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John Bean accuses Nick Griffin of being a spy

Or why Griffin must go.

A Special Guest Article by John Bean

*Read NWN's comments at the end of this essay.

Within the next few weeks the British National Party could well be subject to a winding up order as a growing number of creditors take us to the courts, each one hopefully expecting a slice of the half million pound debt that this party has accrued. One of the numerous printers (often small businesses that were sympathetic to us) who is still owed £49,000 for last May’s election leaflets rightfully draws attention to the fact that not paying a General Election bill after so long a period is against regulations, as is now being confirmed by the Electoral Commission.

In addition to this financial ineptitude at the head of the Party, over the last three years in particular we have seen a series of own goals that have added to the BNP’s fall in popularity. This was again shown in the Barnsley by-election where we had an excellent candidate in Enis Dalton, with no ‘racist’ baggage. In the current political crisis, and at a by-election where the voter so often switches his/her support from a traditional main party, we would have expected her to have done better than 6% of the poll with 1,463 votes, particularly as the UKIP candidate more than doubled Enis’s valiant effort. In the General Election last May the BNP candidate, Ian Sutton gained almost 9% of the poll with 3,307 votes with UKIP then on 1,727 votes.

Why has Nick Griffin allowed all this to happen? Some critics have claimed that his actions have all been centred on self-enrichment. But this has not been consistent by any means. Is it then because he lacks intelligence? Even in 1977 you had to have more than one wit to rub against another to get into Cambridge University, where he studied history and law at Downing College and gained a second-class degree. More up-to-date, the speech he gave to the EU on February 15th (shown on Simon Darby’s blog) demolishing the global warming scam was very effective and well delivered – although it is a pity about the twitching of his left arm which one cynic told me was rather reminiscent of another ‘failed fuehrer’ speaking in Berlin in 1945.


If all his actions have not been motivated by monetary gain (heading a Party which peaked at 14,000 membership he was then entitled to a salary of at least £35,000) and he has obviously not ‘lost his marbles’, then I must now reluctantly give consideration to a view given to me by the late John Tyndall in correspondence and e-mails in 2000-2001.

I had known JT since 1957 and our relationship was often ‘friendly’ - including my family visiting him and his parents at their home - and at other times ‘hostilities’ raged between us, particularly where we disagreed on not only tactics but also JT’s beliefs at various times which had too much sympathy for Europe’s anti-Communist dictators of the 1930s. But even in those ‘hostile’ periods we still had respect for each other, which for me included his honesty, tenacity and courage of his convictions.

It has to be admitted that by 1999 the BNP’s progress had become static. (NWN: John Bean is talking nonsense here. But as Mr. Bean hadn't been involved in nationalism for around 30 years at that time, it was to be expected that he wouldn't know.)
Earlier, John Tyndall had given Nick Griffin a job helping out on the production of Spearhead magazine. Being a younger man with an active mind and a certain persona, and not carrying quite as much political baggage as JT, Griffin attracted enough support from members to be given the Chairmanship of the Party. Understandably, JT opposed this most strongly, as he had founded the party - and pinched the title from me!

As I had let it be known that I had joined the new BNP, for the first time, thinking that with younger people with energy in charge it could better exploit the growing dissatisfaction with the old parties in modern multicultural Britain (and I was also writing occasional articles for Spearhead), Tyndall began to write to me and e-mail me at length on why he considered Griffin was not the correct person to be leading our Party. I will admit that what he said in the sections I produce below could be said to be motivated by his desire to seek revenge upon Griffin, whom he had given a job to while unemployed only to see him take over his position as Party leader. For this reason, although I was concerned with some of the views he expressed, they were mainly views and few facts. It is because of the strange behaviour of Griffin within the past two years in particular, where he has taken so many actions that turned possible small victories into defeats, that I now think it is time for all to see what, according to John Tyndall, has motivated Nick Griffin. Whether JT was right I still do not know.


