Wednesday, January 27, 2010

BNP's pro-Immigrant group made private !

NWN: Once again, after upsetting the members again, with pro-multi racial nonsense. Crook Griffin has retreated.

But he won't retreat from going pro-multi racial at the forthcoming BNP EGM.

Crook Griffin has his orders you see !


Black & white unite and fight - Join the BNP !

NWN: The below was taken from the main BNP website.

No comment needed !

Minority BNP

Public Group

This Group especially Welcomes all minorities in Britain that want to co-exist and integrate into the British way of life. Many decent and hard working people have left their home countries, for a variety of reasons, to come to Britain to make a new start for their families. The BNP welcomes all people that are not seeking to eradicate Britishness from Britain, but rather adopt British customs, speak English, respect our Christian ethos and co-exist peaceably with their British neighbours as they integrate into British society.


Anonymous said...

They did that with that poisonous 'British nationalist blog' that also disappeared fairly recently.

Griffin is a devious lying piece of filth.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Purdy/Man of the North the gobshite Griffinite has just got himself banned from Stormfront for his overheated rant.

Purdy doesn't mind Griffin 'cooking the books' as he is a chartered accountant .

Anonymous said...

And Griffin hounded John Tyndall out of the BNP !

Genuine patriots are not wanted under Griffin.

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