Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Gerry Adams -surely a case 
for bringing back the rope ?

This TV programme broadcast last night, throws new evidence of Adams complicit in murders such as Jean McConville.McConville was the single mother of 10 children who was abducted, murdered, and buried in secrecy in Eire.

This writer 'met' Adams on many occasions when Adams was in Compound 6 at the HMP Maze prison just outside Belfast in early 1974. The tall Adams always used to physically attack any British soldier he saw, and there were many of us on duty at HMP Maze at that time.

We had 'fun' with Adams, as we always knew what he would do. So we were always ready for him, and we were dressed in full riot gear ;-) .

Gerry Adams was the Belfast IRA Commander and was in the 'internment section' of Maze prison.During his internment, Ivor Bell took over as Belfast IRA leader until he was also interned. Adams re-took command when released from jail.

The film is to be broadcast on BBC Northern Ireland and RTE on Monday and BBC4 on Tuesday.
It includes a reading of the late Seamus Heaney's poem The Bog Queen, which the Nobel laureate agreed could be used in the programme to remember the plight of the "disappeared".

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