In May 2001 I wrote to JT explaining why I was backing Griffin, despite a warning from a mutual acquaintance that he could be working for MI5. In a lengthy e-mail reply of May 22nd JT wrote of MI5 agents:

They may be paid or they may not depending on the nature of their work and their perceived motivation. It is well known that the state security services, with MI5 in the forefront, have scouts placed at key situs like, for instance, Cambridge, where young men (and possibly women) are found who are seen to be talented and destined for influential roles in the society of the future. They are befriended so as to ascertain what kind of characters they are, what makes them tick, and what – most importantly - are their personal weaknesses and vulnerable spots: strong sex drives (whether homo or hetero); a liking for drink; ditto for money; big egos and correspondingly big ambition; psychopathic tendencies, including total amorality and lack of scruple; not least, strong ideological motivation (of whatever kind).

In late 1999 in an Internal Discussion Paper No.7 John Tyndall wrote:

With the Combat 18 trouble behind us, it was always certain that a new offensive would be launched by the establishment to disrupt the BNP from the inside. As far back as the early 1990s certain personnel were in place to do this, though their ranks, I have no doubt, have been augmented by more recent recruits. In Defending the Realm (Andre Deutsch 1999), a book about MI5, the authors, Mark Hollingsworth and Nick Fielding, had this to say on page 62:
“More recently, as the National Front declined into a mere rump, the British National Party (BNP) has been seen as more dangerous. By the early 1990s MI5 had successfully recruited or turned several agents inside the BNP…”

Returning to JT’s letter to me of May 22nd, 2001, he wrote:

When at Cambridge in the 1970s, Griffin got himself well-known as ‘Mr National Front’. I know this because a friend of mine in the BNP knew him there. He has told me that G was constantly striking provocative poses, with nazi-fringe gestures, just to get himself attention. From my friend’s description, the picture I have is of a young pup attracted to politics mainly because of the ‘buzz’ it gives him and because of his desire for self-publicity and aggrandisement. I am inclined to think that his choice of the ‘far right’ rather than the ‘far left’ could have been influence by his Tory family background – or simply by the fact that the former would have been more controversial, more ‘shocking’, more attention-grabbing and, not least, somewhere where there was less ‘competition’ from other egotists and attention-seekers. Remember, the NF was big news at the time, and anyone at place like Cambridge with half a brain and a persuasive tongue could quickly win notoriety – something Griffin loves.


Tyndall continued:

I have talked to Griffin at length and on many occasions, and one thing that has stuck out very forcibly has been the manifest lack of any really burning conviction in the ideals of race and nation. He understands our case intellectually and quite possibly embraces it from that standpoint, but I detect no passion in his exposition. I detect, on the other hand, that to him nationalist politics is a hugely enjoyable game.

On this theme, in a letter to me of April 9th 1999 Tyndall wrote:

I have flipped through Spearheads for the past three years during which he (NG) has been doing the editorial and production work. In only a very small number does he actually address himself to real national or world political issues and say anything meaningful on them. G is most at home in ‘house journal’ stuff – matters concerning the promotion and organisation of the BNP. Here he has made some quite useful contributions, but the imbalance betrays a certain mindset. He has never in my presence expressed an opinion about anything beyond internal party matters with any semblance of feeling, let alone passion.

Again returning to Tyndall’s letter of May 22nd 2001, he writes:

Not withstanding his well-known ‘Achilles heel’, (Martin) Webster is a very shrewd observer of the political scene. His main theory about Griffin is this: the establishment knows that as the multi-racial society collapses and other manifestations of globalism provoke more and more public anger, the emergence of some nationalist movement like the BNP is inevitable. The matter therefore becomes one of whether such a movement constitutes genuine opposition or ‘controlled’ opposition. It is obviously the policy of the powers that be that such a movement will be ‘controlled’ opposition. If there is going to be a movement like the BNP, Webster says, far better that it have someone like Griffin at the head of it than another type of person.


In a further e-mail to me Tyndall was of the opinion that the ‘talking up’ of the BNP by the media at that time fitted in with Webster’s view. The ‘talking up’ does not exist now, because the establishment’s objective has been achieved.

