Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Simon Sheppard's new address & relativistic justice

Here is a further announcement by Paul Ballard: 

Libraries are very dangerous places for Simon, as he has had several previous run-ins within their environs. Local Librarians called the police when he showed them his latest article, ‘Spree Killers’, as they claimed the public were ‘threatened’ by it – perhaps it was highly radioactive. The article had already been seen by probation and police service at a MAPPA3 (Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements) York meeting and they did not ‘feel threatened by it’. However, Simon only showed his article to two local librarians for them to assess it, but they denounced him and falsely claimed that he had distributed the article to the public. His probation officer, who had not seen the article, “had no option but to revoke his licence” which I am sure is true, if he wants to keep his job. I have contacted the CILIP (Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals) to ask them for a copy of their code of conduct guidelines and asked if they thought snitching to the police was very professional. I have so far not received a reply and don’t expect one in view of this outrageous behaviour which is worthy of Zimbabwe.

I have now managed to confirm Simon Sheppard’s prison and ‘pad’ (cell) numbers. He has had two prison numbers, but has retained the newer one. He will almost certainly stay in prison until the end of his sentence / licence period on 16th April. It would be good if as many nationalists as possible can write to him to show support :-

Simon Sheppard A8042AA
G Wing
HM Prison Hull
Heedon Road

Race and Nation
Paul Ballard

For further updates see the top of Simon Sheppard's website "The Heretical Press"


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