Saturday, July 14, 2012


Blackmail attempt on BNP leader Nick Griffin: Man jailed

Nick Griffin  
Nick Griffin's parents and daughter were threatened by Sloan

A businessman who attempted to blackmail BNP leader Nick Griffin and targeted his family has been jailed.

David Sloan, 33, threatened the politician's parents and daughter in an attempt to recover a debt of £44,000.
His now-defunct firm, Romac Press, had produced election leaflets for the BNP, but Mr Griffin refused to pay, saying there were too many errors.

The judge at Carlisle Crown Court sentenced Sloan, of Newtonards, County Down, to two-and-a-half years in jail.

He had denied the charges, but was convicted of two counts of blackmail.

'Loathing and contempt'
Sentencing, Judge Peter Hughes, said Sloan was a man of previous good character, and under stress, but he had set about trying to enforce the debt using improper means.

He said: "Blackmail is a despicable offence, it is rightly regarded with loathing and contempt.

"You went to considerable lengths, travelling to England to target Mr Griffin's daughter.

"You tailgated her in your car from the BNP office in Wigton to Carlisle, it must have been terrifying.
"Your purpose was to scare.
"This has nothing to do with politics, or Mr Griffin's views, it is about the use of blackmail."

NWN: Looks like the state is protecting 'Agent Griffin' here. Nationalists are usually ignored by the police when we make complaints. Bailiffs go around threatening people all the time. But the state are not usually interested, especially when they owe money, as Griffin clearly does here.


Henry said...

Griffin has been well cared for by the Chosen.

He's a much loved Son of the Judeo-nanny State.

His kind have spent 300 years sucking on Esther's tit.

Anonymous said...

Why can't bad things happen to Nick Griffin ?

We would all be better off without him.

Anonymous said...

Within 3 years Britain will be reduced to a candle lit shadow of its former self and the poorest will be cold and starving as ALL of our heavy industry will have been closed down.

From 2013 a new Green Tax will be added to the cost of producing electricity.this tax will rise every year and is ONLY found in Britain.It will make ALL industry that uses lots of electricity progressively ever more expensive and less competitive thus forcing its closure and movement abroad.

When taken with ever higher taxes,immigration levels and prices of food and heat it will create the perfect conditions for massive rioting and civil unreast in Britain.

Griffin and his masters are certain they can win but history proves that an angry mob takes no prisoners and listens only to the rumblings of its own empty bellies!

This is all far from over,trust me!

Anonymous said...

The guy had a very good case as printers across the UK had been screwed by Nick as Eddy Butlers blog so well documented. The BNP is now a liberal-sovereignity party like UKIP. It is irrelevent to the Nationalist struggle but the Jewsmedia will keep the BNP front and central.

Anonymous said...

Griffin has been ripping off BNP members and supporters since he first became BNP leader.

For the first RWB he left a pub landlord from near Clitheroe/Burnley with a £1,000+ bill for unpaid drinks supplied.

He tried to rob Big Geoff and Sharon Pastou from Burnley when Geoff put new central heating system into Griffins Y GRABBIN homestead.

Griffin was not for paying. Geoff had other ideas. This was around 2002.

Joe Owens said...

where has the "stasi police" thread vanished to off of Stormfront?

The SPIES have done it. Your all snitches and Searchlight SPIES!

Anonymous said...

The Jewish question has never been a simple issue. A central tenet of Judaism is a belief that only the Jews are humans, and that all non-Jews are base animals. With this in mind, it becomes clear why adherents of the Jewish religion are fervently internationalist. How could they be otherwise when they are taught that their God has chosen them to rule over the entire Earth, and that the multitude of featherless bipeds which walk the lands, were created with only one purpose; to serve the Chosen people? Judaism does not recognise any nation except the Jewish one; and it has no frontiers. Certainly there is the curious nation of Israel, but in real terms that is a centre of operations for the global Jewish state, not a nation as non-Jews would see it.

The internationalist attitude of Judaism makes the Jews themselves a suspect people. The expressions of superiority and of perpetual victimhood only increase the antipathy which some Jews incite. The constant blathering about the 'holocaust', (even to the point of the mandatory teaching of the non-event to school children), and the legal prohibition in some countries of pointing out contradictions and absurdities in the færy tale, may have cowed some people into submission to Jewish rule, but for others has become a rallying point for the anti-internationalist Resistance. The insistence in elevating the holocaust over the Holomor and the Palestinian genocide is further sickening chutzpah which irks the informed mind.

