Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wootton Bassett 'Facebook' campaigner receives death threat from left-wing socialists !

Campaigner Jo Cleary fights Wootton Bassett protests

A Herne Bay mum protesting against the planned extremist march through Wootton Bassett says she's received death threats.

Jo Cleary, 43, from Broomfield, set up a facebook group attacking the campaign after radical group Islam4UK announced plans to parade through the town with empty coffins to symbolise the Muslims 'mercilessly murdered' in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This week she's been sent an email making threats against her life.

Threats have also been sent to fellow campaigner Lucy Aldridge, whose 18-year-old son Will was killed in Afghanistan.

It's thought the threats are from an anti-racism group, rather than a Muslim organisation.

Mum-of-four Jo said: "The threat came through on an email. It was quite handy as I was actually talking to the police at the time, so they have the email now. Special Branch are involved and have offered me full protection.

"It beggars belief someone could be of the mindset where they think it's acceptable to threaten a mum who buried her 18-year-old soldier son six months ago."

Jo, who runs a support group for soldiers and their families, said she is not scared by whoever is behind the threats.

"I'm not going to stop because of them. The most they've probably worn is a school uniform. The day they don a uniform and fight for Queen and country and then come back and have ago at me, then I'll listen, but don't sit with a monitor and a keyboard and expect me to feel frightened."

Hate preacher Anjem Choudary provoked outrage after announcing 500 hard-line members of Islam4UK would march on Wootton Bassett - a town renowned for honouring Britain's fallen troops.

Since his outburst photographer Jo has appeared on Sky News, GMTV, BBC, ITV and even CNN expressing her views about the stunt.


Anonymous said...

No surprises there then !

Cesspit Britain said...

But will the Police make any arrests? I dought it.

Anonymous said...

muslims to march tomorrow? See Lee Barnes blog.

Anonymous said...

Cesspit Britain said...
But will the Police make any arrests? I dought it.

10 January 2010 15:29

Anonymous said...

Looks like Choudary attempted to march through Wooten Basstett earlier today but was prevented from doing so by the police. A fanastic contingent of EDL people converged at the town. However, there has been no media coverage of the event to date.

The question is - 'Where was Big Fat Griffin who was trying to make political capital and shoring up his ever doubtful position within the BNP by mouthing off that he would park his bloated arse in the way of any march by Choudary'.

Like everything else it's all flannel and you've got to be an idiot if you believe his lies and claims although idiots like Barnes still gushes over him and makes him to be some martyr.

But then again what do you expect from a lying and manipulative idiot like Barnes.

Anonymous said...

Griffin made this statement today, at least he is giving us some breathing space for the EGM? But I still don't trust him.

"Mr Griffin confirmed that the party would only be able to ratify constitutional changes by the middle of February."

“This does fall outside the initial court date, but this is a matter which we will raise with the court itself "

Revelations Ch3 para 9 said...

The stupid media have fallen for Gri££ins trick.
They won't be able to imprision him before Mays election but all the publicity will be priceless.

Anonymous said...

Revelations Ch3 para 9 said...
The stupid media have fallen for Gri££ins trick.
They won't be able to imprision him before Mays election but all the publicity will be priceless.

11 January 2010 18:53


They won't be able to imprison him at all.

It's a CIVIL Court not a criminal court !

Anonymous said...

"It's a CIVIL Court not a criminal court !"

Exactly! Any way Griffin is going to comply with the Equality Commission on Jan 28th, he is a piece of shit! I've just heard arch-Griffinite Frank Forte on the LBC radio phone in show, this career criminal and lover of the BNP Jewess Richardson, stated he will welcome ethnics into the BNP with open arms!

Anonymous said...

The sickening pro-Griffin London Patriot website is speaking about the 'heroic' Sikh who was murdered over the weekend, why don't these idiots speak of the many White people being murdered? Just another stupid Griffinite stunt! The BNP in London is going down the drain!

Anonymous said...

Associated Newspapers giving Griffin very good press in the free Metro newspaper, just who is pulling the strings?

BNP a 'Budding National Party'

"One in ten Metro readers believes the British National Party was the biggest political winner of 2009"

Anonymous said...

Just see this on the party's website, will Griffin be arriving wearing a trilby and carrying a violin case?

EGM put back to Sunday 14th February

Due to factors outside of our control, the scheduled EGM which was due to take place on January 31st has been postponed until Sunday 14th February.

The EGM will now take place in the south of England.

The new revised BNP Constitution will be dispatched to all members 2 weeks prior to the EGM date.

Will Party officials please make sure that the news of the postponement is circulated amongst the membership.

Further details will be released nearer the time.

Anonymous said...

Why is Stormfront UK poster 'Freeman of the North' not particularly bothered about Griffin & Co robbing the BNP members ?

He says he isn't interested in the leaked accounts.

Which is very strange being as 'Freeman' is himself a Chartered Accountant !

Here is his post;

01-12-2010, 04:53 PM #16
Man of the north
Forum Member

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Re: BNP Accounts - any prosecutions to follow?


Originally Posted by Segestan
Mr Griffin and the BNP , whatever may be said of accounting, is at least setting a goal to help restore whites as the rightful heirs of there homelands . To attack him publicly is to help the enemies of the white cause. People give alot more in taxes but what has that money been spent on.... white extermination.

Good point,..... I cant see the accounts to make up my own mind, but one thing is for sure, with his Cambridge education Griffin could have been making more money in his lifetime with an awful lot less stress i have no doubt.. And he puts himself in harms way almost every day, theo van gough ? pym fortune ? ..
It may seem a tad naive, but i trust him without question, as there is Zero alternative ..

Anonymous said...

Only yesterday Darby was saying on his blog what a decent fellow Alby Walker is. A day is a long time in politics?

"Defector damages BNP election plan"

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this will affect Barking?

Minorities will play key role in elections

"In his book Ethnic Minorities and Politics, Prof Anwar noted that national average turnout in the 2005 election was 61.4%, but for Bangladeshi voters it was 76%, for Pakistanis 70% and for Indians 67%. Black Africans matched the national average at 61% and only black Caribbean voters were lower at 54%.

He predicted that ethnic minority turn-out may rise in 2010, particularly among Muslims."

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...