Sunday, February 16, 2014

Another of our sporting heroes leaves us -  RIP Sir Tom Finney

The last of the 'old time greats' has now gone. Tom Finney was even better than Sir Stan Matthews according to my old Dad. Finney was moved from Englands right wing to the left wing. Why? Well because Tom Finney was just as deadly with his left foot. He could also play centre forward. Stan Matthews was purely a right foot player.

That's not to say my old Dad didn't rate Stan Matthews. It's just that in those days we had Stan Matthews on one wing and Tom Finney on the other. Probably the two most devastating wingers ever to lace up football boots. They used to rip apart ANY defence. They were the 'wizards of dribble'. Players today cannot beat a player. Finney and Matthews certainly could.

When England's 'Lion of Vienna' Nat Lofthouse first played for England, he was  told "just get into the middle. Those two will find you". And they did.

They could cross the old leather ball from the touchlines into the 6 yard box, and make sure the lace was facing the other way for the center forwards header, so they didn't hurt their foreheads with the laces of the leather balls.

This writer never saw Tom Finney play. He did see Stan Matthews, but when Matthews was in his 'twilight years'.

These players played when England was a great country, and  before all the foreign influx had started. When England was a great team. And kids used to play football non-stop in the street. Now they waste their time on computer games and get 'brainwashed' by the multi=culti mass media.

Players like Finney used to entertain our people and provide excellent role models. Todays footballers are mostly foreign, who behave appallingly.


GWR said...

"Tom Finney could wear an overcoat and carpet slippers and he'd still be the best player on the field." -Bill Shankly

Anonymous said...

The media knobs are now playing the Homo tune. Before we know it girlies will be playing in the same team.

Anonymous said...

Israel has full access to intelligence collected by US: Analyst.“In my opinion, this arrangement apparently implemented by (former US President) George Herbert Walker Bush, is a massive act of treason and betrayal to the people of the United States,” Fetzer commented.

Anonymous said...

United Kingdom is seen as an emblem of free speech and political freedoms. However, its laws do not reflect this as a recent government listing reminds us that being a republican can attract imprisonment.

Anonymous said...

Mr Cameron’s allegiance to the European Union (which is total and unshakeable) automatically makes him the enemy of the Union of England and Scotland.

The EU’s purpose is to abolish the remaining great nation states, carving them up into ‘regions’ that will increasingly deal direct with the EU’s central government in Brussels.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

As famous a double act as Stan & Ollie.

Stan & Tom!

Anonymous said...

A racist killer has had a human rights claim for taxpayers’ cash rejected.

Musclebound bully Imran “Baldy” Shahid, who tortured and murdered schoolboy Kriss Donald with his gang, claimed that being kept apart from other prisoners for five years infringed his human rights.

But three appeal judges rejected his bid for £6,000 compensation, and said the prison authorities had been justified because of threats to his safety.

Last February, after Shahid, 37, was returned to the mainstream prison population, he was brutally battered in an ambush in Kilmarnock jail's gym, the Daily Record reports.

Shahid was convicted of the racially motivated murder of Kriss, 15, from Pollokshields, Glasgow, in 2006 and jailed for life with a minimum term of 25 years.

He was segregated between October 2005, while he was on remand, and August 2010.

His claim was originally rejected by judge Lord Malcolm in 2011. And the appeal judges yesterday upheld that decision.

Lord Drummond Young, who heard the appeal with Lord Menzies and Lord Wheatley, said: “The simple fact is continuing threats to his personal safety were made. In those circumstances there was no alternative to segregation.”

At least three intelligence reports warned inmates had threatened harm to any of Kriss’s murderers.

Lord Drummond Young said: “There was very general ill feeling against him on account of the brutal nature of the murder of which he had been convicted.

“It should be emphasised that the threats to him were serious and the information about them was based on intelligence that was, generally speaking, reliable.”

The appeal judges heard that Shahid was not in total isolation and had access to phones and was entitled to visits. Reviews of his case were also carried out.

In the attack at Kilmarnock jail, Shahid suffered a fractured jaw and cheekbone and shattered teeth when he had a 15kg weight smashed over his skull.

Doctors said only his muscular build, which he developed while behind bars, had saved him from death.

Shahid has been told that because of a change in the law, he will not be able to claim criminal injuries compensation.

Anonymous said...


Jamaicans lead Caribbean calls for Britain to pay slavery reparations

Caribbean slave descendants, some of whose ancestors worked for David Cameron's distant family, are calling for an apology and billions of pounds in reparations

Anonymous said...


Money madness! Football fans slam Wayne Rooney's new £300k Manchester United contract

FOOTBALL fans have branded Wayne Rooney’s £300,000-a-week new contract at Manchester United as “madness”.

wayne rooney, manchester united, football, pay, new, contract, fans, madness, twitter,BIG BUCKS: Wayne Rooney now earns £300,000 a week

The Old Trafford star will cement his place as the highest paid player in the Premier League when he agrees a £70.2million five-year deal.

But fans took to Twitter yesterday to vent their fury and poke fun at him.

“What on earth will the Rooneys spend £300,000 a week on? There’s not enough tat in the world”

Tom Naylor raged: “No need in Rooney’s new wages, too much money in the game.”

While Toby Brennan said: “A new contract at united worth £291,000 a week! Madness.”

And others were quick to mock the striker, 28.Scott Grifiths wrote: “How is Wayne Rooney expected to live on £300k a week?”

Ian Wiles said: “What on earth will the Rooneys spend £300,000 a week on? There’s not enough tat in the world.”

Phil Phillips added: “I was getting worried that he wasn’t able to survive on £250K a week.”

Anonymous said...

Israeli ex-officer leads Ukraine protests: Reports.

Anonymous said...

Canada grants new identity, passport to Mossad assassin.

Anonymous said...

Why You Should Trash Your TV and Other Devices.

Anonymous said...

Jews ruined Russia, says politician from Putin’s party

Legislator says ‘You destroyed our country’ in 1917 and 1991′; colleagues call for his expulsion

Read more: Jews ruined Russia, says politician from Putin's party | The Times of Israel

Anonymous said...

The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution
and Russia's Early Soviet Regime

Assessing the Grim Legacy of Soviet Communism.

Anonymous said...

National Money Or International Jew?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

FDR: The Father of Korean & Vietnam Wars.

Anonymous said...

Another of our sporting heroes leaves us - RIP Sir Tom Finney.

We are talking about a man who kicked a ball around, Get real your values are up side down.

Anonymous said...

Greece diplomats linked to anti-landmine charity fraud scandal.

Anonymous said...

Well it keeps the shit for brains white working class pacified.
Give them bread & circuses & shield them from the realities of the outside world.

GWR said...

Sport is very important in it's proper place.

Oswald Mosley favoured sport and was a leading sword fencer for the England fencing team

John Tyndall also favoured sport and he mentions that in his book THE ELEVENTH HOUR. JT used to play cricket for Kent juniors.

Theresa May left university with a 2nd class degree in Geography and was immediately given an important job at the Bank of England. Go...