Still looking for more substantial evidence that Griffin was working for the establishment I asked JT to give me something more factual. He replied on May 25th:

You ask for concrete proof concerning my theory (and Webster’s) as to where Griffin is coming from and who his backers are. Well of course, John, in the nature of these things proof cannot possibly be available – not at least at this time. Conspirators in politics take care not to leave the evidence lying around. All ideas of political conspiracy have to rest on circumstantial evidence – or at least nearly all. The thing is to add up the facts we know, and then decide if they make sense against the background of ‘official’ explanations. One of these days when I have more time, I will produce something with documentation and detail explaining why I think there is overwhelming evidence that Griffin is being backed by the establishment. Certain things that have happened both before and after his takeover of the BNP permit no other interpretation.

Unfortunately, John Tyndall’s untimely death meant that I was not to see this documentation he referred to. If he were alive today he might say were not the following events circumstantial evidence?

• The Marmite fiasco that won no votes but cost £15K.

• The fake murder plot that he ensured was picked up by the media on the eve of last May’s Polling Day.

• The Buckingham Palace Queen’s Garden Party farce.

• The Question Time programme where Griffin, with numerous heavies, arrived at the Studio like the Godfather entering the Supreme Court but performed more like little boy lost - and looking for a surrogate mummy in the form of Bonny Greer. Of course the programme was a set-up and was an insult to the democracy it claimed to represent. But the point is that Griffin has shown on previous interviews that he had the wit to exploit several opportunities to score. Yet with at least eight million watching about all he managed to interject was that some of the Ku Klux Klan ‘were quite moderate’, and that he was ‘unable to give an opinion’ on whether or not he believed the holocaust took place.

It was this event that first caused me to starting thinking: ‘Was John Tyndall right about Griffin?’

If his case may lack, at present, the final evidence, plenty of evidence exists that Nick Griffin’s growing ineptitude is destroying the Party, of which the failure at Barnsley is one more example. If he does not stand down as Chairman within the next 30 days – by which time the numerous creditors’ court cases will render the Party insolvent - then we should immediately turn the BNP Reform 2011 movement into its active replacement.

NWN: John Bean was one of those that John Tyndall described as "appearing from nowhere" when Griffin hijacked the BNP in 1999.

Bean had disappeared from nationalism from the very early 1970's till 1999-2000. So how Bean can say the BNP were not advancing is nonsense. How would he know, he wasn't involved and hadn't been in nationalism for 30 years. He has been told about this in the past, but still decides to ignore that information today.

Eddy Butler was another who flitted about and supported Griffin in 1999 and remained a strong supporter of Griffin till very recently. Not too clever is Mr Butler it seems !

Both Butler and Bean had no time for John Tyndall, but now after both being 'fooled' for all this time, expect us to laud them and to place them both at the top of the nationalist leaders and hope we will stand on their every word .

NWN's Pete Barker used to argue with John Tyndall about the whether or not Griffin was a 'state agent' fairly regularly.

John Tyndall used to argue that he "didn't think Griffin was state, but did agree that people like Tony Lecomber and Simon Darby were working for the state ".

Pete Barker stuck with his hypothesis since 2001 that; "Nick Griffin was working for the state and there was planning in everything he did. He was working to destroy and decimate the cause of Brtish nationalism". This was as early as 2001.

'NorthWestNationalists' has since 2001 been at the vanguard of opposition to Griffin and his treacherous escapades, and received many threats and ostracism from a few who ought to have known better, in the early days of 2001 and since. It is far easier now to criticise 'Griffin & the Griffinites'.


Anonymous said...

Eddy Butler just wants to finsih the job that Nick Griffin started. To destroy totally the BNP.

Anonymous said...

I picked up on NWN from a forum that was seemingly hijacked by Sharon Ebanks who now supports Eddy Butler.

I still stick with NWN it's blog and forum.

Anonymous said...