Against the background of the economic and moral blackmail of the holocaust industry, the crimes of the Jewish state, and the tyranny of international finance, (in its capitalist as well as communist guises), is it surprising that Jews are not trusted? Focusing blame for the evils of the so-called Jews solely on the Khazars, does not take into account the Edomites who took the Talmudic faith to their lands. The Synagogue of Satan predates the Khazar conversion, and we do ourselves no favours by ignoring this fact. It isn't anti-Jewish to fear a people who have a proven track-record of deceit and tyranny, spanning over two millennia; it is a matter of common sense and self-defence.

Anonymous said...

Off Topic but always Topical, here is a little something I wrote


Everywhere around I see new buildings being thrown up , the majority of which I call the new architecture of austerity I mean the architecture of authority , perhaps the 'new old style' come dogma of architecture and design per se

It is true that the architecture of the time reflects the current state
of a culture, a people and the ruling e l i t e and human life and human aspiration in general

and so we are assailed by

the police station looks like the school the school looks like the police station
the housieng office looks like the police station and the housing office looks like
the school and corporate headquarters looks like the school and the prison looks like a school and the school looks like a factory and the town hall looks like maximum security unit of the military and the media headquarters looks like the town hall and the apartment block looks like a prison and so on ad nauseum..

I call it the neo corporate architecture the not so new House Style for Manchester and the UK at large. The local regeneration looks like something out of the old Soviet Eastern Bloc

In all this loving regeneration and building the only relief from the vertical rectangle of grey, is the use of rectangles of bright multi color mainly in schools what is the meaning of this? This kind of thing was used back in the forties and fifties, and the Bauhaus school in Germany. Whilst blue as a light seems to be the colour that one sees across the city , so what is the meaning of that ...a certain acid Blue is used in the Police station atop an apartment block and a car park and upon a football stadium ...

another Red blutopia ?

Anonymous said...

Everywhere then, whilst we are moved (or is it 'nudged')to the rythmn of 'austerity' we see building continue, although this is mostly private corporate money...(or public private partnership/takeover)
and well if its a public buidling probably borrowed / printed money from the Rothschild ''Bank of England''..(known as Fiat Money) that the tax payer as to returned to the bank with Interest in real and hard earned cash

So again, what is the dutopia we see being erected around us in these edifices of erm, banality, mediocrity, concrete austerity...?

Looks I have said it ..

Then we perhaps can think of such word and images as leveling, shutting things down, limiting, controlling (that wold be Agenda 21 created by the lurving UN look it up) , mixing mergeing, oh yes and Centralising how could we forget ...our History (well by its selective use and omission by the ruling elite ha ha ...) any to its repetition...

and so we are being sold slavery as freedom war as peace and humanitarianism as bombing...

Buildings , architecture near devoid of beauty, values, ideals turned away from a Sense of Place, a people and their nature and destiny ...

Thinking about the use of colours in the banal way they have been used as if in their abstract use in an abstract building , with no connection to the genius loci, (spirit of place) they refer to nothing much ,nothing in particular and of any real enduring value or substance...but the multi color are pretty and well they ''function''...

Green is the New RED

I note that the massive long term building especially apartments and the general densification of the city, is not very '''green'' is it, what all that Cement(biggest producer of C02) ... but no matter its Green when they say it is and when it is not... in any event it is to serve Agenda cramming everyone into cities in a box , I mean luxury apartments, has all the advantages of making sure they can control you all the more...(look out for Smart Meters, look it up)

A captured consumer prisoner for the umteenth local corporate communitarian monopoly supermarket

Indeed looking at the half completed school in... it reminds me of a picture by the Italian Artist Piranesi called Carceri, a picture of a huge rotting and abandoned prison interior, well at least his image in comparison to that so called 'super' school has more imagination and feeling...

Is the modern gulag they are building merely imaginary ...

Anonymous said...

Griffin is a small cog on the political machinery. A lightening rod to attract nationalist sentiment amongst the masses and give hope in exchange for £s.

The "Powers That Be", the "Establishment" love Griffin because his small cog plays it's part in the system's machinery - he keeps the status quo: The fearful can donate and think it absolves them of activism. Those with ability are hung out to dry.

Griffin was groomed from an early age to lead nationalism to destruction.

The bigger picture is the system will infiltrate all small parties using the special branch/MI5 connection and the larger parties it controls by making them understand the "question-time-spectrum-of- permissible-beliefs", beyond which THEY MUST NOT PASS, at least if they want a well paid job as a puppet.

What can we say of the population as a whole ? If they deserved nationalism they would have supported it in real terms a long time ago.

Look after your friends and family and speak the truth if they can bear to hear it. Try and stay in touch with those of a like mind for the long haul. Don't underestimate the power of developing a long term network of concerned individuals - what's good for the freemasons/"common purpose" crowd is good for the gander.
Simon Smith

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...