Friday, November 22, 2013

Did Hollywood bigwigs help Israel buy arms in the 1970s and '80s?

Longtime Hollywood film producer Arnon Milchan says they did, in an interview set to air Monday on the Israeli investigative journalism program 'Uvda.'

Arnon Milchan, center, with Robert De Niro and Ilana Dyan on 'Uvda'.
Arnon Milchan, center, with Robert De Niro and Ilana Dayan on 'Uvda.' 

Alon Ron
Hollywood producer, Arnon Milchan in 2003. 
Moti Kimche
Arnon Milchan and Yair Lapid have kept up a close friendship, which includes sing-along nights at the Genki Club in Tel Aviv.  
Hollywood is always on the lookout for blockbuster stories, and this coming Monday it will get the juicy details about how a producer working in Tinseltown since the late 1970s led a double life as an arms dealer and Israeli intelligence operative.

Arnon Milchan, the Israeli producer of such smash hits as "Fight Club," "Pretty Woman," and hundreds of other films, is opening up for the first time ever about his involvement in clandestine deals to acquire arms for Israel and his work to promote the country's alleged nuclear program.

The film tycoon sat down with Israeli investigative journalist Ilana Dayan for the season premiere of her current affairs show "Uvda" ("Fact"), in which he discusses his efforts to engage Hollywood colleagues in his work for Israel's Defense Ministry. Keshet's show is scheduled to air Monday, November 25, on Israel's Channel 2.

This isn’t the first time Milchan's role in Israeli arms dealings and intelligence has surfaced: Just two years ago authors Meir Doron and Joseph Gelman published a book titled “Confidential: The Life of Secret Agent Turned Hollywood Tycoon Arnon Milchan" – which alleged that Milchan was an operative for Israel's Bureau of Scientific Relations. The bureau, headed by spy-masters Benjamin Blumberg and Rafi Eitan, gathered information for secret defense-related programs, including Israel's alleged nuclear program. The bureau was closed after Jonathan Pollard was arrested for spying on behalf of Israel in 1986.

The "Uvda" report does, however, contain some shocking new details about Milchan's work, including claims that other Hollywood bigwigs like the legendary, late director Sydney Pollack and at least one other Academy Award-winning actor, both figured into his work for Israel.
The report reveals that Pollack, who died in 2008, acquired arms and other military equipment for Israel in the 1970s. When asked if Pollack knew about the details of the deals, Milchan tells Dayan, "Pollack knew, but I didn't want to scare him because he's American… He could have said 'no.' He said 'no' many times, but he also said 'yes' many times."

Milchan also tells Dayan that he used at least one big-name actor's star quality to lure U.S. scientist Arthur Biehl – an expert on nuclear weapons and a co-developer of the hydrogen bomb – to a meeting. According to the report, Milchan invited Biehl to the actor's home under the pretense that the actor was seeking scientific advice for a project he was working on.
Milchan said he thought Biehl would cooperate because, "Anyone who lives in California is a 'star-fucker…' They hear 'star'…they come running."

The producer also confides in Dayan that his double-life wasn't always easy to lead, particularly when what he really wanted was to dedicate himself to filmmaking. "In Hollywood they don’t like working with an arms dealer, ideologically," he said. "[They don't like working] with someone who lives off selling machine guns and killing. Instead of someone talking to me about a script, I had to spend half an hour explaining that I'm not an arms dealer..."
Milchan continued, "If people knew how many times I risked my life, back and forth, again and again, for my country. And suddenly, [I have to] defend myself – 'I'm not an arms dealer, I don't sell guns, I don't sell rockets ' I should have been aware of that, of what I'll go through, and said, 'Fuck you.' You know what, I did it for my country and I'm proud of it."

The show also features interviews with Robert De Niro, Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck and other major Hollywood players.

Meanwhile, New Regency films, Milchan's company, is working on four films slated for release in 2013-14, including "Noah," a Darren Aronofsky-directed take on the Biblical flood story starring Russell Crowe, Emma Watson and Anthony Hopkins.


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">> Subject: NF chairman!!!!
>> Hi,
>> After looking at your site and reading an update about the National Front (uk) chairman, do you do any checks when sent in information ?
>> The legal registered (with the electoral commission ) chairman, is Ian Edward, not Kevin Bryan. Mr. Edward is also the legal nomination officer of the NF, the treasurer is Nicholas Walsh.. Mr. Bryan has no legal position."

