Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Support Army veterans against IRA Gerry Adams appearing at the BBC studios  - 4th Feb 2018

Latest.........NWN: Adams has ducked it ! He will not now be appearing tomorrow and the BBC have done a pre-recorded clip instead .

Sunday 4th February we need as many veterans as possible to attend the BBC studios London and show our utter disgust that IRA Commander Gerry Adams is on the Andrew Marr show . We need to cover every entrance and exit so they cannot slip this piece of Shit in and out through a side door , RV 7am BBC broadcasting house , Peel Entrance . On Sunday morning they instruct everyone to be their an hour before the show and to use the Peel entrance , We shall have banners in place and a reception committee on hand , Any one staying in London overnight following our parade on Saturday has no excuse not to attend , The BBC never cover our events and continue the glorify the IRA , lets make this happen !


Anonymous said...

Veterans Launch Political Party After SAS Hero Left Homeless While Govt Lavishes Money on Foreign Aid, EU.


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Jewish private security charity issues figures of alleged 'anti-Semitic attacks' and the media and politicians parrot them without a hint of context or the potential conflict of interest.


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Mike Pence - A Zionist Whack-Job Bought and Paid for By Israel

An important article about the disastrous influence of 'Christian Zionism' and its Jewish promoters, on American foreign policy.


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Operation Keelhaul - Allies Sent Anti-Communist Russians to their Deaths.


Remain fanatics break cover: ANDREW PIERCE reveals the Motley crew of Tory MPs conspiring to seize power from Theresa May after rejecting ...