paraded through their home town to commemorate their return from an operational tour of Afghanistan
British troops are moving back to Minden some 20 years after they were last stationed in the town, it can be reported. It had been announced under the British Army reorganisation and rebasing plans that 28 Engineer Regiment, currently based in Hameln, would disband with one of its squadrons moving back to the UK in 2014.
However, the infrastructure at the future location in the UK for 23 Amphibious Engineer Troop will not be completed in a similar timescale as the disbandment of 28 Engr Regt.
The preferred location in the UK is Halton near Lancaster, and 23 Amphibious Engineer Troop will be part of 75 Engineer Regiment based in the North West.
It has been decided, with the agreement of the German authorities, that 23 Amphibious Engineer Troop will stay in Germany until their UK base is ready to receive them.
The unit consists of up to 57 soldiers, plus five locally employed civilians, and will move from Hameln to Minden to share facilities with a German Army unit which is also equipped with the M3 rig (bridge).
This is the Schweres Pionier Batallion 130 (sPiBtl130), who are based in the Herzog von Braunschweig Kaserne in Minden.
It is planned that the British engineers will work in those barracks for a three year period.
Minden, which has about 83,000 inhabitants in the north-east of North Rhine-Westphalia, extends along both sides of the River Weser.
British soldiers were last based in Minden in Kingsley Barracks two decades ago.
The move will bring with it a great number of benefits in terms of sharing expertise and facilities with their German counterparts.
It is planned that British Reservists will periodically come to Minden to be trained by 23 Amphibious Engineer Troop.
23 Amphibious Engineer Troop military staff will be housed in Bielefeld where there is a sizeable British military community.
It is planned that the first elements of 23 Amphibious Engineer Troop will be in place in Minden by May 1.
It still remains the plan to hand back the Hameln estate to the German authorities by the end of 2014.
TA troop 412 Amph Engr Tp RE(V) will also move from Hameln to Minden. Current strength of this TA troop is 40.
"23 Amphibious Engineer Troop personnel will greatly miss the close relations that have been shown for many years by the people of Hameln, but are looking forward to making new acquaintances in Minden," an Army spokesperson said.

NWN: What's going on here? Is this in response to what is/has been going on in the Ukraine?


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