Friday, May 14, 2010

BNP members launch new site

With the recent election fall out and overall gain of just 43 votes per BNP candidate since 2005 Is it any wonder that the BNP members have had enough?

Nick Griffin handed Hodge an increased majority of 6,000 votes and his face on all the election leaflets around the country saw the BNP reduced down to just 25 sitting councillors.

Its time for change:


Anonymous said...

I welcome a challenge if anyone is brave enough. I voted for Jackson and will vote for anyone else who will stand. Griffin really does have to go.

Anonymous said...

"if anyone is brave enough"

That comment sums up perfectly the awful effect Griffin has on party members. They are afraid of him.

Anonymous said...

Part of the reason behind the disastrous General Election and local election results is clearly the failure of the Party to effectively deal with the printing and distribution of the 339 election addresses. Several factors delayed the printing of the leaflets, several factors during the printing process further compounded the problem and then the late delivery of the leaflets to Royal Mail all led to a large amount of our material not being delivered.

The first issue that held up the leaflet production was the discontinuation of the Party’s text message number. Many members will have seen the message ‘TEXT ‘BRITISH’ to 81400 along with your name and address…’ on our leaflets such as the leaflets used in support of last year’s European election and subsequent recruitment and the ‘soldier’ General Election warm up leaflet. The number was also displayed on the main Party website until fairly recently. This number was arranged by Jim Dowson and operated through the Belfast office.
This number was on more than 30 million leaflets and had been used since before the European Elections in 2009. Due to yet another cock-up in Belfast, the text number had not been paid for and thus was no longer in operation. It is now believed that the number became defunct soon after the European Election when a former Dowson employee called Kate fell out with the company that we ran the text number through. Despite the fact that the number had been on over 30 million leaflets and the party still had hundreds of thousands of leaflets in stock featuring this number the news the number was no longer working was never widely circulated.

This in itself would be a huge issue. The glossy leaflets being delivered by branches and groups were asking people to text for an info pack. How many thousands of enquiries were lost through this monumental cock up will never be known. This also followed hot on the heels of not one, but TWO addresses set up by the Belfast office that had to be closed – again potentially losing tens of thousands of enquiries.

However despite these costly errors, Jim Dowson never informed people that the text message number was no longer in operation.


Anonymous said...

i voted chris jackson but beware the griffin goons ? i constantly get threats through from griffins nogid the nods,some are not nice directed at my family the bloke is surrouded by paranoid schitzo's to fit in with his falling state of mind.

Anonymous said...

Its alot better site than Bennett had!

Anonymous said...

When are BNP members going to wake up? Griffin is a self serving, greedy despot that will do anything and everything to control and hang on to ‘HIS’ party. He does not want it to advance and grow as it should as this could weaken his control over it. If he were any strategist he should have realised that by standing in Barking and Dagenham himself, where the party was being quite successful, would spark a centralised and concerted joint effort by the UAF, Hope not Hate, all the other parties and any deluded lefty that walked or crawled in our green and pleasant land.
Griffin is an incompetent embarrassment, who constantly cocks up and has sidelined, slandered, got rid of and shafted so many good Nationalists in the past. Nobody, who purports to have the interests of the BNP at heart, can create a situation whereas there are more than likely ten times more ex members and activists than exist to date. Not just ex members but aggressive ex members that want to see the end of Griffin and his close flock of bleating sheep. This hatred that people have for Griffin bleeds; unjustly I would ad, into the very fabric of the party itself which in turn creates division, mistrust and one-upmanship.
I’m a Nationalist at heart but my heart bleeds for all those foot soldiers, activists and candidates that have the courage to put their heads above the parapet, as I feel it will all be in vain whilst Griffin dictates the party’s meandering course through the minefield of politics, this being littered with some hard fought victories but so, so many disappointing failures. Constant lack of successes breeds apathy, and the lack of good leadership reinforces this apathy when the life blood of the party, its much needed workers, discover the true nature of the beast that rules. The membership churn (turnover) of the party beggar’s belief, it loses once loyal voters, after being fleeced I would add.
Voting fraud on massive, and dare I say risky, scale will be put forward as the reason for such disappointing results in the resent elections, try the likes of ‘Questiontime’ and the obviously expected hatchet job that was so, so ill prepared for. If the party can receive, if you were to be honest, such a trouncing with the Nation in such a state then there is something fundamentally wrong with the direction and the management. Griffin doesn’t see any of this and woe betides anyone who argues for change and for a more organised, structured and democratically run BNP. They will suffer the slandering and backstabbing of Griffin and co regardless of their worth within the party. I haven’t read anything from Griffin on the Simon Bennett issue, but I think Bennett saw the writing on the wall and didn’t fancy the feel of cold steel between the ribs as he got shafted by his lord and master. Griffin will also accuse Bennet of being a UAF infiltrator or Searchlight mole or maybe an MI5 spy. You’ll have to change the record this time Griffin, try saying he is a disciple of the devil sent to wreak havoc amongst good Nationalists and can sprout horns and a tail when enraged, it would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious.
No doubt that the blind in the party will answer Griffins call of ‘Onwards and Onwards (no upwards) for the sake of our Nation’ just keep sending in the money and all will be well.
When trying to pass comment like this I find myself getting more and more annoyed as I go along. I got even more annoyed when I saw David Beckham, someone I’ve always admired on the pitch over the years, say something like ‘Where in the world can a foreign football team come and play and find a resident national support crowd’ says it all doesn’t it.
I’ve been rattling on out of frustration and will finish by saying how disappointed I was to see Bob Bailey scrapping in the street, it was obviously a setup. It was disappointing in as much as he didn’t floor the little gobsh*te with the first punch, I wonder what the outcome would have been if the initial action was the other way round.

