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Martin Webster email on Zionism

The tide is finally turning against the Zionists
by Martin Webster
Thursday 13th December 2012.

"Shameful cowardice at heart of Tory Govt's relations with Israel" - Peter Oborne, Daily Telegraph

Once again, the Daily Telegraph columnist Peter Oborne sticks his head above the parapet and declares that the Conservative government’s relationship with Israel is driven by “cowardice” and that its refusal to criticise the Zionist state is “shameful”.

How Oborne was allowed to get such an article published in the usually slavishly pro-Zionist ‘Torygraph’ is beyond my ken. But it was certainly a good deed in a naughty world and has quite cheered me up. I run the item out below.

(The last time I looked, at 9.35pm, there were 1,160 comments on the article which only appeared this morning in hard copy. I looked through the first 20 or so. The Zionist organised lynch-mob are well represented, but some quite brave anti-Zionist readers defied them, making some telling points.)

The situation which Oborne describes as obtaining in Tory circles also applies to the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties, although those parties have a greater number of anti-Zionist “mavericks” than the Tories.

The same cannot be said of the United Kingdom Independence Party (Ukip) which, in order to protect itself from accusations of “anti-semitism” expresses at every opportunity the most grovelling and demeaning of pro-Jewish, pro-Israel sentiments.

In 2005 Ukip members of the European Parliament voted in support of a Jewish-contrived resolution which, if enacted into law, would have resulted in British citizens being arrested in Britain by the British Police acting on European Union Arrest Warrants and deported without any recourse to British courts to face trial in whichever EU member state issued the warrant for the ‘crime’ of “Holocaust Denial” which is not a criminal offence in this country! So much of “national independence” under Ukip.

Those who heard the recent BBC Radio 4 profile of Ukip leader Nigel Farage will have noted that Farage’s closest buddy is somebody called Bloom or something of that sort, whose only fault is that he cannot keep pace with Farage in the boozing stakes.

I hope nobody who considers him/her self to be an authentic British Nationalist would dream of casting of vote for the City slicker Farage’s Ukip.

Peter Oborne made a trenchant documentary for Channel 4’s ‘Dispatches’ series about Zionist corruption of ‘our’ parliamentarians and other ‘public’ servants three years ago. I reviewed that documentary for Prof Kevin MacDonald’s ‘The Occidental Observer’ web site

Perhaps our greatest ally in the battle against Zionist-Jewry will be the spiteful nastiness of these people whenever their slightest wish is denied them. Take this latest example: 

Successive post-Communist Polish governments have been noteworthy in their willingness to identify with the USA-Israel world Behemoth. Poland is poor and is in dire need of economic development. 

It is also desperate to achieve an abatement of endless Zionist slander which holds that Poland is co-responsible for “the Holocaust”. After all, Auschwitz was on Polish land, the specious argument goes. The huge losses suffered by Poland in WW2 are only raised by “anti-semites” when Zion’s professional liars drone on about “Polish guilt”. 

But the Polish people, though still poor for the most part, are kind and when they see folk in greater suffering, they try to help. 

Not long ago a Polish group repaired water cisterns in Palestine which were urgently needed by nearly destitute Palestinian villagers because the occupying Israelis had either stolen or poisoned their usual water sources. The Israelis sell back to the Palestinians the water stolen from them at five times the going rate in Jewish areas of ‘Israel’, where many homes have their own swimming pools as well as all the latest water-dependent household gadgets. 

Water denial is one of the tools deployed by the Israelis to drive the Palestinians off their ancestral lands, whereupon at each land-grab the Israeli and the mainly Jewish-owned world media trumpet: “A land without people for a people without land!”. 

Yesterday (Wednesday 12th December) the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz reported on growing tensions in relations between Israel and Poland. 

Poland’s deputy foreign minister refused to meet the Israeli ambassador in Warsaw after Israel’s Civil Administration in the occupied West Bank of Palestine destroyed the water cisterns which had been repaired by a Polish group for use by the Palestinians. 

When summoned to the Foreign Ministry in Warsaw, the Israeli ambassador promised the cisterns will not be destroyed in future “on condition that an official permit is requested from the Israeli government before any work is carried out on them”. 