Butlers support of Collett is very telling

Anonymous said...

If Gri££in is not a spy he might as well be one, because whether he has wrecked the BNP at the behest of the State or through his own psychopathic ego the results have been the same.

It is pathetic that intellegent men have taken so long to realise what that piece of garbage is a TOTAL FRAUD.

Anonymous said...

got to be the worst syrup ever

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
John Bean, it gives me no pleasure whatsoever to write the following: You couldn't have failed suspecting Gri££in being a long-term Establishment/MI5 plant, at least five years ago, and Gri££in's treachery established beyond all doubt by the time of the 2010 General Election, but it has taken you ten months to openly condemn Gri££in - as one of British nationalism's respected Elders you should've spoken out much earlier, instead of so late in the day.

All the points and issues you raised so late, including Mark Hollingsworth's and Nick Fielding's book `Defending the Realm', Northwest Nationalists, Griffin Watch, Nemesis, others and I, have already written about and been constantly raising - even `Cadmus', a witty saterical writer perceptive nationalist associate, was posting exclusively on Griffin Watch and Northwest Nationalists during 2007, exposes on the sexual perverts and sexual predators Gri££in surrounds himself with.

I was in constant communication with the late Ron Hargrave, of the Isle Of Sheppey, till his health plummeted and he died - for those who've never heard of Ron Hargrave: Ron Hargrave was Oswald Mosley's official accountant, close confidant, a member of the BUF, BUFNS, UM, BM, NF, and close friend of both John Tyndall and Colin Jordan. When Gri££in started challenging Tyndall, Tyndall prophesied to Ron Hargrave that should Gri££in ever lead the BNP Gri££in would deliberately destroy the BNP during the run-up to the General Election the BNP had the greatest chance of making a major breakthrough into Parliament. And after Gri££in won the BNP leadership, with the help of the Scots BNP, and started softening BNP policies, Tyndall started referring to Gri££in as a `Trimmer.'

In the matter of the leaked BNP membership list: though I would happily blame Gri££in for planning the leak, both Gri££in and Sadie Graham did not plan or knew the list was to be leaked. Matt Single was totally to blame. However, Gri££in was ultimately responsible for the leak in that Gri£fin refused to kick Co££et out of the BNP for his attempted seduction of the two under-age girls Co££et lured into his bedroom at the Kimberly Hotel, during the BNP 2006AGM, resulting in the clique of BNP members, now known as the Decemberists, secretly meeting to plan a way of ridding the BNP of the known sexual predator of underage girls, Mark Co££et - only someone leaked the secret meeting, resulting in the mass-expulsion of the Decemberists, who had no intention whatsoever of targeting Gri££in, till after Gri££in expelled them.

Fly On The Wall

6 March 2011 02:58

Anonymous said...

It was the 2006 conference where Collet and Hannam were seen sticking their fingers up at the reds outside the Kimberly. That was the first offence. They were reprimanded for this at a disiplinery meeting, 8th Dec 2006, and given two years in which they had to behave themselves or suffer the consiquences. It was at the 2007 conference, just one year later, when they brought back the young girls to the hotel. I belive Griffin threatened Sadie Graham and others with expulsion if they didn't drop the issue. That lead to the Decemberists attempt to rid the party of Collet and Hannam and Griffins appalling handling of the affair. I have a copy of that first disiplinary document and the presiding were Scott McLean,Kenny Smith, Steve Blake and Nick Cass.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
It was the 2006 conference where Collet and Hannam were seen sticking their fingers up at the reds outside the Kimberly. That was the first offence. They were reprimanded for this at a disiplinery meeting, 8th Dec 2006
Anonymous, I was sure the Co££et kiddy-fiddling incident came first, but if you're right on the sequence of events then I stand corrected.


Fly On The Wall

Anonymous said...

nick griffin, use to go around preston lancs in the 70s playing up against our old comrades, he and the preston barmy army, where helping to cause trouble against our establishment, he is not in the bnp for the good of England he is a traitor, with a few families from preston

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...