Tuesday, December 24, 2013

 1914 - The Christmas truce in the trenches


Anonymous said...

Upon my resignation as Party Chairman I informed the Party Treasurer, the only other legally registered position, to ensure that my successor is appointed in accordance with the party's constitution.
The National Directorate appointed Kevin Bryan as the Party Chairman despite his ineligibility, and thus his appointment was unconstitutional; please see “The Ineligibility of Kevin Bryan” for the full facts.
Signing the RP4 form to make Kevin Bryan the legally registered party chairman would have meant I was complicit in an unconstitutional appointment, which is why this has not been undertaken.

Having been contacted by various branch organisers about the issues within the party, including the unconstitutional appointment of Kevin Bryan, the relevant processes were initiated which resulted in a demand for an EGM in accordance with Section 8 of the constitution.
The party leadership were duly informed and after 7 days without any acknowledgement, as legally registered chairman of the party, I had no choice but to call the EGM.

On Saturday 7th December 2013 the EGM was held, and the following motion was passed unanimously:
For the term of up to 36 months, after which the current constitution will be implemented with the exception of motions passed by simple majority vote of all attendees at any AGM or EGM held during this term, the following will be implemented:

i. The Constitution to be suspended with the exception of Annexe 1
ii. The appointment of Ian Edward as Chairman and Steve Rowland as Deputy Chairman.
iii. Complete executive control of the party, without limitation other than Annexe 1 of the constitution must be adhered to, will be given to the Party Chairman.

This unanimously passed motion has given me the authority to effectively deal with the current issues that face the party.
For those who do not recognise the motions passed at the EGM, or the EGM itself, should be under no illusion that I am fully prepared to defend the validity of the EGM and the motions passed in a Court of Law.

The party, under the direction of Tom Holmes and then myself, was moving forward, forming a solid foundation from which we could build a strong and successful political movement within British politics.
Recently, mainly new members have taken it upon themselves to turn the party into what looks to be a racialist version of the EDL.
Whilst this will make the party look active and may quickly attract some new members, it will hinder long term growth of the National Front and is on a long road to nowhere as this is exactly where the establishment want us to be, on demonstrations and marches.
We must not play into our opponent’s hands which will leave us far too vulnerable for media and state interference who project an image not acceptable to a British electorate desperate for hope for the future.

I kindly ask those who have been attempting to change the party's direction to resign their membership.

Ian Edward.

NWN Admin said...

Kevin Bryan is as thick as pig shit.

Why and who is pushing for him to be NF leader ?

In the 1980's we had people like Joe Nylan promoted to NW Regional Organiser.

Joe was an honest nationalist but he was promoted way above his skills.

To put a numbskull like O Bryan as head of the NF poses rather a lot of questions.

I have known Chris Jackson for about 20 years.

Can I trust him ?

Errm, NO !

Why hasn't Richard Edmonds placed his cards on the table ?

Nationalism is at a crossroads.

The current 'leaders' are just bloody idiots.

Jackson has rather a lot of questions to answer. IMHO Jackson is suffering from some mental illness. He actually hates all people.Who ever he is with he tells them he is their only friend.

This writer will never 'suffer' Chris Jackson again.

Ken Henderson should rue the day he ever met Jackson with his tiny village of Todmorden mentality.

I recall an Advisory meeting held in Dudley, West Midlands circa 1998.

Jackson was sat next to me and John Tyndall said " Who is that chap sat next to you Pete ?"

Jackson could have crawled out the door.

How I wish he had !

Anonymous said...

If your ever stuck for a real organiser you have one in Todmorden a blast from the past I give you an ex NF NW Regional Organiser now lead singer with local band the Caldercats action man Wes who can be contacted at Todmorden Unitarian Church.
Not for the faint hearted.

Anonymous said...

Ian Edward States "We must not play into our opponent’s hands which will leave us far too vulnerable for media and state interference who project an image not acceptable to a British electorate desperate for hope for the future"

I Say....
Has anyone explained to Ian Edward the Zionist media will never give up attacking Nationalist movements what ever change's he make's try educating members to our cause in order to increase numbers rather than asking them to resign.

Anonymous said...

Morrison is pushing for Bryan to be leader, so he can be manipulated. There is a group within the Front, made up of 'ex' CPGB members and state assets. Their intention is to show nationalism in as bad a light as possible. The intake of new members in the NW has been comprised mainly of drug users and deviants. We need a sophisticated and intelligent nationalism based on our core principles, not a load of cocaine addicts looking for a fight.

Anonymous said...

NWNF is an utter disgrace. Have you seen the 'official' Facebook page? Full of swearing & obscenity, and from the admin. All they do is slander other nationalists. Run by vermin like Leary & Shearer. Would this be allowed under a decent Chairman, like JT?? JT's famous article on EM was spot on. He now is doing the same - drawing all the scum of the movement into the Front.

Anonymous said...

Kate Watmough's gastric band for Chairperson NOW

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Anonymous said...