Good luck to all Nationalists in the future….

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

I always regarded Butler as a Griffinite but I was somewhat reliably informed he is no body's fool. Indeed whether or not the email/statement is authentic, it is without question 100% accurate. If anyone should be able to recognize and illustrate the sorry state of affairs within the BNP it would be Butler. If is not from Butler it is certainly from someone who has the abillity to read his mind.

The issue with printing and distribution is nothing new. A close associate who stood for the party saw a 32% poll drop to a mere insignificant fraction last time out. Due in no small measure, to the fact that with less than a week to go, not one leaflet had even been designed or printed let alone delivered.

The list of other similar failures and other examples of lack of support he experienced are almost to numerous to mention.

Hard to belive that as local organizer he does not to this day know the name, address or contact info for ONE other single member or enquirer in his area. After he finally had enough and quit he was subjected to the most vile smears and accusations of 'not doing enough' by the very incompetents that had allowed the situation to occur in the first place.

Griffin has to go, of that there can be no doubt, but so to, do the incompetent sycophantic liberal lick spittle coterie that have placed him and continue to sustain him where his is.

Pip pip

Anonymous said...

Colonel Buckshot, I can assure you that the email from Eddy Butler is real, it was sent from his own email address, I've also received threats from Gri££in goons in the past and experience problems with leaflet production and distribution, this must be a common occurrence, the conman Dowson must be got rid of somehow bfore he drags our party down.

Anonymous said...

Simon Bennett has pulled the plug on Griffin's EU website/blog, ha,ha,ha!!

Anonymous said...

The reason why Griffin still commands support is very simple and can't be stated too often.

Nationalism has been so long in the wilderness that most of its supporters are satisfied with very little. Taking any power is not a serious ambition. If it were people would have stopped supporting him.

Nemesis said...

"Simon Bennett has pulled the plug on Griffin's EU website/blog, ha,ha,ha!!"

Oh dear. what a shame.

Pity Simon wasn't responsible for Griffin's electric chair (though I'm sure he'd be pushing the plug in on that occasion).

Anonymous said...

The Jew Feldman is Conservatives' secret weapon, article in today's Jewish Chronicle.

"A key player in David Cameron's rise to power is his Oxford University contemporary, now co-chairman of the Conservative Party, Andrew Feldman.
He helped to run the campaign that propelled Mr Cameron to the Tory leadership four and half years ago, rejuvenating a party demoralised after three electoral defeats at the hands of Tony Blair.

Mr Feldman's political influence did not become apparent until he emerged as part of the inner circle that persuaded David Cameron to stand as an outsider for the Conservative leadership against better-known candidates. He was joined as a financial backer of the Cameron bid by another Westminster congregant, Michael Green, former head of Carlton TV, where David Cameron worked for several years."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Its alot better site than Bennett had!


I beg your pardon, are you refering to site???

Anonymous said...

If everyone who is unhappy with Gri££in just left the BNP and joined the NF, you would have the NF becoming very powerful with decent proper Nationalists and the BNP left with Gri££in's lap dogs, attack dogs, profiteers and idiots.

Gri££in will never leave the BNP whilst there is a pound to be made so the best idea is to let him have it. They have no money, no power and no future.

Anonymous said...

Cameron has appointed a Jewish Liberal as Equalities Minister, nothing will change in this country then, the likes of North London Jewess Lynne Coona Featherstone want the White race rubbed out. Incidentally the new oppressive Equalities Act comes into force in October of this year.

Anonymous said...

The ghastly arch-Griffinite, pro-ethnic blog has closed, hoorah!

