Monday, January 28, 2013

The latest on Simon Sheppard

Message from Paul Ballard, 27 Jan. 2013

Simon Sheppard was arrested on Friday 25th January 2013 for 'poor conduct' which constitutes a breach of his licence conditions. He handed copies of his latest article entitled 'Spree Killers' to two workers, a male and his female supervisor, in a local library. They claimed to find his comment on page 5 of 'Heritage and Destiny' paragraph 3 'offensive' and contacted the police. The offending passage states: "What more profound insult can be delivered to a man than for a woman to advertise that she prefers men of an alien race, even one who a century ago would have been regarded as no better than a savage." However, the article had already been seen by police and probation workers who made no objection. The problem is that the authorities are have a hair-trigger sensitivity to race matters for prisoners released on licence and were just looking for an excuse. This also happened previously with Stephen Whittle who went with some people from his bail hostel to the local library and looked at the BNP web site. His 'offence' was noted by the librarians who seem to function as sort of amateur MI5 and reported to the police. He was in breach of his licence and was imprisoned for a further 3 months at Preston prison.

I don’t suppose there will be much publicity.

Paul Ballard

Latest News: (posted 29 Jan. 2013)
Please see the Update on Simon Sheppard's website the The Heretical Press regarding where he expects to be imprisoned. 
I quote: "He is currently waiting in a York police station cell for transport to Hull prison, but is delayed by an extreme snowfall."


Anonymous said...

Paul Ballard said "I don’t suppose there will be much publicity."

What strikes me is that nothing about this story is reported in either VNN UK or Stormfront Britain. Both of them only seem to be parroting what the mainstream newspapers spew up.

Anonymous said...

Pity Simon writes some interesting stuff,hope he gets out soon.

Anonymous said...

Has Simon been sent back to prison?

If so can you publish his detailswhere to write to him?

DMF said...

The last I heard from Paul Ballard there were no details yet regarding the prison they are sending Simon to.
I will post as soon as I learn more.

Anonymous said...

According to the Heretical website, he's waiting to be taken back to Hull prison.

Regarding Stormfront, those simpletons seem to have sommething against Simon Sheppard and Heretical. I used to post Heretical links there which were always deleted immediately. Stormfront is where the dregs of the racially aware community combregate, sad to say.

I advise everyone to buy a copy of Simon's new edition of Tyranny of Ambiguity, which i'm guessing will be ready not long after he's back from the Hull Gulag.

I though 'democracy's' didn't have political prisoners?!

PS The library workers are probably women who enjoy the sense of petty power they get through reporting Sheppard and Whittle!

DMF said...

I see there is a Stormfront thread (in UK Newslinks) and it seems like it is not being deleted.

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