Obama sends wishes to those celebrating Kwanzaa.


Anonymous said...


Six-fingered man who types at 100 words a minute wants secretary job in UK

Check out all the latest News, Sport & Celeb gossip at Mirror.co.uk http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/six-fingered-man-who-types-100-2962703#ixzz2odUFFo1P

Anonymous said...

Feds charge white man with hate crime in first ‘knockout’ prosecution.


Anonymous said...

“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East.


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Anonymous said...

Church of England Supports Marks & Spencer Sharia Checkouts But Not Christians Refusing To Serve Halal.


Anonymous said...

Blackpool is home to about 800 sex offenders, proportionately more than anywhere else in the country, according to local police. Det Insp Tony Baxter says they come to prey on children and runaways – who often flee to Blackpool – knowing they can hide in cheap B&Bs, find cash-in-hand work and melt into the crowds during busy periods.


NWN Admin said...

Bryan is itching to get his anti muslim banner out yet again.

The banner attacks the brother of Jimmy Lambert.Jimmy lamberts brother is Ken Kelly's best mate and who is Bryans mate.

Colin Lamberts brother is Kevin O Bryans 'mate' Jimmy Lambert.

The Lamberts are both labour Party.

Another Lambert, james junior, is also allowed to attend BNP/NF meetings by the idiot Kevin Bryan.

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Anonymous said...

"Tolerance & Apathy are the final virtues of a dying society."


Anonymous said...

Muslims Kill Christians, Bottle Their Blood, And Sell It For $100,000 A Piece To Saudis - See more at:


Anonymous said...

Walt Disney's War With Hollywood's Jews.


Anonymous said...

White boys are failing in schools because of immigration, says Labour spokesman as he admits party got the figures badly wrong

Tristram Hunt said that British youngsters must be trained for skilled job
Speaking days before Romanians and Bulgarians given right to work in UK

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2530296/White-boys-failing-schools-immigration-says-Labour-spokesman-admits-party-got-figures-badly-wrong.html#ixzz2onjrG71b

Anonymous said...

It's obvious Bryan is an enemy asset and is working against Nationalism,possibly for Searchlight or the state the idiots who he works with wouldn't be able to spot this because of their low intelligence.Kevin Bryan is wrecking the National Front along with long term state operative Edward Morrison.

Jeff Buckland.

Anonymous said...

'Anonymous said...by Ian Edward'...

The constitution must always be followed to the letter, and usually to the spirit.

To act against the constitution immediately puts you in the wrong.

But, if you fight a pig, even if you are right, you still get covered in pig shit.

One of the essential qualities of a leader is to avoid such fights.

All nationalist groups seem to be led by those who lack essential qualities. Minnows trying to be sharks. A ridiculous clown in full length leather overcoat. Pissing in his pants drunk. One eyed control freak. Dreamers of glory for themselves, not for the party or cause or country.

Anonymous said...

The Coming Chinese Invasion of America.


Anonymous said...

UKIP leader Nigel Farage faces backlash from supporters over Syrian refugees

Check out all the latest News, Sport & Celeb gossip at Mirror.co.uk http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/syrian-conflict-ukip-leader-nigel-2971610#ixzz2ouYTgNYF

Anonymous said...

Do "Furry" People Have Minority Rights?


Anonymous said...


Veil of secrecy judge threw over trial of two Muslim lawyers on trial for perverting the course of justice 'for cultural reasons'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2530893/Reporting-Muslim-lawyers-trial-banned-cultural-reasons-Judges-gagging-order-lifted-appeal-Daily-Mail.html#ixzz2oyX18VIL

Anonymous said...

Putin destroys Russia


Anonymous said...

Roma already in Britain 'are defecating on people's doorsteps' says top Tory council leader as she warns of burden that Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants will place on public services
Philippa Roe of Westminster City Council says council taxpayers will face rising bills from Bulgarian and Romanian immigration
Claims that Roma immigrants have been begging aggressively and behaving in an unsanitary way
Tens of thousands of Eastern Europeans expected in UK from tomorrow
Police boss says Romanians are already most likely to be criminals

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2531793/Roma-Britain-defecating-peoples-doorsteps-says-Tory-council-leader-warns-burden-Romanian-Bulgarian-immigrants-place-public-services.html#ixzz2p5l0M5kN

Anonymous said...

Black lollipop man accused of racism for calling colleague 'King Kong'


Anonymous said...

Why does Kevin Bryan include members of the Griffinite CUNTs group in his sordid organisation?

Jock Shearer and Sid Williamson to name just two.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Watmough is allowed to sell his tat at every NF event they only let him back in the party because he saves them a lot of money on flags and banners as he buys them all for the party free of charge!.Where does Watmough get his money from? He is unemployed,well at least that is what he tells the DHSS.

Mr White88

Anonymous said...

Kevin Bryan also has well known Grass Andy Leary on his team in the north west.Leary Grassed the lads who are currently in jail for the assault on the red vermin in Liverpool city centre back in 2012.

Jeff B.

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...