This condition was rejected by the Poles, who said that they “will not ask Israel’s permission to repair Palestinian infrastructure on Palestinian land”. On top of that expression of intestinal fortitude — which puts Establishment politicians in Britain to shame — the Poles added that they will raise the issue of Israel’s destruction of the cisterns at the next available session of the European Union. 

The destruction of the cisterns was not done to protect the Israeli ‘Water Sales to the Palestinians’ swindle I have mentioned, but as an act of revenge against Poland who, along with most other European nations voted for voted for the recent Palestinian application at the United Nations for recognition as a “non-members observer state”. (The crucial word in that description of status is “state”.) 

Britain, shamefully, was one of the few exceptions to this European consensus by abstaining. 

By destroying the cisterns which the Poles had repaired, the Israelis — with the full backing of the Jewish diaspora — sought not only to punish the Palestinians for having the temerity to seek and obtain international recognition of themselves as a state, but also to demonstrate to those who feel sympathy for the Palestinians that: “The more you try to help them, the more we will add to their suffering. Thus you will be tortured by guilt as they are tortured by thirst, insanitary conditions and disease!” 

What lovely people! It makes me sick with shame to think that representatives of my nation Britain, of which I wish to be proud, are fawning to people who think and act like that. 

I hold the view that the Palestinians have taken every blow that has been meted out to them and have survived to fight back, again and again. They have earned at first the grudging and then the open admiration of an increasing world-wide circle of people who recognise that they too are victims of the Jewish-American Behemoth and that a victory for the Palestinians will be an inspiration for us all. 

For all their spite, for all their vindictive cruelty, for all their corruption and intimidation of ‘our’ political leaders and public servants, Zionist-Jewry is on a slippery slope. The more they thrash around, kick out and scream, the faster they slide. 

I wish all genuine nationalists who look forward to celebrating Christmas, the Winter Solstice, the New Year, a very happy time during the festive season. 

Martin Webster. ========================================================================================
Daily Telegraph – Friday 13th December 2012 

The cowardice at the heart of our relationship with Israel 

The Tories’ shameful reluctance to criticise Tel Aviv is putting any hope of peace at risk 
by Peter Oborne 

 It is impossible to understand the modern Conservative Party without a grasp of the scale and profundity of its links to the state of Israel. The connection dates back at least as far the historic meeting between the great Zionist leader Chaim Weizmann and the Conservative prime minister A J Balfour in 1905, during which Weizmann convinced Balfour of the case for a Jewish national state. 

The warmth forged 107 years ago is today sustained by the Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI). Some 80 per cent of all Tory MPs are members, including most Cabinet ministers. No other lobbying organisation – and certainly not one that acts in the interests of a foreign country – carries as much weight at Westminster. Every year, it takes a significant number of parliamentarians to Israel. Meanwhile, its sponsors play an important role in financing both the Tories nationally, and MPs at the local level. 

There is no doubt that the CFI has exercised a powerful influence over policy. The Conservative politician and historian Robert Rhodes James, writing in the Jerusalem Post in 1995, called it "the largest organisation in Western Europe dedicated to the cause of the people of Israel". Its power has not waned since. On Tuesday, it hosted approximately 100 Tory MPs, including six Cabinet ministers, and a further 40 peers, at a lunch in central London. The speaker was David Cameron, who pronounced himself a "passionate friend" of Israel, making clear (as he has done in the past) that nothing could break that friendship. 

This speech can be seen as part of a pattern. The CFI can call almost at will upon the Prime Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer or Foreign Secretary. The Palestinians enjoy no such access. They would be lucky to get a single Conservative MP in the audience for their events, and perhaps some moribund peer to make an address. There is no such organisation as the Conservative Friends of Palestinians. 

This lack of even-handedness reflects itself in policy. When William Hague denounced Israel's 2006 invasion of Lebanon as "disproportionate", the CFI (as I revealed in a film on the pro-Israeli lobby for Channel 4's Dispatches) complained in person to David Cameron. It obtained a promise that the word would never be used again – one that was kept when Israel bombarded Gaza last month, even though the number of Palestinian deaths vastly exceeded those on the Israeli side. 

