Wednesday, July 18, 2012

John Tyndall gone but never forgotten!


Anonymous said...

If only he were alive today he would be a real thorn in Gri££ins arse.

JT - a true hero of the British people.

Anonymous said...

A terrible loss for us.


Anonymous said...

Yes its 7 years since the death of John Tyndall.

Some people me included thought his death was suspicious.

Anonymous said...


Gri££in was not fit to lace the great mans shoes.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of giving the ant-ira march a plug?
IRA to march in Liverpool this Saturday (21st)
On February 18th, the "Liverpool Irish Republican Flute band" attempted to march through Liverpool.Liverpool Anti-fascists joined them.
Around 200 patriotic men and women from various groups, some Nationalist, some ex servicemen, some loyalist and some angry members of the Liverpool public who just happened to be out shopping in town that day stopped them in their tracks.

There was virtually a riot, as the police attempted to divert the march several times but failed to contain the angry protesters, despite deploying riot squad, horses, dog squad and the notorious Matrix division.

Eventually, Merseyside police had to turn the IRA flute band around and march them back to their smashed up coaches and send them home.

The IRA did not get into Liverpool city centre, they were turned away by us despite the best efforts of Merseyside police.

They vowed to return and Liverpool antifascists, vowed to help them to sort out the next march, ensuring that the "fascists" would not stop them again.

They have arranged a march for this Saturday.
They have been extremely crafty about how they planned it, as they promised.
What they have done, is in conjunction with the trade unions, Liverpool Irish republican flute band have arranged the march and are billing it as an "Anti racist" march.
They are claiming that it is in part, commemorating James Larkin, an old Liverpool communist of Irish descent and plan to start the parade from outside the home were he was born. In Toxteth.

They have orchestrated this march so that they are marching through Toxteth into Liverpool City Centre under the banner of an Anti Rascist March.

We shall stop them nontheless!!!

There will be more of US there this time as well, word has gone around and people are travelling from all over Britain, and on the 12th July, at Southport and other Loyalist parades, thousands of leaflets have been distributed, alerting the loyalists of the IRA plans to march.

Merseyside police are determined that this march will go ahead.
We will stop this march again.

Together we will overwhelm the police and the IRA and Antifascist gimps, trade union traitors, and any local nignogs who latch on to the march from the slums in which they dwell.

Last Febuary was something to be proud of being part of, we stopped the IRA marching through Liverpool despite everything the police threw at us, there was almost a riot.

Dont miss out this time!!! It will be memorable.

Anonymous said...

I was in the Tyndall era BNP, I knew Griff was a con-man from his NF days, a lot of the ire directed against the politically correct post-tyndall BNP tends to be from folk who should've known better than to give this charlatan the time of day.

Gone but not forgotten....

Anonymous said...

A lot of us used to laugh at Tyndall, and we thought he was a dinosaur, we were sucked in by Gri££in, and his modern reformed "Nationalism."

But looking back we were all fell for the Gri££in crap (that was most of us) and we should admit it, I know I did.

Anonymous said...

a great leader, truly missed by racial nationalist, jt's speeches were very uplifting, R.I.P.

Anonymous said...

The IRA want their country back, but their leadership have betrayed them. We British want our country back but our leadership have betrayed us.
We have no quarrel with the Irish.
Our feud is with those who have taken our country (100 years ago) and now rule the world from the "Square mile"


Anonymous said...

How leftist "anti-zionists" are allied with Israel against Syria.

Anonymous said...

A MASSIVE police operation prevented clashes between far right protesters and anti-fascist demonstrators in Liverpool today.

Read More

Anonymous said...

Vienna war memorial yields pro-Nazi and anti-war texts.

Anonymous said...

'The IRA want their country back, but their leadership have betrayed them. We British want our country back but our leadership have betrayed us.
We have no quarrel with the Irish.
Our feud is with those who have taken our country (100 years ago) and now rule the world from the "Square mile"

The IRA KILLED hundreds of English people and thousands of British people.

Go away you scum bag catholic apologist. You are not wanted on any British Nationalist site.

No Surrender !!!

Remember the Mulberry Bush and the Tavern in the Town.


Anonymous said...

Ethnic Social Networks & Wall St.!

Anonymous said...

US culture moulds natural born killers: US scholar

Such killing sprees in the American society are “a result of a toxic mixture of feminism, which belittles men in everything from TV commercials to affirmative action programs, video games which teach them how to kill without remorse, pornography, which makes it impossible to relate to members of the opposite sex, and Jewish comic book superheroes, like X-men, who convey approval for revenge on society by the people it has marginalized.”

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...