Sunday, March 06, 2011

EDL suffer some police brutality !

This video was taken at the EDL rally in Rochdale yesterday.

If you browse through the many vids of the day it is quite clear the Police showed their bias in favour of the immigrants. That isn't news to we British nationalists that have been in the business for a few years.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) are disgraceful in their bias, but after all, they are the 'paid agents of the State'. GMP forever allow immigrants to do as they wish in places like Rochdale. For example; Rochdale Police drive past Asians parked on double yellow lines and pelican zigzags at takeaways on Spotland Road,Halifax Road and Whitworth Road. These are three of the main arterial roads in Rochdale. Never mind on the asian areas around Milkstone Road and Tweedale Street. They don't want to appear racist you see !

However, it will be news to the new people picked up by the EDL who probably thought the Police would be unbiased. Hopefully this might politicise a few in the EDL to join the nationalist ranks.

*** Have a look at the UAF rally chanting Allah u Aqbar;



Anonymous said...

Yes theres a big difference between this video and the last one on this site a bit further down.

The other one seems to show the police leading gangs of thugs around the town centre.

Anonymous said...

Yeh we were there. They even threatened women the police heroes.

Anonymous said...

One strange thing occured to me when griffin won his seat in the european parliament and things started going downhill thereafter in planet BNP.This was June 2009 which was about the same time the EDL done their first trial demo in Birmingham with around 200 turning up which is not a bad number for a first outing.

This must have got the establishment a bit nervous as it came from nowhere and and grew from that day.Soon after the EDL started to grow the BNP started to go in freefall could it be griffin was an agent put in charge to keep an EYE on nationalism and with the EDL springing up from nowhere the state now saw griffin as a failure to keep all nationalism in one basket and so ordered the destruction of the BNP forthwith ?

The interesting facts about it all if the state wanted to nail griffin they could nail him bigtime on the various bank accounts alone and the dubious accounts of party funds yet Tommy Robinson of the EDL has his personal bank accout frozen,is accused of money laudering and constantly arrested by the state on trumped up charges.

Time will tell but the recent destruction of the BNP from within leaves a lot to be desired and it all seems very coincidental that with alll the recent goverment cutbacks that maybe and just maybe MI5 do not have the manpower or resources to monitor both the BNP and the EDL ?

Anonymous said...

The EDL may stand in elections,that would be a disaster, they have freedom to do what they want. They work well as they are, to go down the electoral would chain them to the system, this is what the establishment, in effect taming them.

Anonymous said...

That is why I hate cops. It will all back fire on them though in due course.

I must admit I laughed my head off when they got their arses kicked by the Muslims in Bradford and in London.

Anonymous said...

That girl at the front with the Union Jack around her shouldiers is a hero.

Anonymous said...

If they hadn't had all those pakistanis there then there would only have been 3 white UAF types at their demo !

Anonymous said...

If you really want to piss-off police dog handlers at demonstrations get everyone to turn up with tennis balls and start bouncing them on the ground and catching them in sight of the the police dogs - if any police dog handler threatens you with his mutt start bounching your ball and keep telling the dog "Good boy" - the chances are the dog will get so excited to play with the ball it'll become uncontrollable and could even bite its handler.

Keep up the good work, Northwest Nationalists.

Fly On The Wall

Bred in the bone said...

eurojewcong says muslims and jews are uniting against us.

Anonymous said...

Read somewhere in ancient times small clay pots containing live bees or wasps were used as missiles against the enemy - if it worked then it'll work now.

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...