Saturday, November 24, 2012

Communist AFA/IRA thug Dave Hann writes history book ?


Apparently he is dead.

The author Dave Hann died a few years back.

He allegedly co -wrote a book of 'derring- do'  with SEARCHLIGHTs  Steve Tilzey by these champions of the ultra 'hard man' marxist left, and called NO RETREAT.

We at NWN have shown in the past, that both these 'warriors of the marxist class struggle' told ridiculous lies in that book.

Hann got kicked out of AFA for mugging some 'poofter' in Manchester.(Shock, horror gasp!)

He was involved with some leftie academic female shitbag that lectures at Brighton.

Never mind.

But I am sure we have seen his ugly face in the North West.

Which we should have done, bearing in mind these folk were 'fighting the fash' every day of the week.

IIRC he was with old Failsworth,Oldham jewboy/zionist and agent for SEARCHLIGHT Mike Luft, and taking pics of us.

Unless the odds were 10/1 at least, Hann would never have 'stuck the boot in'. Bit like his feminine mate, Steve Tilzey.

Both are/were, violent and paid zionist/ jewish and IRA stooges.

This book has definitely been 'ghost written' by marxist academics, and most probably SEARCHLIGHT/communist zionists. We also strongly suspect that the book NO RETREAT was also 'ghost written' by the same  enemies of this country who wrote this 'pack of lies'.

The above advert is from AMAZON.

'Baldy' Hann is seen here putting the boot in. We wonder just how many 'comrades' were involved here before he bravely stuck in 
the boot ?


Anonymous said...

O 'Shea can't be doing with fishface Tilzey.

NWN Admin said...

Liar and shitbag NF deputy chairman Kevin Bryan has posted here that the Democratic nationalists run by Dr. Jim Lewthwaite have 'slagged' this site off.

This site has a speaker that has spoken with Dr Jim Lewthwaite, and on the same platform for the last few years.

This is no doubt yet another 'pack of lies' from Kevin Bryan.

Fatty Bryan is an inveterate liar.

Just how long are people in the NF going to put up with Bryan ?

The NF deserve all the disdain they get if they support Bryan.

tonydj said...

Hann is dead. His partner finished the book off. See:-

Hann lived in a block of flats in Hulme MANCHSTER (Ledburn Court?) and used the name "Hall"

Anonymous said...

what dos inveterate mean.

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...