As Foreign Secretary, Hague repeated without demur controversial Israeli claims that Hamas started the conflict (there was provocation on both sides, but the critical moment of escalation strikes me as Israel's extra-judicial killing of the Hamas commander Ahmed Jabari). Britain has since bowed to Israeli pressure and refused to back the Palestinian bid for enhanced recognition at the United Nations. Recently, we summoned the Israeli ambassador for a richly deserved rollicking about the settlement programme, but this was part of a joint effort with a large number of other European countries, and has not been followed up. 

To be fair to the Government, Tony Blair was worse, appearing at times to regard the interests of Britain and Israel as identical, and refusing even to call for a ceasefire for some time after the start of the appalling Lebanon war. William Hague and David Cameron have tried to be more robust. Unfortunately, they have largely failed. It is hard to be certain to what extent this reluctance to criticise Tel Aviv is due to the influence of the Israeli lobby in Britain, or fear of offending Israel's international patron, the United States. 

The formal position of the Government is excellent. Britain supports the two-state solution, which has been the basis of all serious peace discussions since the Oslo Accords 20 years ago. The trouble is that ministers refuse to take any concrete steps to bring it about. For example, they condemn the settlements, but only in a half-hearted way (the Prime Minister devoted 64 words to the issue on Tuesday, and almost 300 to the Iranian threat). 

This is cowardice. There are times in personal as well as political life when friendship involves a great deal more than the kind of genial back-slapping with which the Prime Minister treated the Israel lobby on Tuesday. The brutal truth is that Benjamin Netanyahu is leading his country down the path to self-destruction. If he is allowed to go ahead with the latest plans for settlement construction, all hopes of Middle East peace will vanish and die. 

Mark Simmonds, a junior Foreign Office minister, formally acknowledged this in a revealing but unreported Commons debate just a few hours after Tuesday CFI lunch, saying: "I think that the door is beginning to close on the realistic possibility of a two-state solution." William Hague now believes that settlement construction will render it completely impossible within two years at most. 

We will then be left with a greater Israel stretching from the Mediterranean to the Jordan river. Of course, this is a tidier geographical unit than the complicated mess which an attempt to return Israel to its 1967 boundaries would produce. But the Palestinians would suddenly find themselves in a majority. Israel would then face a choice between retaining its democracy, but ceasing to be a Jewish state, or embracing a form of apartheid in which Palestinians were refused basic rights. Judging from the rhetoric emanating from Mr Netanyahu and his unpleasant coalition allies, this is probably the choice today's Israeli leadership would make. 

On Monday night, one former British ambassador to Israel, the Hebrew-speaking Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, made an eloquent speech from which it is important to quote at some length: "I believe passionately that Israel on its present course is embarked on a pathway to assisted suicide. Suicide assisted by the Congress of the United States. The idea that the problem can be solved by walling up the Palestinians in the Middle Eastern equivalent of the Bantustans, which the South African government embarked on in the 1940s, is not only offensive morally, it is deeply out of keeping with everything we know of human history. It will not work, it cannot work, it should not work. And anyone who has a real affection for the Jewish people will want to help them to avoid this looming disaster." 

All leaders of the Conservative Party stand in the line of succession of A J Balfour, who (as foreign secretary in 1917) signed the declaration which recognised the Jews' right to their own homeland. I believe this inheritance gives Mr Cameron a special link to Israel – and a distinct responsibility. It means he is within his rights to spell out to the present Israeli leadership that it is embarking on a dark, ugly and futile course. Given the cowed inertia of President Obama, it is all the more important that the British Prime Minister steps forward. 

I cannot speak for Britain's Jewish community, but I have a strong impression that many of them would be delighted if Mr Cameron spoke out far more strongly than he has done so far. Indeed, it is essential that he should do so. Mr Cameron does not want to go down in history as the man upon whose watch all hope of a two-state solution died, and with it all hope of a secure and peaceful future for the country a Conservative prime minister helped to bring into existence. 

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