Wednesday, September 29, 2010

After 'Bernie Winters' wins Labour Party leadership contest.....

Brothers at war: As Ed Miliband uses his maiden speech to declare Iraq invasion was wrong, David can't hide his bitterness

David snipes at Harriet Harman during brother's speech

Defeated Miliband will announce if he'll stay on today
Ed Miliband denies he has betrayed his older brother
Ed drops hint on Davids future: 'I don't think you've heard the last of him'

Ed Miliband today fuelled speculation his brother David will quit frontline politics as the issue continued to overshadow his leadership.
The new Labour leader was forced to deny he had 'betrayed' his brother and stolen his crown this morning as he desperately tried to play down the sibling rivalry.
But he said in one interview: 'I certainly don't think you've heard the last of him. I think he's going to make a big contribution in the future.'

After keeping Ed dangling for days, David must declare by this evening whether he will stand in elections for the shadow cabinet or if he will refuse to work in his brother's top team.
He is expected to reject calls from senior party figures, including former Chancellor Alistair Darling, to stay and keep the New Labour flame alive.

Tense moment: How Channel 4 screened the exchange between Mr Miliband and Miss Harman

Shadow cabinet member Peter Hain today said he believed David Miliband will not seek a post in his brother's team.
Mr Hain said: 'It looks like David is going to decide to do something else. If that is the case it will be sad for him and the party but we've got a strong team. We wish him well and we hope he'll be back at some point.'
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The former foreign secretary left Manchester, where the Labour conference is being held, last night and was said to have switched off his mobile phone.
Mr Miliband’s wife Louise is understood to be deeply upset at his treatment by his brother and the party.

His mother, Marion Kozak, is also said to have been distressed by the fractious tone of the contest.
Simmering tensions between the pair erupted yesterday when David was caught denouncing Ed’s crowd-pleasing attack on the Iraq War in his debut speech as leader.

As 40-year-old Ed attempted to turn the page on New Labour by declaring that a ‘new generation’ had taken over and insisting it had been ‘wrong to take Britain to war’, his brother sat stony-faced in the front row.
David, 45, then turned to the party’s deputy leader Harriet Harman, who was applauding enthusiastically, and sniped: ‘You voted for it, why are you clapping?’
A stunned Miss Harman hit back: ‘I’m clapping because he is the leader, and as you know, I’m supporting him.’
David was later seen shaking his head as Ed complained about the nickname said to have been ascribed to him by some of his brother’s supporters - ‘Forrest Gump’, after the dim-witted and innocent character in the Tom Hanks film.

His remarks, picked up by an ITV News camera, undermined attempts by Labour’s high command to paper over the cracks between the brothers turned leadership rivals.
They appeared to end any prospect of David, who was beaten by the narrowest of margins thanks to the votes of the trades unions, staying on.
Ed Miliband insisted today that David would be 'around in one way or another' even if he steps down from frontline politics.
'I know he will make a big contribution to politics in the future and he will have different ways of doing it, either inside the shadow cabinet or outside the shadow cabinet, but I think that is his decision,' he said.

'He has just been through a leadership contest, and a leadership contest he lost. He has got to decide what he wants to do. It is most important that he makes the right decision for himself and his family and a decision he is comfortable with.'

The new leader denied that he had 'betrayed' his older brother, and insisted David did not feel like that either.

Asked if he felt he had stolen his brother's crown, he said: 'It isn't the way I see it because I think it wasn't me, it was the Labour Party that made its decision.'
Pressure: Ed Miliband with partner Justine Thornton arriving at the conference hall yesterday
New leader: Ed Miliband waves to the conference crowd and then embraces his partner Justine Thornton

He did admit he was worried about how his victory had affected his brother. 'I worry always about the effects of any decisions I make on my family because family comes first.

'But I thought it was the right thing to do to stand in this election because I had a distinctive message. Of course I worry about him and my family but I think it was right to stand.'

He stressed that he had 'absolutely' thought through the implications of his standing on his relationship with David and insisted it was strong enough to survive.

David Miliband and wife Louise Shackelton arrive back in London last night
'The biggest obstacle for me standing in this contest was the relationship with David, because I thought long and hard about it.

'But in the end I concluded that if I had something to say which was distinctive, if I felt I would be the best leader of this party, for me not to stand in those circumstances would actually be an abdication of my responsibility, my responsibility to this party, my responsibility to this country and that is why I stood.

'My love for David is very deep, and his for me is too. It has been a difficult time, obviously, but it will withstand this.'

Mr Miliband also defended his blunt condemnation of the decision to invade Iraq, saying: 'The journey begins with humility about our record.'
He insisted he was not being an 'opportunist' by attacking Labour's record and insisted he wasn't trying to 'deny' his associations with the previous government.
It was vital to 'show we understand the reasons we lost trust and Iraq was one of those reasons. I have got to be honest about that as leader of this party,' he said.
Yesterday, the victorious younger Miliband used his conference speech to reject another of his nicknames, ‘Red Ed’, telling critics: ‘Come off it. Let’s start to have a grown-up debate in this country.’

He attempted to distance himself from his union backers by insisting that he will not back ‘waves of irresponsible strikes’ over cuts to public spending.

But he went out of his way to praise the role of unions in society and made a series of Left-wing policy pledges, apparently designed to persuade his anxious party that it has not picked the wrong brother.

He also admitted Labour had made mistakes on a series of issues, including immigration, civil liberties and the economy.
But it was the section on Iraq that prompted his defeated brother to let his mask slip after days of carefully-scripted calls for unity.
In an apparent reference to Tony Blair, Ed said some people had ‘sincerely believed that the world faced a real threat’.
But he went on: ‘I do believe that we were wrong. Wrong to take Britain to war and we need to be honest about that. Wrong because that war was not a last resort, because we did not build sufficient alliances and because we undermined the United Nations.’