There seems to be 6 branches also rebelling against the chairman Kevin Bryan, who they claim Ian Edward is still (legal) chairman, not Kevin.

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We don't know much about Ian Edward, except that John Tyndall thought he was OK.

We know quite a lot about Kevin Bryan.

Bryans intellectual limit is a party branch secretary, provided he uses a spellchecker as his writing skills are very poor.

As long as Bryan is 'NF leader' they won't get anywhere.

Nationalism needs intellectuals, not idiots like Kev Bryan.

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NWN Admin said...


@ anon - (probably fatty Bryan)

The reason I don't do anything apart from internet work is due entirely to idiots like Bryan and Jackson who have forbidden me from attending anything for many years.

I/We are not banned by the NF.

I/We are banned by Griffin.

Figure that out !

There will be no posts in support of fatty Bryan on here.

Ask him why he ran off without paying to attend a DAVID IRVING meeting/function AFTER eating the buffet ?

We did not initiate this NF debate on here. Some anonymous posters did, by posting about it on here.

We wish the NF well - but without Bryan and Jackson.

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Perhaps Bryan had no cash it happens when you devote so much time to the cause.If your not banned by the NF get in and do your best.

Kriss Cross.

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Statement Regarding the Hacking Allegations

It has come to our attention that Kevin Bryan has put up statements on the NF Facebook page and the nationalist sentinel blog accusing us of the following:

(1) Hacking the party website (
(2) Removing previous website content
(3) Changing all of the passwords
(4) Changing the hosting company

The only one of the above that is true is (4) - changing the hosting company. The other accusations are, at best, being made due to a lack of understanding of what actually was done or, at worst, outright lies.

Gaining unauthorised access to computer systems, unauthorised removing of content and unauthorised changing of passwords are illegal and should Kevin Bryan believe that this was undertaken by us then he should, of course, contact the police. We will offer the police our full assistance in this matter and once resolved we will point them at the libellous comments being made.

At no time did we, or anyone on our behalf, access any system that we were not authorised to!

The only reason that the website has changed to one promoting the EGM is because the demand for an EGM had been ignored which is an infringement of the constitutional rights of the members. Therefore, in the interests of upholding the membership's constitutional rights, the decision was taken by Ian Edward, as the current Party Chairman registered with the Electoral Commission to call the EGM himself.

Ian Edward, Steve Rowland, Bernadette Jaggers.

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Don't shoot the messenger !

Don't blame us for what is going on here;

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Make your mind up who our opponents realy are and stop looking for the perfect Nationalist you wont find one we all have faults.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps Bryan had no cash it happens when you devote so much time to the cause.If your not banned by the NF get in and do your best.

Kriss Cross.


Bryan had the money, so did his 'friend'.

He thought he was being clever.

Oh goodie, so Fatty Bryan and Jackson will allow me to do something for the NF because you say so ?

Please tell me which NF meetings I can attend ?

Bryan has also offered threats over the internet against the Annual JOHN TYNDALL Remembrance meetings. Posted on VNN.

NWN Admin said...

Anonymous said...

Make your mind up who our opponents realy are and stop looking for the perfect Nationalist you wont find one we all have faults.

23 November 2013 23:50

Then tell fatty Bryan to stop spreading his poison . Seems he is doing the same within the NF.

Some nationalists will never learn, they are not capable.

If the 'NF leader' has low intelligence, then that is all he will attract.

People like Peter SID Williamson are attracted to the likes of Bryan.

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Do you seriously think Bryan is a good leader?

Bryan made this personal, not me.

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Kevin Bryan threatening the JOHN TYNDALL MEMORIAL MEETING that Richard Edmonds had been listed for speaking.

His Covert undercover nuisance tactic (CUNT)friends ( the pro Griffin 'hit squad' who threatened people like 60 year old Eddy Morrison at his door)like 'Bev the red' Kerry the VNN UK moderator who 'pulled' Bryans post.

Another Griffin 'CUNT' friend of Bryan, is John 'Jock' Shearer, who started fighting at the late nationalist Commando Ralph Hebden's funeral by all accounts.

Anonymous said...

Bryan is banned from future DAVID IRVING gatherings.

When you go to them, you know there is a charge for the buffet etc.

You do not turn up for a function knowing there is a charge, and then 'run off without paying'.

Kevin Bryan is a crook like Griffin.

We are glad that NWN has seen through Bryan.

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