Sunday, November 18, 2012

Reportage Us sur la marche des français patriotes contre le fascisme islamique

A look across the Channel at what's happening in France

For anyone who can 'parle vous French' [I can't] the site below is said to be excellent, getting up to 3 million hits a month.

Often with updates on African invasion of France.

Present issue has a good video from Copenhagen, a terrorized Danish couple says they are moving, immigrants ruined the neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

Good for them know wake up Britain!

Anonymous said...

Newlabour was in fact a creation of the CIA and was a 1990s version of the old 1960s 'campaign for democratic socialism', which was proven to have been set up and funded by the CIA This was revealed a number of years ago by the former MI6/CIA operative brian crozier.

Links between the CIA and the 'social democratic wing' of the labour party which would eventually become newlabour.

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