David’s irritation at his brother’s stance on Iraq is just one of a series of policy splits which have opened up between Ed and party grandees. In his speech, the new leader emphasised his belief in civil liberties and distanced himself from New Labour’s tough counter-terror plans.

But that immediately put him at odds with Shadow Home Secretary Alan Johnson, who warned: ‘You do not demonstrate your commitment to civil liberties by failing to protect the most important civil liberty of all; the right to be safe on our streets.’

And while Ed backed Justice Secretary Ken Clarke’s call to spare thousands of prisoners from jail, Shadow Justice Secretary Jack Straw denounced that view as ‘madness’.

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Anonymous said...

How come they are 'leaders' of the Labour Party, aren't they descendents of an illegal immigrant ?

They shouldn't even be in the country.

Anonymous said...

Pink Floyd star in 'antisemitism' row,

Anonymous said...

another zoinist bastard! when will white brititsh peole stop voting for these traitor's?

Anonymous said...

It warms the cockles of one's heart watching two treacherous kike bastards stabbing each other in the back, while each proclaiming deep love and undying loyalty for the other.


Anonymous said...

More likely Griffin has run out of money?

'BNP scraps plans for media office in Stroud following opposition'

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

"Anonymous said...

How come they are 'leaders' of the Labour Party, aren't they descendants of an illegal immigrant ?

They shouldn't even be in the country."

Well, the 1290 edict of expulsion for one thing, says they are indeed here illegally.

And according to the jewish chronicle "The brothers, who grew up in north London, are the sons of the late Marxist theoretician Ralph Miliband, a Belgian-Jewish refugee, and his Polish-born Jewish wife, Marion Kozak."

Pip pip

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... Pink Floyd star in 'antisemitism' row, 29 September 2010 19:21


last year the JC (Jewish Cunts)rag reported the jewish lobby in Britain promised Camoron, they would give his tory gang £40,000,000 for their 2010 election war-chest.

Note, the zero-rated street-walker kike hack Jennifer `Platers Lips' Lipman wrote the predictable article biased against the free-thinking white hero, Roger Waters.

As for Abraham `Sandwich' Fuxman trying to insinuate jews aren't money-mad, next he will be claiming the jews never murdered Christ, and it was Hitler's SS who crucified Him.


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Anonymous said...

All Bernie needs now is a jewish dog called Schnorbitz. ;-)


This problem is the direct result of an insufficient amount of zyclon-b.

Bred in the bone said...

Have any BNP MEPS mentioned this

Anonymous said...

ENGLISHMAN said... This problem is the direct result of an insufficient amount of zyclon-b.

Englishman, you're dead right about the z-b - the rot started setting in when Hitler made the fatal errors of trying to be Mr. Nice Guy by going easy on the zyclon-B, and not having a Public Relations department.


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Anonymous said...

Why I believe the king of the Nazi hunters, Simon Wiesenthal, was a fraud like Lancaster Disunity.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

With the potential break up of the BNP or at least its rapid change into an establishment party with little to differentiate it from the Westminster Partys.
One or two we have heard are making the error of trying to start up new organisations or pressure groups.
This is a DREADFUL mistake! Since Mr. Griffin took over the BNP in 1999, the party, though gaining some electoral success (which seems now to be waning fast), has stumbled from one crisis to another. The Nationalist scene in Britain is littered with good Nationalists who have been wrongly and unethically ejected from the BNP by Griffin and his dreadful overpaid lackeys.
We in the NF can fully understand why BNP members who have moral, financial and ethical worries and have grown very, very tired . Many ARE joining the NF but some are misguidedly considering forming even new splinter groups. Some still cling on hoping for some never to happen miraculous change.The NF is what the BNP should have been - we welcome you back home!

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Anonymous said...

You wont see any comments against the tribe on Green Arrows sites?

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Anonymous said...

For your information this is how they do it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Germany pays off World War 1 debt tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Getting the real picture!!!

Anonymous said...

The draconian Equality Act become law on Friday, the section which affects membership of non-Associated organisations i.e. the BNP will come into force in April 2011. This was New Labour Marxists parting shoot at the destruction of our Nation! Interesting article in yesterday's Daily Mail about Harman's Charter to Sue.

Anonymous said...

The Marxist EHRC have just released this video with Trevor Phillips explaining all the ghastly details of the New Equality Law, it's like something from the old Soviet Union!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Interesting facts.

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Anonymous said...

Stadtkewitz an ex CDU state MP, has very recently started an anti-Islamic political party in Germany, this will surely take votes from the NPD? I wonder if this new party will be arch pro-Zionist like Wilders' party?
"German lawmaker Rene Stadtkewitz formed his Freedom party amid a heated national debate over integration, particularly in relation to Muslims.",,6068994,00.html

"He has now founded a new party called "Die Freiheit" ("Freedom"), named after Wilders' Freedom Party.
Wilders is traveling to Berlin to help Stadtkewitz inaugurate the new party.",1518,719842,00.html

Anonymous said...


Tommy Sheridan 'admitted he'd visited swingers' club', secretary tells perjury trial

A secretary who took notes at an emergency Scottish Socialist Party meeting told a court today that former MSP Tommy Sheridan admitted he had twice visited a swingers' club.
Barbara Jane Scott, who took the minutes at the meeting, said Mr Sheridan said he had a 'flaw' in his character and a 'weakness'.

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Anonymous said...


Any nationalists, patriots and loyalists in London and South East want to shout Booooooooooo?