"The British Nationalist
Site Closed

The British Nationalist is closed. This site contained news and views related to the British National Party from 2007 onwards. Former contributors can be found on the Green Sparrow website. Good luck and good night

Please try back in 10000 days, 15 hours, and 58 minutes
(on October 1, 2037 at 6:55 am).

Sorry for the inconvenience. (lol)"

Anonymous said...

I've joined the new site, however, I now notice that my first post which was very slightly critical of Eddie Bulter has disappeared.
So my advice don't bother joining!

Anonymous said...

I've joined the new site, however, I now notice that my first post which was very slightly critical of Eddie Bulter has disappeared.
So my advice don't bother joining.


Not a single comment has been deleted, I know, I run the site.

Do keep trying. Exposing your lies gets easier by the minute!

Anonymous said...

The other point of view.

Anonymous said...


Nick Clegg

Is there a Manchurian candidate running your government?

Have elections been rigged to put that candidate into power?

On 14 May 2010, Gideon Rachman, at the Financial Times (Fear that now unites Britain and Europe), appears to explain Nick Clegg, Britain's new deputy prime minister:

"Mr Clegg’s European credentials are so perfect that I have sometimes idly fantasised that he is not a human being at all, but a cyborg built by scientists in a basement in Brussels, with the express purpose of transforming British politics.

"Perhaps he is a European version of the Manchurian candidate – the Luxembourg compromise made flesh?

"As Mr Clegg aced the television debates during the election, I imagined his creators cackling with glee – terrified only that something would go wrong with his wiring and he would suddenly start to speak in German...

"This week’s events in Britain and Brussels may be a foretaste of a new political era in Europe – defined by debt and the fear."

The powers-that-be want us to be frightened and in debt?

Gideon Rachman knows what is going on.

He knows that the new Liberal Democrat Conservative alliance will have the parliamentary majority needed to push the agenda of the powers-that-be.

Gideon Rachman wrote an article for the Financial Times on 8 December 2008: 'And now for a world government.'

Reportedly, Gideon Rachman attended the 2003 and 2004 Bilderberg meetings at Versailles, France, and Stresa, Italy. (Bilderberger Gideon Rachman.)

While at Cambridge University, Rachman was a friend of future MI6 agent Richard Tomlinson (Gideon Rachman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Anonymous said...

More on fraud.

Anonymous said...

Foreign Players in the British Premier League

This list is a total bloody disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Gri££in's/Kemp's/Darby's new BNP website is absolute pathetic crap. A complete tragic farce.

Other than a few idiot BNP members too stupid for realising Gr££in's been ripping them off for years and is beyond question a State Controlled Asset Bastard - SCAB -(Gri££in studied at Cambridge, a marxist hotbed that produced most of the worst traitors who've betrayed Britain) no one of any intellegence is leaving comments on news reports on Gri££in's dead-in-the-water-and-sinking-fast new BNP website.

Best of luck to Simon Bennet.

Fly on the wall.

Anonymous said...

How can we get more BNP members to log on to the new website and read its contents?

This could be the means by which a challenger to Griffin is actually able to campaign.

A challenger need not post directly on that website, but his message and activities could be reported extensively on it.

Perhaps NWN should promote this site at the top of the page all the time?

Any ideas anyone?

Bill Jax

Dave Howard - Sheffield said...

When I find out who you all are I will be sending nasty e-mails and threats. Me and the Cunts team are real hard cases !

We will write all sorts about you as well that we make up after smoking some well dodgy stuff. The sort of stuff Bob Marley liked.

Anonymous said...

The VNN/Cunts group are all users of various drugs of the illegal variety. Tommy Williams has convictions for drugs.

Anonymous said...

Yes it looks like Griffins thugs, of which Howard is one, are in 'attack mode' against Eddy Butler a possible challenger for a much needed change at the top of the BNP.

Why Griffin has a need for thugs is beyond me. No wonder we arent improving in elections.

I don't know much about Butler, but I cannot and will not, vote for Nick Griffin in any vote, when he uses thugs in the party.

Anonymous said...

Re Col Buckshot.

There was a local BNP candidate and a parliamentary one where I live in London a couple of weeks ago. I did not get a single leaflet.

Anonymous said...

anonymous said he does not know much about Eddy Butler, try asking Emma Colgate, she'll tell you !!!!

Anonymous said...

there are a couple of very new blogs relating to this topic : and

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sbobet said...

I've also received threats from Gri££in goons in the past and experience problems with leaflet production and disbo
stribution, this must be a common occurrence, the conman Dowson must be got rid of somehow bfore he drags our party down

sbobet said...

Griffin reallysbo
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