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2  Long term Jewish opponents of British nationalism having a bad time of it.......................

Denis MacShane Jailed Over Expenses Claims

Denis MacShane gets six months in jail and sarcastically mutters "quelle surprise" as he is led from the dock.

Denis Macshane
Video: MacShane Has Been 'Punished Enough'

Former Labour minister Denis MacShane has been jailed for six months after admitting making £13,000 of bogus expense claims.
The ex-MP previously pleaded guilty to false accounting by filing 19 fake receipts for "research and translation" services from 2005 to 2008.
MacShane, 65, used the money to fund a series of trips to Europe, including one to judge a literary competition in Paris.
His guilty plea followed more than four years of scrutiny into his use of Commons allowances.
Mr Justice Sweeney, sitting at the Old Bailey, stressed that this expenses case was different to others because it was not for "personal profit".
But he added: "The dishonesty involved was considerable and was repeated many times over a period.
"In your case you have no one to blame but yourself."
Flanked by two security officers, MacShane, wearing a dark suit with a blue striped tie and glasses, said "Cheers" as the sentence was delivered, before adding, "Quelle surprise" as he was led from the dock.

Denis MacShane resigned as MP for Rotherham over false expenses claims
MacShane resigned as MP for Rotherham
Sky's Darren McCaffrey, at the court, said MacShane argued with the dock officer before sentencing after being told he could not take his luggage and mobile phone in with him.
MacShane was told he must serve half his sentence in prison and was ordered to pay costs of £1,500 within two months.
Parliamentary authorities began looking at his claims in 2009 when the wider scandal engulfed Westminster, and referred him to Scotland Yard within months.
But the principle of parliamentary privilege meant detectives were not given access to damning correspondence with the standards commissioner in which MacShane detailed how signatures on receipts from the European Policy Institute (EPI) had been faked.
The body was controlled by MacShane and the general manager's signature was not genuine. One message, dated October 2009, said he drew funds from the EPI so he could serve on a book judging panel in Paris.
It was not until after police dropped the case last year that the cross-party Standards Committee published the evidence in a report that recommended an unprecedented 12-month suspension from the House.
MacShane, 65, who served as Europe minister under Tony Blair, resigned as MP for Rotherham last November before the punishment could be imposed.
Police then re-opened their inquiry in the light of the fresh information and he was charged in May - even though the letters are still not thought to be admissible in court.
MacShane is reportedly in a relationship with Vicky Pryce, the ex-wife of former Energy Secretary Chris Huhne.

Macshanes real name is ;  Denis Matyjaszek

And even more good news....................................

Police raid home of Labour Lord as part of historic sex abuse probe and spend two days searching his £600,000 apartment

  • Officers raided the home of Lord Greville Janner of Braunstone, Leicester
  • Leicestershire Police spent two days searching his flat in Barnet
  • Spokesman said no arrests have been made in connection with the raid
  • Neighbour describes seeing police 'coming and going' for days
  • Lawyers for the peer say he is helping police with their inquiries

Police officers spent two days raiding the London home of Lord Greville Janner as part of an on-going probe into historic sex abuse claims
Police officers spent two days raiding the London home of Lord Greville Janner as part of an on-going probe into historic sex abuse claims
Police officers have raided the London home of Labour Lord Greville Janner, as part of an 'on-going criminal investigation' in to historic sex abuse allegations, it has emerged.
Officers from Leicestershire Police spent two days searching the peer's £600,000 apartment in Barnet, north London.
The force refused to give details of what was seized at the 85-year-old's home but confirmed it is part of an on-going probe.
It is understood the investigation is into allegations of historic sex abuse.
A police spokesman said: 'Leicestershire Police can confirm its officers executed a search warrant of a property in Barnet, London as part of an ongoing criminal inquiry.
'No arrests have been made at this stage.'
The former barrister was named Baron Janner of Braunstone, Leicester in 1997.
The peer's lawyers WilmerHale said in a statement, that Lord Janner is helping police officers with their inquiries.
The statement said: 'Lord Janner has not been arrested but has been assisting the police with their inquiries. We are not able to make any further comment at this time.'
Builders working on a renovation next door to Janner’s home saw a number of police cars and officers at the address on Monday and Tuesday.
One said: 'There were police cars here on Monday and Tuesday. They were coming and going all day.
'I don’t know what happened, but they’ve been back since.
'They were here on Tuesday and came back on Wednesday.'
The huge white-fronted property in West Hampstead contains six luxury flats.
Janner was at home on Thursday afternoon but did not answer the door.
A young man, who identified himself as ‘Jameson’, claimed he was the Lord’s personal spiritual healer.
He said: 'The Lord won’t come to the door. He is exhausted with all the stress of dealing with the police.
'He’s old and needs his rest. I don’t want to say any more.'
Leicestershire Police refused to comment on what was seized at Lord Janner's Barnet flat. Officers were seen combing the property on Monday and Tuesday
Leicestershire Police refused to comment on what was seized at Lord Janner's Barnet flat. Officers were seen combing the property on Monday and Tuesday

In 2006 Lord Janner was struck by fellow Lord Bramall, a former head of the Armed Forces, during a furious row over the Lebanon conflict.
Janner, a prominent speaker on Jewish rights who was President of the Board of British Jews, has been hailed for his efforts to see Holocaust victims receive compensation.
In 1955, he married Myra Sheink, born and bred in Australia, who passed away in 1996. He has three children and many grandchildren.
On his official website, Janner says his hobbies include 'autograph collections, glass and other antiquities, swimming, speaking his nine languages and his family.'
It also says he is a member of the Magic Circle and the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

NWN : Christmas has indeed come early ! 
HoHoHo !  

And according to reports another top jew ex Cabinet Minister is going to 'get his collar felt' in the near future for child sex offences.

Seems it's the ex Thatcher Home Secretary who isn't really 'Brittish' ! (Pun intended).


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Why Do Jews Love Democracy? Dr. William Pierce.

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Zionist Rat Dennis MacShane should be getting bum wacked by Xmas day by one of the black import's he help drop on us

Quentin Rump.

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Immortalizing the Myth

Comparing Zionist Apartheid
Israel to Nazi Germany.

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Why does Jackson support Bryan who he clearly hates?

What is Bryans game, and more to the point, what is Chris Jacksons game?

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Not So Happy Christmas For Israeli Stooge Denis MacShane .

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Anyone who was on the EDL march in Rotherham will remember this thieving bastard MacShane in his shite red jumper shouting from behind the police lines with his UAF mates.I hope he’s in the same nick as some of the many EDL lads that have been wrongfully imprisoned.

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It just gets better.

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That filthy warty joo bastard magician, Fraud Grevile Janner of Bumstone, has disappeared up as many boys' arseholes as jooboy Jimmy Savile had - no doubt the the old pervert will be claiming the police raid on his home as another Hadlodabolhoax excelling WW2 joo fairytales - as for Bumstone's racial soul mate, theiving lying cunt Dennis McJooboy, he got of lightly with six months because he committed malfesance in public office, a Common Law crime carrying a maximum sentence of life imprisonment (Reference House of Commons library) - nice and convenient having corrupt joo stooges sitting as judges - the latest parasitical pseudo-royal bastard cuckoo crapped into existance is another freeloading mountback kike burdening more the indigenous English.

Fly On The Wall

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...